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  1. H

    2016 Falcon Door Not Latching - Fix?

    Hello, My passenger falcon door won't latch. It sounds like the door is too big for the aperture and its trying real hard to close but can't get there. If I push down on it while closing, I can get it to latch. I noticed there is a seal not seated properly (see pic), but I can push it back...
  2. tanner

    Refreshed 2021/2022 Model X Doors

    I have a question pertaining to the doors on the refreshed X. The way it's worded on Tesla's site ("Automatic opening and closing front doors" -plural), it makes it sound like both of the front doors open as you approach them. Is this the case? Furthermore, do the auto opening doors work if you...
  3. ElectricIAC

    WTB Model X

    Preferred: 100D, P100D AP2 or better. Transferable FUSC. In warranty or at least extended warranty/option to buy. Any exterior color will work but a little more picky with interior: preference is white or black. 6 seat is best but open to 5 and 7. 90D or P90D will be considered also if AP2+...
  4. ModlS3XY

    FWD put a hole in my garage drywall after upgrading to V9

    I had a feeling that the FWD sensors either stopped working (a bug in V9) or were made more “confident” with V9. The FWD never opened to full height previously since it would sense the garage motor (although it could). After v9, I saw that it started opening with full speed and to the full...
  5. Hubster

    Locking the FWD buttons...

    Hi. Does anyone know if it’s possible to disable the interior FWD buttons? I know the child lock function prevents the open button from working, but not the close button. The reason I ask is that when I’m putting my 3yo into his seat he sometimes reaches forward and presses the close button...
  6. MiamiEV

    New sensor in Falcon Wing doors. No more bruised heads.

    I took delivery of my MX this week and while going over the car I was told about a new sensor that is now built in to the interior of the Falcon Wing doors. The sensor checks if anyone is present underneath the door prior to closing. I have tested and can confirm that it works. Before I...
  7. Grendal

    Where are you viewing the Heavy Launch!!

    At home :( Or work :( Good luck to all those lucky enough to see it live.
  8. L

    FWD and dogs?

    Anyone have any issues with the Falcon Wing Doors and dogs? Just curious if you have any issues with your dog(s) when opening and closing the doors.
  9. M

    V8 vs V7.1 Falcon Wing Door Speed Comparison Video

    Just got my Model X V8 this morning and made a quick side by side comparison video of the Falcon Wing Doors speed. I think the biggest difference I see off the start is closing and locking. A huge difference. Check out the video here: