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falcon door height

  1. BM3B

    Lost location based suspension height setting

    Recently I lost two location based settings. This sucks for my home that requires increasing from low to std to enter driveway without scraping. 1. suspension height - I can no longer save a setting by location. 2. FWD max open - I can no longer save full open at a location Are others seeing...
  2. gnuarm

    Falcon Wing Door Opening Height

    Anyone know the measurements for the FWD opening height vs. the suspension settings? My doors don't always open fully and the service center isn't interested in fixing this if it doesn't malfunction for them. I had it in the shop once for other things and when I picked it up the doors didn't...
  3. Doutt

    FWD opening height

    I'm new to the Model X. Picked up a 2018 P100D and am loving it. Tonight I parked in an outside parking lot next to another car. There was enough room so I opened the FWD. It opened fine (plenty of lateral room and no ceiling) but only went up maybe 3/4 of the way. It opens fully with...
  4. Ormond

    Setting Falcon Wing Doors to Fully Open

    i took delivery of my Tesla yesterday and later in the day was showing the X to my neighbor. I had the car in the driveway. When I opened the falcon wing doors (FWD), they only opened to 3/4 height. I don't have any trees nearby. I was able to go to my touchscreen and open the door fully. I...
  5. D

    Model X Dimension in Hong Kong --- what do you think?

    I believe hong kong is the world's most densely populated Tesla. I think the report says Tesla have somewhat sold over 1600 units of Model S. With the Model X coming up and being a 7 seater, it will for sure sell like hot cakes .... but how practical is it in reality when the Falcon doors open...