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  1. T

    Loud buzzing noise coming from under passenger side while Model 3 sitting still in drive (but not while in park)?

    While sitting in drive, there is a loud buzzing noise coming from under the front passenger side. The sound goes away when I put the car in park. Is this normal? I know there are cooling fans but this sounds very loud, almost like a grinding sound. Here is a link to a video of this sound...
  2. U

    Model Y Air Blowers on face

    Hi. I still can’t do it. Couple of months in. Has anyone managed to get air blowing directly onto their face (driver side)? If so, could you please show me your airflow graphic. It’s crap. Far worse than the model 3. Many thanks
  3. I

    2015 Model S 70D - Strange Vent Noise

    Hey everyone. I’ve been experiencing some strange sounds emanating from my vents on the passenger side of my car. It’s definitely related the the heating/AC because the sound immediately goes away when I turn the climate control off. Below is a link to the video (disregard the dust on the dash…...
  4. M1tch

    Air flow to my face

    How do I get air to blow in my face. Quite a warm day in the UK today and wanted the cool air blowing on my face but after playing for the nearly 2 hour drive, I couldn’t get it any higher thank my waist / knees. Not normally and issue but just felt warm today and would have liked the air. Think...
  5. JamstationP85D

    Model S - Why do the fans come on when heating the battery for + mode

    I dont understand why the fans come on so loud when putting my car into Insane+ mode (I am assuming its the same for Ludicrous+ cars?). I see the battery heater come on as well as the pumps at 100%. Wouldn’t the fans cool the battery refrigerant? Its cold af here in Toronto right now. Seems...
  6. S

    Beware Car Washes!!

    Hey guys! I have had the same issue twice and I think it’s worth sharing: Twice after using a standard brush car wash, my Tesla Model X’s fan broke down. It was immediately after the car wash, noticeable as soon as you turn the air on in the car and it blows out hot. The first time I...
  7. X

    AC and cabin fans not working when unlocking car

    ive had my car just over two weeks and am on a long trip, so I’m still getting used to how everything operates. But I was surprised when twice so far when I’ve returned to the car in hot weather that the cabin fans and AC were not operational. Normally when I would unlock the doors the fans and...
  8. Mark77a

    Anyone cleaned their motor cooling fins ?

    Keeping the Roadster motor cool has been discussed before, but looking at the air cooling system it looks like the motor cooling fins could be easily choked by dust in the cooling fan blown air (like a vacuum cleaner sucking dirt off the road ! :rolleyes: ). A layer of dust on the fins will...