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  1. Y

    Backing up an On-Demand / Tankless (electric) water heater with Powerwall(s)

    Wondering if anyone has used a Tesla PV/ESS setup with on-demand / tankless (specifically electric) water heaters? TL;DR...could you split a 36kW tankless electric water heater across both your backed up load center and non-backed up (main panel) to have some hot water in the event of a power...
  2. S

    When to use the ESS Service Disconnect?

    Hey everyone new member here! My goal is (and has been for 10 years) to purchase a roadster, and I am here to learn as much about them as I can. Are there any downsides to pulling the Service Disconnect if you are going on a multi week vacation or storing the car for an extended period? I have...
  3. DeedWest

    Active Cooling Cycles (While Charging) MYSTERY?!

    Hey everyone. I currently have two 2.5 Sports under my roof - VIN 1414 and VIN 1462. I've noticed something rather spooky recently when studying the active cooling cycles while both cars are charging. I was hoping some of you guys could weigh in. THE ISSUE - 1414's cooling cycles (while...
  4. racevpr

    Proactive PEM Maintenance

  5. intoid

    Tesla Interest Group for Columbia, Maryland Area?

    Any interest is a small interest group in the Columbia area? I am interested since I bought a tesla salvage that I may have near viable function again, but now I need to repair the battery. I am an EE who believes that I can repair it because I don't have the funds to pay for a professional...
  6. Mark77a

    Technician "Tesla want to support loyal Roadster owners" - low cost ESS repairs etc

    I've just come back to UK from USA where I had an in depth chat with a very knowledgeable Roadster Technician at the large Dana Beach, Florida, Service centre. I camped it up about how few Roadsters there are in UK, and how we'd come a long way (for a brit) .. ended up spending 30+mins chatting...