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  1. A

    CT eversource net metering and RECS confusion / issues

    Not sure if anyone is from Connecticut and has dealt with tesla / eversource on this issue. I am a bit confused as of late on both the net metering and also the renewable energy credits for eversource/CT customers. I had my system put in late last summer with pto in September. I noticed lately...
  2. S

    Selling House with Massachusetts SMART Contract

    I purchased Tesla solar panels for my house and signed the 10 year contract with the Massachusetts SMART program where I receive a check every month for my solar production. If I sell my house, obviously the new owner will get the benefit of the free solar generation, but is there any...
  3. S

    Eversource ConnectedSolutions for Tesla Owners

    I stumbled upon this on Eversource’s website. There is a program that gives incentives to Tesla owners to track their energy consumption when charging at home and it’s impact on the grid. I tried to apply but it has reached its capacity for my area in MA. I’m curious if anyone on here was able...
  4. David29

    Lifetime Energy Consumption for my Model S in Boston Area after 4 years

    Last week was the 4th anniversary of the activation of my home charging set-up at my condo, so I thought it would be interesting to see how much energy I had purchased from our local utility, Eversource. (I live in eastern Massachusetts.) I charge the car (a 2015 70D) with a Tesla Wall...
  5. David29

    One year of experience on Eversource TOU rates

    I converted my home charging service to Eversource Time of Use (TOU) rates just about a year ago, so I thought I would report my experience over this first year. I have a separate electric service for charging my car so all the power on the meter is for car charging, except for a small amount...
  6. David29

    Experience with Mass. Community Electricity Aggregation Program

    My town (Dedham) is one of 23 cities and towns that participate in the Massachusetts Community Electricity Aggregation program, or Mass CEA. Some recent glitches in the billing for this program led me to look into it in more detail. In addition, an article in the October 2 Boston Globe...
  7. David29

    Constellation overcharges for electricity through the Community Electricity Aggregation Program

    Did you get overcharged for your electricity by Eversource this month? Anyone in this group who lives in MA and in the towns and cities that are in the Southeast Regional Planning and Economic Development District (SRPEDD) Community Electricity Aggregation Program (list below) get their energy...
  8. David29

    2017 Eversource TOU Rates are less advantageous than before

    I got my first electric bill of 2017 yesterday and was surprised to see that the rates had changed on January 1. I am in the Eversource Eastern MA territory (formerly NStar/Boston Edison) and recently started to use a Time of Use (TOU) rate service for charging my Tesla Model S. (I have a...
  9. David29

    Anyone else have Time of Use (TOU) rates with Eversource?

    Looking for instructions for how to read the Eversource Time of Use electric meter. Meter I have has markings for two manufacturers: Elster (shows "Type A3TL") and Itron (shows "Model A3 3G B"). Doing some web searches suggests that Elster makes the meter itself and Itron supplies the wireless...
  10. David29

    Switched to Eversource TOU Rates for my EV charging

    After learning a few months ago from this group that Eversource had Time of Use (TOU) rates available in Eastern MA, I applied to Eversource to switch to TOU for my EV charging service. I have a separate service for charging, so by charging at night I will have little or no usage during the...
  11. David29

    Anyone else invited to particiate in Eversource rate pilot program?

    I just got an email inviting me to participate in the "EVERSOURCE’s (formerly NSTAR) electric vehicle rate pilot program entitled PlugMyRide@HOME." Has anyone else been invited? Or joined? I have not yet read all the details. But this comes at an interesting time, when I am trying to get...