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falcon wing doors

  1. F

    How bad are Falcon Wing doors?

    The only reason why I dont buy X are FW doors. I saw a videos of rain/snow falling in. Doors are slow. Doors not closing. Doors not opening in winter. Doors hurting kid libs and fingers. Doors hitting people when opening etc. I want to know from owners. Do you like your FW doors?
  2. gnuarm

    Falcon Wing Doors Refuse to Open, et al

    I've always had trouble with the rear doors opening properly to their full range in an intermittent manner. I mentioned it as an afterthought the first time I had the car in for repair and a service tech diagnosed a faulty sensor on the driver's side. At that time I didn't know I had a problem...
  3. I

    Late 2018 MX Falcon wing door sensors?

    Hi Folks, I picked up a Dec 2018 MX75 recently and am not sure if all the FWD interior sensors are working correctly. The doors have no problem opening, but have closed on our heads a couple of times. I've found touch sensors along the trim of the door (prevents pinching on fingers), an...
  4. F

    Model X Falcon Wing Door crashed into a beam in my garage

    Hi Everyone, I've seen a couple of posts about the same issue but I couldn't really get the answers I was looking reading them. Yesterday, after parking my 1 week old Model X in my garage, the sensor on the Falcon Wing Door failed to notice a beam and slammed the door into it. Sadly one of the...
  5. puritan

    2018 MX: FWD not closing at all, phantom obstacle.

    2018 March MX here. Just got the car back from the SC after 10 days for aa firmware upgrade failure that was traced to the ECU on the FWDs. Now the passenger side FWD keeps "detecting" a phantom obstacle. Refuses to close unless I use the override. I don't want to head back to the SC again...
  6. Ed Hart

    Model X Garage Fit

    A number of Model X owners have expressed problems in using the Falcon Wing doors inside their garages. Let me pass on my own situation, hoping it might apply to others. 1. Our garage doors of the traditional five-panel rollup design. When these needed to be replace, we chose three-panel doors...
  7. SoCal Tsla

    How To Manually Open Tesla Model X Falcon Wing Doors Without Power

    Recently a Model X involved in an accident caught fire and the passengers were not able to open the falcon wing doors because the power is off. This video is about how to manually open the falcon wing doors. Please share it as it may save lives... Or subscribe my channel, thanks~
  8. SoCal Tsla

    Driving Model X with Falcon Wing Doors Open

  9. mal_tsla

    Falcon Wing Doors Quality Poll (Everyone answer please!)

    This is my first post here. We have a X90D on order, so I've been reading up on the vehicle to feel more prepared. A common thread, especially lately, is the quality of the FWD doors. By quality, I mostly mean their reliability/functioning. Example problems: Do they open/close properly in the...
  10. plasmo

    Driver side Falcon wing door hinge snapping when opening

    I just got delivery of my Model X 60D today a few hours ago. Love the car but found a problem with the driver side falcon wing door hinge snapping when the door opens next to something in close proximity (like a car or trash can). It has caused some area of damage on the side of the door at the...
  11. P

    Full body wrap, and the sensors...

    I have just booked time for full body wrap with 3M Matte Charcole Metallic vinyl wrap. My fear is that it will affect the functionality of the sensors. Anyone in the forum that have done full body wrap on their X, and can share their experience with the sensors of the front doors and falcon...
  12. engle

    Let's Lobby Tesla for 8-Year Warranty on all X Doors and Seals

    I've read so many reports of various issues with X doors and seals both here and on the Tesla Model X Owners Club on Facebook. Tesla fixes them under the 4-year warranty, which is great. But what happens after 4 years? I think we should lobby Tesla to provide an 8-year unlimited miles warranty...
  13. N

    Can the Model X handle this parking garage?

    Wondering if the FD sensors can handle this parking spot. Unfortunately, every spot in our parking garage has a concrete beam on either the left or right side of the parking space. The beam is fairly low ... less than 7 feet.
  14. D

    Falcon Wing and Rear Hatch sunshades

    Maybe I'd somehow missed these - but I think these were just added to the store Tesla — Model X Falcon Wing Sunshades Tesla — Model X Rear Liftgate Sunshade
  15. engle

    New Second Row Seats Adjustment from Touchscreen and other features

    After I shot a video of the Model X software update process as seen from inside the cabin today, 3 very useful new features were added to my X: Close all doors after exiting the X with a double-press on the top of the keyfob. Summon via double press on "park" using the stalk now allows...
  16. M

    Falcon Wings open from key fob signal while driving

    First, I want to say that the local Tesla Service guy, Lee Woolley, has been great. But I bought a fully loaded X and took delivery 3 weeks ago and destroyed the drivers side falcon wing door because of an errant signal from the key fob in my pocket while I was exiting my garage for the very...
  17. MrBoylan

    Tesla Sues Falcon Wing Doors Supplier

    I guess now we know the reason for (at least part of) the delay... Tesla sues German auto parts maker over "falcon wing" Model X doors - MarketWatch Oh, Eds, where have you gone?
  18. Robert.Boston

    Model X Falcon Doors

    Analyst Calls Tesla Model X Electric Crossover “Fast, Roomyâ€￾ "Falcon door"? I can't believe that you'd say "falcon door" to me "self-lifting door handles." Sounds to me like some variant on gull-wing? Or perhaps some large slider, like this: Odd term; do we mean a falcon diving or landing?