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  1. A

    Live Camera View - Fart Command Not Working

    Hey Fellow Tesla Owners, Just noticed that the fart command while viewing the live camera feed on the Tesla app no longer works for me. I’m currently on software version 2023. on my 2021 Model 3 RWD. The fart command works just fine when I’m not looking at the live camera feed but as...
  2. Haxster

    After 4 months, all I get is Fire and Farts

    I've been anticipating an update from 2018.42.2 since last October. Today I got one: 2018.50.6. Now I can see fire on the screen and play fart noises. Is this a luxury car or a dorm room?

    Keep your farts, Elon.

    I suggest that the people developing Tesla fart apps and the like be assigned to solve production and delivery problems instead. I was angered by the fart app’s arrival, which signaled a pathetic lack of focus. Maybe I’m just a grumpy old man, but I am still missing parts of my car that they...

    Farts Memorized, soon You will Too

    When I hear real farts, I tend to classify them now. Maybe it's my scientific side, but I memorized the list and can recall them all. Am I proud of my new skill? Not really, but I will be prepared at the next Tesla gathering when someone lets one go. Will it get me on the Ellen show? Probably...