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  1. V

    MS Facelift 2016.5 wind noise - Simple fix

    Hello, I have a 2016.5 model S, which had a lot of wind noise but I ended up fixing it in about 10 minutes and weather stripping from Amazon for 10 bucks. I starting having more wind noise as the original weatherstrip degraded overtime. The solution was quite simple. Weatherstrip with dual...
  2. jaycup

    Expired T-Sportline Model S 2012-2016 Facelift Bumper *PAINTED + PPF* [Expired]

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing T-Sportline Model S 2012-2016 Facelift Bumper *PAINTED + PPF*. Please add to the discussion here.
  3. S

    For Sale: 2016.5 Model S 75D (Bay Area) Free Supercharging + Upgraded Infotainment

    Asking $55,000 OBO, selling because needed a more family-friendly car. VIN: 5YJSA1E25GF158027 Trim: 75D Full Style Name: 2016.5 4dr Sedan AWD 75D Vehicle Configuration - Deep Blue Metallic Paint - Panoramic Sunroof - 19" Silver Wheels - Tan Next Generation Seats - Dark Ash Wood décor -...
  4. Sanderpman12

    2013 model s facelift’s

    Trying to retrofit my 2013 tesla model s but not sure which link is legit retrofit for $223 https://www.enjukuracing.com/products/duraflex-refresh-accessory-for-tesla-model-s-2012-2016.html?gclid=Cj0KCQjwpf2IBhDkARIsAGVo0D1TpJDDW25ntBejLIdrWlyI5aPKtGhc6WWss1Nl-WXU_ZazZr5Db6kaAmfZEALw_wcB...
  5. K

    Model S Facelift AWD retrofit?

    i found some old discussion for Pre-Facelift Model S in this forum but was wondering if an AWD retrofit might be possible for the facelifts? At least for Model 3 it seems to be "relatively" straightforward as you just need to add the front drive unit (maybe a different battery pack as you need...
  6. E

    Where is the 12V fuse?

    My Tesla Model S 2016 October Facelift Model has lost 12V power. I opened the frunk, remover trim covers and opened the fuse box. The fuse box cover says refer to manual, however nothing in the manual about fuses. The Internet has different fuse boxes that don’t correlate to mine. Please see...
  7. Haxster

    WTB 19" Sonic Carbon Wheels and Tires for Model S

    Prefer wheels in good condition from a facelift Model S, with TPS, tires with good tread, and within 100 miles of San Jose, CA.
  8. N

    Tesla Model S one of a kind set of headlights 2012-2016

    For sale is a set of 2012-2016 retrofitted headlights, this set is one of a kind! Goal was to come as close as possible to newer 2016 headlights as far as DRL and improve lights output - it’s all done! -new aftermarket Hella projectors -high end single strip DRL with switchback turn signals...
  9. loayhaq

    Headlights Lift

    Hello geeks, I installed 2017 headlights on my 2014 MS P85D (DIY). They look much pretty and sharp. Yet i need some help to get them function properly. Low beam (working fine once i plugged the connector) High beam (not working when pulling the stalk) DRL (not working) Turn signal...
  10. MichaelP90DL

    New Front Fascia by Unplugged Performance Installed 9/12/19

    Hi folks! Tessie got a facelift. My 2015 Model S P90DL came with the old nosecone front. Yesterday, Unplugged Performance of Hawthorne, CA, put on their very cool new bumper created in the style of the OEM bumper but designed to fit older Model S Teslas. Part of the reason for the buy, aside...
  11. B

    Improvements on my new ‘used’ P85D

    Hey everyone. I finally pulled the trigger on my ‘new’ used Model S and it is a beauty! It’s a 2015 P85D, loaded to the gills. I actually think it has every option Tesla offered at the time, including rear facing jump seats, panorama roof, alcantara dashboard and carbon fiber trim. I’m thrilled...
  12. Tesl@ Bargain

    Appeal to Tesla to unlock all those software-limited High Amperage Chargers

    The 3-phase High Amperage Charger in all facelift Model S and all Model X ordered before July 1, 2017, was software limited to 11 kW although the hardware is capable of doing 16.5 kW, unless one chose the option to pay a fierce premium for those 5.5 kW more in AC charging rate, which is still...
  13. B

    2017 Tesla Model S 75 For Sale. Florida.

    Silver 2017 CPO Tesla Model S with 45k miles. I am the 2nd owner and it was bought through Tesla CPO program. I've had it for little less than over 3 months. Amazing and safe car, but due to unexpected job relocation no longer have a need for it. Still have sticker window. Original Owner bought...
  14. spy4007

    Facelift CPO (not Performance) vs. Performance CPO (no facelift)

    Currently on Tesla, these cars with about the same features are about equal price (within 5% -ish, there are exceptions and mileage is always a bit higher on the P-models). Curious as to what folks think which CPO Teslas will hold value in future better: Facelift Tesla's (not Performance)...
  15. D

    Pre-Facelift 90D Performance

    Hi all - Does anyone have information about pre-facelift 2016 90D performance numbers ? I'm seeing some conflicting information about whether the acceleration and range of the 90D was always 0-60 in 4.2s and 294 miles, or if that higher performance only came into being with the mid-2016...
  16. G

    Advice on CPO 2016 face lift, no AP2 - what equip do these cars have?

    I'm considering buying one of the 2016 refreshed AP1 (no AP2 equipment) CPO Tesla Model S listed on tesla.com. Based on the vehicle description, these cars have SOME but NOT ALL of the equipment on the fully refreshed cars post 170k+ vins. For example, a lot of these face-lifted cars that...
  17. R

    UK GroupBuy for T Sportline 2012-2016 Tesla Model S Front Bumper Refresh (FBR)

    I would like to setup a special group buy deal for the T Sportline 2012-2016 Tesla Model S Front Bumper Refresh (FBR). This is a direct replacement kit with no modification to orginal body needed and completely reversible. The retail price is USD2500 / GBP1868 exclude shipping from USA. I am...
  18. lunitiks

    Model S refresh "MI03"

    New option code in design studio: MI03. Last time "MI" changed, was with Facelift model S (from "MI00" to "MI01").
  19. cantanko

    Weirdness in the app...

    Hello, This is such a trivial thing, but looked at the Tesla app today and found my 2017 facelift Model S had suddenly become a nose-coned variety! Anyone ever had anything similar?
  20. L

    New Buyer... Need to clear up some questions.

    I am seriously looking into buying a used 2016+ face lifted model s or x. I have a few questions that I need to clear up... 1. I heard that we get Federal Tax Credit and, for me, a California Incentive when buying a new Tesla from Tesla themselves. If I were to buy a car pre-owned from Tesla...
  21. UnpluggedP

    Vendor Unplugged Performance Front Lip Spoiler For 2016.5+ Model S

    The Unplugged Performance Front Lip Spoiler for Tesla Model S facelifted vehicles works with the 2016.5+ standard front bumper to provide a sporty performance look. The spoiler attaches easily and can be removed easily without damaging the front bumper. It provides stock levels of ground...
  22. UnpluggedP

    Vendor Transform Your Tesla!! Unplugged Performance Refresh Fascia System

    The Refresh Fascia provides previous generation Model S owners an opportunity to experience that new car feeling once again. The new look follows Tesla’s new nosecone-free aerodynamic design and features an integrated front spoiler. This distinctive front spoiler amplifies the performance...
  23. UnpluggedP

    Vendor WORLD DEBUT: Unplugged Performance Refresh Rear Set

    Hot on the heels of the development of our Refresh Front Fascia for the Model S, we also began to work our magic on the rear of the refreshed Model S. This week, we debuted our new Refresh Rear Set, our take on Tesla's newest rear end for the Model S. With the updates to the Model S several...
  24. fallen888

    Model S gen 1 vs gen 2

    This probably already exists somewhere but I've had no luck finding it. I'm looking for a complete list of all the differences between the first generation MS and the new facelifted version (the nose being one of them off course). Thanks in advance.
  25. T

    Dash Cam in Refreshed MS

    Has anyone installed a dash cam in to the facelift model S? Looking at all the instructions I've hit a few issues, they all relate to the pre-facelift cars. The plastics around the rearview mirror are different. It feels quite fragile and I don't want to snap it. The fuse boxes have moved...
  26. KinjaChris

    Facelift MS with front license plate holder removed & rear debadged

    The front of the car is really stunning so I just had to remove the front license plate holder to show it off better. Yes, I realize this puts me in the "ask for forgiveness" club with no front plate in CA. I'm ok with this. Here is what it looks like without the thing on the front...
  27. P

    Model S facelift: X and E glass roofing

    So we all know that a pretty big update to the Model S is coming in early April. We have also seen Tesla experimenting with very large glass panels. In the X there is the large wrap around front panel, and we see the large panoramic rear windshield in the 3. I would bet that in the S update...
  28. M

    Model S Body Refresh Coming in Sept/Oct?

    Buy now or wait for 2016 model? We are moving back to the U.S. in July. We had an opportunity to drive 2 Model S' in Switzerland and really like the car. We placed an order for a 70D earlier this month for US delivery in August, but then canceled as we thought we might be staying in Europe...