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  1. lorentzd

    Failed backup camera in my MYLR (2022)...anyone else?

    Has anyone else had their backup camera “go dark”? If so, what action did you take?
  2. A

    2014 Tesla Model S charge port failed

    Hey I need some advice... it was a decent 70 degree morning that had rained. car is soaked and plugged in. the car also works perfectly fine, holds charger drives lovely etc. I was in a rush to get out the door as quickly as I could. I went by the car and it auto unlocked and just before the...
  3. 4SUPER9

    Supercharger support: Total fail

    Once again, Tesla’s horrific customer service has demonstrated itself. Such a shame, given how exemplary there were when they first launched. I took a road trip this past weekend. About 2 hours after my 2nd supercharger stop, I received an alert, both on my IC screen and the main screen that...
  4. islandbayy

    HPWC Problem, Gen 1 not working on Late 2019-2021 S & X

    We were one of the FIRST Tesla Destination charging locations in Wisconsin(Before it was even a program!), and THE First Hotel/Motel/Resort in Wisconsin to have dedicated EV Charging (Early 2000's!). As such, we have/had some of the oldest (Early Production) HPWC's Tesla produced. They have...
  5. theganjaguru


    Had issues (sentry mode screen black for an extended period of time) when trying to view sentry mode events for the last few months. Two weeks ago, the viewer was totally disabled. My only option was to format the USB drive. I did that and sentry mode was working again. Today I jumped in and...
  6. Dynamite647


    Well as the title suggests, it happened on the 2nd time using this feature. Before going further it is my first time posting here and my first time with a Model X (my brothers car). Model X is amazing car as it is and we were excited to use the Smart Summon feature but it failed on us. I really...
  7. L

    HPWC no longer charging after Infotainment Upgrade

    I've got an V1 HPWC that charges at 80 amps on my dual charger P85D. It worked in a bulletproof fashion for many years. I brought the car in to replace a leaky LCD screen and they convinced me that the Infotainment Upgrade made more sense, so I did it. However, ever since I brought it home...
  8. NCM3

    Samsung phone issues

    I have tried a Note 8, S9, S10, and Note 10 with my Model 3. All have Bluetooth issues. They fail with proximity unlock leaving me standing in the rain. When on a call and entering the vehicle they fail to properly handoff audio (mainly mic transfer). However, two different Pixel 3 XLs and a...
  9. F

    GPS, autosteer, autopilot, cruise control fail

    I have a 2019 model 3 performance w/FSD, picked up 8/2019. This morning, the GPS location stopped updating and my location/arrow was fixed at my home address. Also, the car was unable to display lanes of the road and surrounding cars. Autosteer, autopilot, and even simple cruise control would...
  10. I

    Summon - not working from app

    My Model S is 2016 model, so I have forward and backwards. Recently, when I have tested moving the car, via the app, it start by saying that it is connecting to the car. Then I press and hold forward or Back ut it fails consistently. On occasion it will fold in the wing mirrors but that's all...
  11. UncaNed

    Summon not connecting

    Am I the only one who can can't get Summon to connect and continue working long enough to move my car in and out of my garage? What do I need to know to make it work? 2018 X75D
  12. David99

    Windshild wipers not working

    My good old 2014 Model S developed a new issue. A few weeks ago during very heavy rain the wiper stopped working while driving on the freeway leaving me with poor visibility. No setting on the control worked except spraying wiper fluid. Rebooting the MCU seemed to help but that's still a 2...
  13. R1Fast

    Seattle/Bellevue waiting room

    I couldn't find a waiting room thread for the Seattle area (apologies if I missed it), so I'm starting one. I can't imagine I'm the only one who got bent over on delivery recently around here. My delivery day experience - Reserved 4/12/16 - Configured 7/11/18 - 9/6: Delivery scheduled 9/28...
  14. N

    HomeLink dropping garagedoor code after latest update

    Has anyone else experienced the HomeLink no longer being able to activate the garage door? I had to reset it last night and this morning it no longer activated the garage door. Keeping the normal opener in the car now...
  15. @

    Model 3 Cold Shoulder (?): Day 1 Reservation, Signature S Owner

    Bare with me on this one; I am at a loss, and would like some suggestions on where to go from here. On my way to the Sales & Service Center for my Model 3 delivery (mid Feb), I was called by my delivery rep to say that they couldn’t deliver the vehicle; the issue was apparently with a brake...
  16. selfbp

    Tesla, you broke my racecar

    Being silly me, loving the instant torque and reliability of the Model S platform, I drove my Camaro real good and hard yesterday for the first time since my Model S delivery, and after being spoiled by the Tesla bullet proof life, I wanted to do a clutch dump and shredded my differential on my...
  17. thenaimis

    Music Player is Pretty Terrible

    Part 1, wherein I marvel at the 8.0 firmware's "shuffle" feature as it turns ~7000! to ~4. (There will be a part two, I just need to make time to sit in the car and rant into a camcorder for a while)
  18. S

    Tesla sales - an abandoned customer

    It will be long, but I wanted to write the full story to let other ppl know that there is a place for improvement. My tesla story is a bit weird. It started in February, when I have walked into one of the dealerships in London. I was in shopping for a family sedan and I got hooked up with the...
  19. Plugsuvohio

    Genie PowerMax IntelliG 1200

    As soon as I got home with my MX a week ago, I went to do the garage door programming with our two doors. It did not work. My opener model is above and less than 2 years old. I played with this for hours and searched these forums for clues and tried a few. Calling my delivery specialist, he...
  20. vfx

    Fisker Karma

    From the LA times: http://www.latimes.com/classified/automotive/highway1/la-fi-garage8sep08,0,7067906.story?coll=la-class-autos-highway1 Independent carmakers lead the way on plug-in hybrids Image: Henrik Fisker, chief executive of Fisker Automotive, poses with one of his most recent...