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ev taxis

  1. Robert.Boston

    CA spends $3M on 6 EV Taxis

    $3 million for 6 taxis? At $500k each, they should be Bentleys.
  2. Steph

    Model S/X as a taxi or fleet vehicle

    I agree in most part but... The one thing you under estimate is demand. I did the economics for taxi drivers in my city alone, Montréal. They drive about 300 kilometers/day wich is about $42/day in gas alone. $42 * 300 days = $12600 - cost of electicity of $1200 = savings of $11400/year...
  3. ManuVince

    Better Place swap station being built in Schiphol Amsterdam airport

    Better Place to Open Battery Switch Station at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol | Better Place
  4. markwj

    What would it take to convert Taxis in Hong Kong?

    A few years ago they converted all (ok 99%+) the Taxis in Hong Kong from Diesel to LPG. Across the border in China, they are already using EV taxis, but seem to rely on very crude battery swap technology (China's E-taxis Have Trouble Gearing Up | Wall Street Daily). What would it take to...