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  1. Amber EV

    Vendor AmberCare Now Available in Select States

    Tesla owners of CT, FL, MI, MN, NH, NJ, OH, PA, RI & TN — you now have the opportunity to enroll in AmberCare, our vehicle service plan tailored specifically for Teslas. Our High Voltage Protection plan, designed in collaboration with EV repair experts, safeguards everything that makes your...
  2. H

    Tesla’s impact on the auto industry.

    Hi there, I’m a 3rd year Journalism student from Liverpool John Moores University, and I’m currently working on a car magazine as part of my final year project before I graduate. I’m currently working on a piece about what impact Tesla has had on the auto industry since the Tesla Roadster was...
  3. IgorAntarov

    Building an EV Comparison website (feedback needed)

    Hi, everyone. We're building a website that is going to provide convenient tools for comparing different EV makes and models. The purpose of it is to help choose an electric vehicle according to your preferences. I'm looking for EV owners or someone who is planning on buying an EV soon. If...
  4. A

    To Create and Innovate are Synonymous

    In order to reap the full benefits of sustainability we must sow seed of responsibility. None can dismiss the devastation recent major storms have left behind in Texas Florida Puerto Rico and other Carribbean isles along their path. Less covered by mainstream media was the 7.1 magnitude...
  5. A

    Tesla Must Be the "Volvo" brand of Autonomous Vehicle Manufacturers

    The House has unanimously given a GO to measure which could see fully autonomous vehicles on U.S. roads without restrictions. Obvious regulations on licensing registration will vary state to state but there will be far fewer limits, if any, on the number of driverless cars a manufacturer can...
  6. A

    Autonomous Key

    So many buyers of Tesla models, particularly 3, are opting out of the fully integrated autopilot software option. Mind you it includes pre installation of full autonomous features operational at some future point. But not yet. These car buyers are saying they'll pass. Maybe that's wise based...
  7. A

    Tesla Fulfilling it's Primary Mission: Harnessing the Sun as Sustainable Clean Energy Source

    If you exist in the Modern Age then you're hearing hybrids, now completely regenerated electric cars or EVs, are classified as yesterday's next big thing. What's happening now on digiverse news horizon are fully autonomous vehicles. Run solely by alternative energy. What's more to love about...
  8. A

    Tesla - Single Charge Keeps Going & Going...

    See a lot of chatting on U.S. forums about how long and far a single charge will take you in a Tesla. Thing about Europeans and cars. They tend to shut up about it. Their theme: "Just drive." Indeed. Record Mondiale Autonomia Tesla – Tesla World Range Record – Tesla Owners Italia
  9. A

    A.I.ophobic? Elon Musk Says, "Yeah" We Should Be

    I, for one, do not fear change nor the imminent advancement of modern technology. Actually a world without good coffee is quite a bit more horrifying an existence. Yet, Tesla and Space X CEO Elon Musk shared at a recent broad discussion at the National Governors Conference his more than a...
  10. eMileage

    Event: EV Cruise Night - Drive Electric Week

    EV Cruise NightTM joins National Drive Electric Week #NDEW2015! https://www.facebook.com/eMileage/posts/998493403534586 National Drive Electric Week 2015 edition of EV Cruise Night™ featuring: See the latest electric cars Test-drive electric cars (courtesy Plug'n Drive) Talk to owners...