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  1. S

    FS: Tesla Gen3 Wall Connector 24ft, Tesla Wall Connector Pedestal

    Tesla Gen3 Wall Connector 24ft. Bought September 2021, never installed, never used, in original box. Can be configured up to 48A, with options for load sharing and other fun stuff. $375 if you pick it up in Greater Boston. $400 if you want me to drop it off in Greater Boston. (Edit: Sold) Tesla...
  2. S

    FS: Tesla Gen3 Wall Connector 24ft, Tesla Wall Connector Pedestal, Grizzl-E Avalanche Edition 24ft

    Through a series of unfortunate events born by grand ambition, I have 2 EVSEs and one pedestal, all of which I don't need. I have the original receipt for all of these, and would be happy to share it. Tesla Gen3 Wall Connector 24ft. Brand New, never used, never installed, in original box. Can...
  3. Q

    Power sharing recommendations for Tesla & J1772 cars

    Hello, I am trying to figure out the best option for adding a non-Tesla EV to our current setup. We have currently have a Model 3 Standard Range Plus that charges via the Mobile Connector connected to a 14-30 outlet in our garage. We used a dedicated 30A breaker here as we were worried about...
  4. J

    PrimecomTech EVSE with 50’ Cable??

    Does anyone have experience using this PrimecomTech EVSE to charge their Tesla? https://www.primecom.tech/products/32amps-primecom-level-2-electric-vehicle-charger-220-volt-30-35-40-50?variant=28801474330672 It comes with a 50’ cord option which would be great. I would need to use the J1772...
  5. G

    UK Charge Point Installer Recommendations

    Can any of you Leicester folks recommend a wall charger installer? I dont hold much faith in the person im chasing at the moment, barely has the time to respond to my messages.
  6. B

    Home Charge Points Discussion and Suggestions [megathread]

    Moderator comment - please use this thread to post charge point Q/A, comments and suggestions regarding charge points thread merged from "Home Charger Decisions" and "Charge Point / Charger Suggestions [megathread]" to keep info together Hi all, I understand this topic has been covered on...
  7. Glan gluaisne

    Basic charge point costs

    Moderator comment - information in this post superseded by post Basic charge point costs There's been debate about the cheapest way to install a charge point, if not able to take advantage of the OLEV grant (or just if you don't want a smart charge point). I thought I'd try and cost the...
  8. Y_tho

    Maryland EVSE tax credit: funded again

    Just an FYI for those in Maryland purchasing a home charger: the Maryland 40% rebate has been funded again, as of July 8, 2020. The amount is 40% of the cost of charger + installation, capped at $700. I applied on Aug 6, and just received my approval notice ($700) today. More details...
  9. I

    50 Amp mobile EVSE options

    I did some serious driving and Tesla camping this weekend in some really hot weather. I pulled into a RV site at 10 pm with 7% with my LR RWD. It was over 90 degrees F outside. Plugged in gen2 UMC w/ 14-50 connecTor at 224 VAC and 32 Amp. I needed to charge to at least 90%, sleep in the car...
  10. Spacep0d

    Charging Concerns; Challenging Townhome Situation

    Howdy Teslarati and fans! Okay, I have an unusual issue here with my charging setup as I plan my purchase of a Model 3 Long Range before March of 2020. I'm in a townhome which I co-own with my girlfriend, and the townhome was built in 1990 with obviously no plan in mind for EV charging. I've...
  11. JimDog

    Electricians, did I totally miss an opportunity here?

    Apologies in advance for the noob question... Earlier this summer we had a whole house humidifier installed. A 240v line was run through the garage to the basement to power it. At the time I thought it would be "years" before we got an EV. But now I'm expecting a M3 in a couple of weeks. I...
  12. I

    60 Amp Workplace Charging EVSE

    I'm working to add additional EV charging capability to our office/plant. We already have an existing Schneider station with 2X 200 VAC, 30 Amp output. I'm looking to install additional 2X 200 VAC, 60 Hz, 48 Amp output, which basically means I'm looking for 60 Amp charging equipment. I'm...
  13. Accelev

    Grid Monitoring (Charging Speed Lowering) in Home Chargers.

    Huh, my wifey super-duper-hairdryer does not trip our breakers anymore. I have added Grid Monitoring = Load Detection & Speed Lowering to our chargers. You can update it to the newest version of firmware via USB (v2.10 adds also balancing option). How does it work? A simple example with water...
  14. Y

    Dryer buddy #4 (adapter for 30 amp dryer outlet)

    This is a re-post. I marked it as sold but the buyer reneged. I am selling a Dryer Buddy #4 which has a 30-amp dryer outlet plug and two receptacles, a 30-amp dryer plug and a NEMA 14-50. This allows an EV and dryer to remain plugged in without unplugging them over and over which damages the...
  15. ammulder

    Which charger for rental house?

    Looking at upgrading a rental house with an EV charger. As nice as the HPWC is, I assume it would increase the value of the rental more if it wasn’t Tesla-only. Can other EVs charge from a NEMA 14-50 outlet? That would be cheap and plenty fast enough for my Model 3, I just don’t know whether...
  16. Triumphz28

    JuiceBox Pro WiFi - Level 2 EV 40A J1772 Home Smart Charging Station Wi-Fi EVSE

    Smart JuiceBox Pro WiFi - Level 2 EV 40A J1772 Home Charging Station Wi-Fi EVSE | eBay JuiceBox Pro WiFi - Level 2 EV 40A J1772 Smart Home Charging Station Wi-Fi EVSE Works with every plug in vehicle including all Tesla vehicles. Smart JuiceBox Pro WiFi - Level 2 EV 40A J1772 Home Charging...
  17. pipestem

    Emotorwerks JuiceBox 40 - $280

    I have a Juicebox 40A EVSE with 14-50 plug I would sell for $280 + shipping or free local delivery. The output is J1772. Only used for one year about twice a week. Will recharge anything you have. Available new online for $440, so my discount is honest. Perfect condition and works great. I...
  18. A

    Tesla 3-phase onboard charger single phase capabilities

    Can anybody share some knowledge of first and second generation Model S/X onboard charger, specifically European 3-phase capable ones. All recent Tesla's support (Model 3 not confirmed) 3x16A charging. And definitely 1x16A charging. But can they utilize 1x32A supply at full power? We know that...
  19. WhiteStar

    Charge rates - 3 phase, EVSEs, single & dual chargers

    A long way from home, far from Superchargers, off the beaten track, away from or maybe en route to destination chargers, charging can be slow & confusing. We all want to get back on the road as quickly as possible. With regular 10A or even 15A power outlets - at 8 km/h or even 12 km/h or so...
  20. emir-t

    Correct way of wiring OpenEVSE in Europe for 3 phase 22kW

    Hello all; I'm about to purchase a few OpenEVSE's to install EVSEs at home, at work and build a mobile one like the Fivari charger to charge 3 phase, single phase in Europe. (whatever I have available) I believe I've looked at everything available online during research, however there's no one...
  21. Ormond

    Placing an EVSE on my commercial property

    What is the best way to place a charger on property that I own? Are there certain EVSE vendors that are easy to work with? Anyone know any contact people? How do I check on governmental incentives at the various levels of government? Any helpful websites? I may not be able to achieve this...
  22. Electricfan

    Meter attached to my EVSE

    I wired a little electricity power meter I bought on Amazon to my EVSE. I'm charging at work now that they installed a 14-50 outlet for me (nice boss I have, although it took a year of wheedling). I'm going to pay for my electricity. Boss says not to worry about it, but when he sees I've used...
  23. valerun

    JuicePlug - an $89 Smart Charging adapter - from the creators of JuiceBox EVSE

    Hi Guys, Wanted to start a thread to get your feedback on this new idea we had to facilitate EV-grid connectivity and smart charging. Please let us know what you think. More details on our Kickstarter page: JuicePlug - an $89 Universal Smart EV Charging Adapter Thanks! Val
  24. igotzzoom

    Question about EMW JuiceBox, permit approval, Lab certification.

    Hi All. As you've seen from some of my other posts, I'm in the early stages of preparing to buy an EV. I'm considering all the factors, including permitting, running new wiring, and picking out an EVSE. I've heard a lot of good things about the EV Motorwerks JuiceBox, but one issue I've heard is...
  25. JackA

    New EV80 Route Across Washington State

    Plug-In NCW has established haL2 (>70A) EVSE stations along the scenic tourism routes in central Washington with the donations of EV drivers and supporters. It seemed easy because so many people want to take their electric vehicles around the Cascade Loop and enjoy the many activities the...
  26. Eseell

    EVSE Tax Credit Good Through 31 Dec. 2014

    I haven't seen a thread for this yet, so I thought I'd point out that if you have installed an EVSE this year (or will) in the US then you might be eligible for this tax credit that was just extended last week. Green Car Reports: Tax Breaks Back For Electric-Car Charging Stations, Natural-Gas...
  27. JackA

    Cascade Loop EV Travel Writer Tour

    Plug-In NCW in partnership with the Cascade Loop Association has arranged for three nationally published travel writers to drive the Cascade Loop in Nissan Leaf EVs. The writers were selected from a large number who applied after Plug-In NCW made a presentation at the NW Travel Writer...