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extended warranty

  1. Amber EV

    Vendor AmberCare Extended Warranty Early Access period live in FL, NJ, PA, OH, RI, MI, TN

    Tesla Motors Club members, we’re thrilled to announce that AmberCare is now available for Early Access. Our extended warranty is tailored with a modern approach, built by Tesla owners and industry experts for the Tesla community. Our High Voltage Protection plan covers everything from your...
  2. Amber EV

    Vendor AmberCare Extended Warranty Early Access period live in FL, NJ, PA, OH, RI, MI, TN

    Tesla Motors Club members, today we’re thrilled to announce that AmberCare is now available for Early Access. Our extended warranty is tailored with a modern approach, built by Tesla owners and industry experts for the Tesla community. Our High Voltage Protection plan covers everything from...
  3. XCare EV

    Available XCare EV Protection

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing XCare EV Protection. Please add to the discussion here.
  4. XCare EV Protection

    Service XCare EV Protection

    XCare from Xcelerate Auto is the first extended warranty designed for EV's with a strong focus on working around Tesla Service! Created by former Tesla Partners and leadership, with a dynamic team that is mostly former Tesla. We are not only Tesla owners, but helped build Tesla as a company, and...
  5. J

    2018 Model S 75D extended warranty / repair costs

    Hi all! 4 year warranty expires in a couple weeks. I’m in canada and the car has 74,000km (about 46,000 miles) and got offered the following prices for Extended Service Agreement. 4 year - $7645 CAD + tax = $8638 CAD 2 year - $4160 CAD + tax = $4700 CAD In my opinion this is quite pricy...
  6. XCare EV

    Vendor Tesla Extended Service Agreement (ESA) No Longer Available for Model S & X built after Feb 2021

    We recently heard from several Tesla Owners that the Tesla ESA is no longer available for Model S and X vehicles built after Feb 2021. Tesla’s ESA Support Page confirms this. XCare's mission is to support our community with world class extended coverage, and we are here to assist all Tesla...
  7. Penfold

    tesla helvetia extended warranty UK specific

    Hi all, apologies if this is covered, I did search but seemed to find non-UK threads but my 4 year standard warranty runs out soon and want to ask if anyone has claimed on helvetia extended warranty, if there is excess for each claim and if anyone’s has digested the vast list of what is NOT...
  8. D

    Extended Warranty not available in the UK

    Just coming to the last few days of my Tesla 4 year warranty and looking to extend. Only a few months ago there was an option on the Tesla website to buy a further 4 year warranty/ 50k miles, this influenced my decision to purchase the car after my lease had ended. I called the Tesla service...
  9. W

    2015 Tesla S P85D fully load Warranty until 2023

    Fully loaded 2015 P85D, 77500Miles. Please refer to the windows sticker for package info. Lifetime supercharge of course. Extended warranty (transferrable) until March, 2023 or 100,050 Miles. Super clean, non-smoker owned. great condition, more than 2 years warranty left. Serious buyer only...
  10. L

    Extended Warranties

    The original warranty on my 2016 Model X is ending. Does anyone have experience with extended warranties from other companies outside of Tesla's? Any plans you can recommend? If you have the Tesla extended program are you happy with it? Thanks!
  11. Gigaron

    Extended Warranty - Any experiences

    A search didn't show anything. I am looking at the X-Care EV extended warranty. Anyone else looking or purchased an extended warranty package for their Model Y?
  12. SocalMS

    The Ridiculous Service Process that Is Tesla Motors

    I have a Tesla Model S that is several years old and wanted to purchase the extended warranty. I dread speaking to anyone in Tesla service. If find them to be rude, indifferent, unmotivated, and basically uncaring. I call my local Tesla service center. I get the sales dept, because I am...
  13. R

    For Sale 2016 Tesla Model X 90D - Low Miles & Extended Warranty

    For Sale 2016 Tesla Model X 90D - Sale Price $66,900 OBO (Original price - $113,000). This 2016 Model X 90D is fully loaded, includes the six seat interior, and is in excellent condition with only 20,660 miles. No accidents or major problems of any kind. Garage kept and professionally detailed...
  14. XCare EV

    Vendor X-Care EV Extended Warranty - The "Why" to our "What".

    Our team at Xcelerate think it's very important that everyone understands why we created X-Care and motivates us to continue providing this service to the community. We have been working directly with Tesla since 2014, as a 3rd party lessor for commercial clients, and our staff has either been...
  15. XCare EV

    Vendor Extended Warranty for Model 3

    We have been receiving A LOT of people purchasing our 10 year and 125,000 mile warranty for their Model 3's. Although we do not have a ton of data with Model 3 about some of the component failures, it might be beneficial to show what we are seeing with Model S and Model X. Here are just some of...
  16. XCare EV

    Vendor X-Care Extended Service Agreement - What is included?

    We want to give a loud shout out to EVANNEX for the amazing article that was published yesterday. We are happy to see that other major players in the Tesla world agree and understand why a product like X-Care is important in the overall adoption of Electric Vehicles. We appreciate the support...
  17. E

    X-Care Extended Warranty for Model 3

    Xcelerate brings extended vehicle warranties into the electric age I just purchased an 8 year extended warranty on my Performance Model 3. I know of the person who helped start it and been reading a lot of positive things online about it. Anyone else have personal experience? I have read some...
  18. S

    No longer see option to purchase extended warranty

    I just went into the manage Model X page and I noticed the section has been updated. I like the new look but I don't see an option to purchase the extended warranty any longer. I was thinking of waiting until my car was almost out of warranty to decide whether or not to purchase it. Well seem...
  19. XCare EV

    Vendor New X-Care Partnerships - "The Electrified Garage" and "MYEV.com"

    We have a couple exciting announcements to make! We have officially partnered with MYEV.com and The Electrified Garage!!! "The Electrified Garage": For those who have not heard, “The Electrified Garage” is the first service repair facility for Tesla’s and all other EVs based in the New...
  20. XCare EV

    Vendor Why We Created an Extended Warranty for You.

    Our team at Xcelerate think it is very important that everyone understands why we created X-Care. We have been working directly with Tesla since 2014, as a 3rd party lessor for commercial clients, and our staff has either been working with Tesla since 2012 or joined us from Tesla management...
  21. T

    Question about Purchasing Extended Warranty

    Hey all, Hope you are all having a fine week. My Model S is coming close to the 50,000 miles mark and given that a myriad of things have broken down in the car in the past 3 years, purchasing an extended warranty for 2 or 4 years seems like the obvious thing to do. Therefore, related to that...
  22. XCare EV

    Vendor 3rd Party Tesla Extended Warranty Live in CA!

    The first 3rd party warranty specifically made for Tesla’s and the Tesla community, "X-Care EV Protection", is now live in California! X-Care ESA’s available for Model S, Model X and the ONLY ESA for Model 3! How to Purchase: Due to California state law, a non California dealer is not...
  23. XCare EV

    Vendor X-Care ESA Going Live in California!

    Hello TMC Community, First off we would like to say thank you for all who have purchased X-Care!! We continue to hear amazing consumer stories about X-Care being the piece of the puzzle that helped them take a jump with buying a used Tesla. Our goal with X-Care is giving that peace of mind to...
  24. XCare EV

    Vendor Current Automotive to Offer X-Care EV Extended Warranty

    In partnership with Current Automotive, X-Care will now be available on all of their Tesla and electric vehicles. Our goal is to partner with dealers across the country to provide extended warranty options when purchasing your used Tesla. We want to make it easier for individuals to make the...
  25. Vegas

    Carsales Extended Warranty: $4000+ Tesla Repair

    When my 2015 P90DL MS was coming to the end of its 4 year factory warranty I naturally wanted to extend the full factory warranty for as long as possible. At the time there were 2 products available. InsureMyTesla/Marsh Advantage Extra 2 years (total 6 years) up to 120,000km: Total Premium...
  26. golfnut

    2012 Signature Red P85 - only 46k miles - Extended warranty - $38,500

    This P85 was my first Tesla and I’m still wondering if I should sell her at all. But I really love my new P3D as well and I just can’t keep them both. A great TMC member, or Carmax, Carvana etc will now call “Reddy kW” their own. It’s a 2012 Signature Red P85 Model S, VIN #272, with 46,000...
  27. XCare EV

    Vendor Tesla Extended Warranty - Special Rates and Price Match!

    For those who have not yet seen, Xcelerate is offering the first 3rd party warranty for Tesla’s that works specifically for EVs and through Tesla Service. We matched the exclusions that are on Tesla’s Extended Service Agreement. https://www.xcelerateauto.com/x-care/ Why buy X-Care over...
  28. phaduman

    Extend Warranty or not

    I have a AP1.0 (Sep 2016 build) MS75D, currently at 46K miles. I had already paid the 4yr extended warranty a while ago for $4.2K. Q I have is, should I cancel the contract pre-50K and get the full refund (& pay for repair as needed)? I MIGHT keep the car, Or, might sell it (to get a MX...
  29. XCare EV

    Vendor Tesla Kills Yearly Service Program

    Tesla kills yearly service program, focuses on EV requiring less maintenance Interesting news was released today. Tesla has decided to stop the sale of their pre-paid maintenance plans and now tells customers that these components need to be done "as needed". We agree with Tesla on this...
  30. XCare EV

    Vendor Model 3 X-Care Extended Service Agreement for $3,200!

    Hello TMC Community, X-Care EV Protection is the ONLY extended service agreement for Model 3 (as well Model S and Model X). If you are just taking delivery (or have under 5k miles), you can get an 8 year and 100,000 mile additional service coverage for $3,200. We built the coverage option this...
  31. XCare EV

    Vendor New X-Care Extended Service Agreement Term Options

    Based on some feedback from some TMC members, we just released some new coverage options that, in most scenarios, priced cheaper than Tesla's ESA. What's new? 2018-2019 Model S, Model X and Model 3 with up to 30,000 miles Now have a 5 year and 125,000 mile option. If you are in the...
  32. XCare EV

    Vendor “X-Care EV Protection” - First 3rd Party Service Agreement for Model S, Model X and Model 3!

    Hello TMC community! We are VERY excited to announce a product that we have been working on for the last several months…”X-Care EV Protection” - the first (and only) vehicle service agreement for Model S, Model X, and Model 3! Xcelerate Auto, in partnership with Endurance Dealer Services and...
  33. pl804

    2014 Model S85 Blue Metallic: 33K mi., XPEL, 8 yr warranty + maint, supercharging, extras

    Hi TMC, I'm selling my Model S 85. It includes a number of extras, so is not a good fit for someone looking for the bare minimum. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a well-appointed Model S, this could be what you're looking for. I can show the car to serious buyers in Palo Alto or...
  34. G

    FS: Late 2015 Midnight Silver Model S 85D (70k miles)

    Hello, I am selling my fairly loaded one-owner accident-free 2015 Model S 85D with 70k miles in the Northern Virginia area. A very large majority of these miles have been highway due to work. Aside from 21” rims, air suspension, and rear-facing seats this car has every option offered at the...
  35. pl804

    Preview listing: 2014 S85 Blue Metallic 32K mi. (Palo Alto)

    Hi TMCers! This is a preview listing for my Model S, which I plan to sell before the end of the year. I haven’t yet prepped the car (interior/exterior detail, repolishing the rims, etc.), but I wanted to put a stub in here for folks looking for this specific color and/or for an S with an...
  36. Vegas

    Has anyone made an Extended Warranty claim i.e. subsequent to Factory Warranty

    Extended warranty is being offered by a few providers for Tesla in Australia, one of which is Redbook a Chicago based firm. As they are a US based company and very little is known in Australia about how well, or otherwise, they support Tesla clients - I'm seeking any advice from owners who have...
  37. volkerbradley

    Car maintenance questions

    Do you own a Model X that has been driven 50,000 miles or more? If so, how frequently are you experiencing repair issues now? What do you think of the value of extended warranties from Tesla? What maintenance schedule are you following? Are you taking your car in for service inspections every...
  38. L

    Extended Warranty

    I am looking at a private party vehicle (2-3 years old, less than 50K) and I would like to purchase the extended warranty. Where do I find the documentation on purchasing this -- or does the original owner have to purchase the extended warranty? Thanks
  39. seenhear

    Extended Service Agreement for a used car?

    Can a 2nd owner buy an ESA (aka extended warranty)? Or does the original owner have to buy it and transfer it? I thought it was the latter, but upon reading the Tesla FAQ, nothing says it has to be the first/original owner; it just says this: "Owners (excluding 3rd party dealers and vehicles...
  40. E

    Tesla CPO value?

    Hi All, I am searching for a pre-owned S and I have a question about the value of the Tesla extended warranty. I know that the battery and drive train are already covered for 8 years, but what other costly items might fail that would justify the need for the CPO extended warranty coverage...
  41. travwill

    Where did my.tesla Services Purchase Area Go?

    It seems the my.tesla portion of the site was redesigned and most content is the same; however, I don't see section where you can buy the $4000 extended service agreement online anymore. Do you have to go through a service center for that now all the time?
  42. Vincenteverts

    Open video letter to @elonmusk PLEASE sell me extended warrenty after 1.5 year

    Dear TMC I love my Tesla and have driven 78.000km (almost 50.000 miles) in the last 1.5 years. In the meantime my doorhandels, my chair, my big screen and other items have broken down and have been repaired by the excellent service center in Amsterdam (thanks guys). But last friday I heard...