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ev tuning

  1. EVTuning

    Vendor EV Tuning Adjustable Rear Control Arms Now Available!

    We have put together a comprehensive product line of adjustable rear control arms to help both with unsprung weight and give you the adjustability that wasn't available from the factory. The arms are available separately or save by buying them as a set! They come with 7075 Aluminum adjuster...
  2. P

    Discussion: Floor Mats in Model 3

    What is the recommend brand for floor mats for m3. Please let me know
  3. TheMightyQuinn

    500 miles on the new coil overs

    i can’t believe how happy I am with the choices I made to improve the ride on my Model 3. The car now handles like a sports sedan, reminds me of the feel I had driving my Jag XK. I added coil overs from Mountain Pass Performance and KW along with new toe and camber units and lowered the car 2...
  4. Murphy’s Law

    Vendor Alloygator instillation

    I know wheel scratches are a major concern with the Model 3 wheels, from the looks of it the alloygator isn’t too incredibly hard to install for most shops. Rich did a video a bit ago showing how they are installed and for anyone interested that hasn’t already bought one of my jack pads at...