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  1. Tadara

    Super Charging Etiquette

    Newbie here, just wondering what Supercharching etiquette dictates. I don’t want to offend anyone by parking beside them. I read you should leave space just wondering if I should wait when there is only one space left. How does parking beside someone affect both drivers? Thanks.
  2. Rshephorse

    A New Tesla Salutation How to say HELLO

    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ When I drive my '80's era Porsche around, other drivers of old Porsches will always wave or blink their headlights just to say hello and to recognize how rare these cars are. People who drive the new expensive Porsches never wave. When driving my Y around I find some of the Tesla...
  3. DiamondHands

    Irritated by inconsiderate charging etiquette

    Hi Tesla fam. While weighing a couple of Atlanta area hotel destination charger options, I came across the following check-in comment on the PlugShare site regarding one of the hotels: "I confess I stayed at a different hotel and asked the valet if I could charge if I went in to the bar. He...
  4. Rajainmiami

    Charging spots occupied by other Teslas

    I am having problems at work charging my car when the only four spots for charging in our parking garage are always occupied by other Tesla owners. Unfortunately, they are all plugged in, but by the early afternoon, three out of the four cars are already full. I have tried for the past two days...
  5. H

    charging etiquette - someone disconnected me

    Was parked at ACC under longos for a couple hours. Someone disconnected sun country charger and left my adapter hanging out. My charge was full so no harm was done. Kosher or not?
  6. Chopr147

    Supercharged conversations

    I was thinking how supercharging will give me a chance to talk with other tesla owners. I had been in a Corvette club for a few years and getting together with strangers and Corvettes has been enjoyable. We all had something in common.......our love of everything 'Vette. But, alas I sold my...