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falcon door

  1. K

    Model X Falcon Wing Doors Rubbing Paint Off

    2022 MX LR My right passenger Falcon wing door is rubbing the paint off. I took the car to sc multiple times and was sent to a body shop once. They tried to adjust the alignment but the issue persisted. Has anyone had the same problem and was able to get it resolved?
  2. Haxster

    Wanted: Pinout for Model X Lift Gate Motor Strutt Actuator Connector

    It looks like this:
  3. H

    Service Appt - Stuck on preparing

    I have a service appt scheduled for Monday Nov 23rd on my 2018 Model X. Per the app, the service appt is still in preparing stage. No invoice has been received. Should I be worried that Tesla may cancel again? The appointment was originally created back in January 2020 for #s 1,2 and 3. (Let...
  4. T

    Model X Door Handle Fell Off

    I parked my car in my garage and randomly the next day I noticed the FWD on the passenger side was missing and found it on the floor. Has anyone else had this happen? and how did the SC handle this?
  5. T

    Road Trip: Door Drama Galore

    just took a 400 mile road trip (CA --> AZ and back). Two major doors issues cropped up (we have 2017 100D) 1. Falcon doors (both) stopped opening in Arizona. We initially chalked up to 100 degree weather and the knowledge that direct sunlight sometimes tricks the doors (we live in San...
  6. W

    Falcon wing door buckled on glass roof

    Has anybody had the falcon wings doors open up together and pinch the center piece? I purchased the car two days ago and yesterday I went to open up the doors to show off and the doors both opened at the same time I heard a cracking didn't think anything of it walked over to the door and noticed...
  7. puritan

    2018 MX: FWD not closing at all, phantom obstacle.

    2018 March MX here. Just got the car back from the SC after 10 days for aa firmware upgrade failure that was traced to the ECU on the FWDs. Now the passenger side FWD keeps "detecting" a phantom obstacle. Refuses to close unless I use the override. I don't want to head back to the SC again...
  8. MiamiEV

    New sensor in Falcon Wing doors. No more bruised heads.

    I took delivery of my MX this week and while going over the car I was told about a new sensor that is now built in to the interior of the Falcon Wing doors. The sensor checks if anyone is present underneath the door prior to closing. I have tested and can confirm that it works. Before I...
  9. NeverFollow

    Model 3: Intrusive or non-intrusive trunk hinges? Automatic opening?

    So far there are no internal view of the Model 3 trunk. - I wonder if the trunk hinges will be intrusive or non-intrusive? I mean will the hinges might crush any luggage. - And will the trunk have an automatic opening release? Some reports assume that there will be no electric trunk...
  10. acaciolo

    First drive with a group of 7 today and almost got stuck due to FWD.

    Almost a disaster, but it ended up ok. We went to leave and I got the dreaded "obstacle detected" error and the door wouldn't close. I opened and closed about 20 times. same error. wiped off the jams. moved the seats. started to sweat. Called tesla but was on hold....and finally, it...