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fast charging

  1. M

    80%Soc Still charging at 90KW

    Chevron Chargers Here in Canada chevron chargers has batteries in their chargers and one of the charger’s batteries was out of juice and charging very slow so I switched to another charger. And I have never seen this car charging at 93kw at 80soc that kinda worries me
  2. M

    Tips how to keep my battery healthy using mostly fast charger all the time?

    i just bought a brand new model 3 base model, wanted to ask you guys for some tips how to keep my battery healthy using mostly fast charger all the time?
  3. G

    Salvage fast charge

    Hello to all forum users. Can anybody explain me from a legal point of view, why does DC charging is banned on salvage vehicles, not SC, but even CHADEMO. Why does Tesla don't leave legal ability to charge my vehicle? I think is just not right. Thanks!
  4. IslandRoadster

    Need Three More JdeMO Orders--Can We Count on You?

    Hi Everyone, Many of you have been monitoring the couple threads on the JdeMO DC fast charging for the Roadster made by QC Charge. We have been trying to put together an order since they are all sold out and QC decided to stop production. QC Charge agreed to build a new batch if we could meet...
  5. S

    Just got 225 kW charging - June 2020 Build with Battery version “G”

    I picked up a Model X Long Range Plus yesterday with a June 2020 build date. When I updated to 2020.24.6.1 today I received notification that I can do 225 kW supercharging. The battery pack is version G as shown on the attached pictures. Greentheonly on twitter says there is an even newer...
  6. Tam

    UC Riverside Engineers: Current Fast-charging is damaging

    Fast-charging damages electric car batteries Two UC Riverside engineering professors led the research and found that Industry Fast-Charging, like Tesla's, subjects batteries to heat and resistance which then causes cracking, leaking, and capacity loss. They have found the cure by using a new...
  7. B

    [Bay Area] Signature Black Tesla Model 3/S/X High-speed Wall Charger 24' - $644

    I am selling a *NEW* in-box Matte Black Tesla Model 3/S/X High-speed Wall Charger Gen II This is a special Limited Edition version signed by Elon Musk. 24-foot version These are not available for purchase from Tesla. I received it as a gift from Tesla, but don't need it. I'm selling this one for...
  8. B

    [Bay Area] Silver Tesla Model 3/S/X High-speed Wall Charger 24' - $444

    I am selling a *NEW* in-box Silver Tesla Model 3/S/X High-speed Wall Charger Gen II 24-foot version These sell on the Tesla website for $500 + $44 (tax) = $544. I'm selling this one for $444 You can save $100 and have it today. No waiting. Pictures are from the website, as this is still in the...
  9. MelaniainLA

    FS: NEW Black Elon Musk Signature Tesla Black Wall Charger - West Los Angeles Pickup

    $500 for BRAND New In Box Tesla black high powered wall connector that’s signed by Elon Musk — this cannot be purchased from Tesla - was an award from the referral program. Entire thing is black including the handle and the wall unit. Easy to install. I already have two (one for each car) and...
  10. R

    Why are Model 3's not able to charge at DC Fast Charging sites in Canada

    Previous models can use these chargers but no Model 3. This makes no sense in Canada where Supercharging Stations are few and far between yet there are lots of Level 3 DC Fast Chargers.
  11. mrfra62

    Fast chargers in buitenland (geen superchargers)

    Misschien very stupid question, maar ik neem de gok.... Weet iemand of het makkelijk te herkennen is of er bijv langs de duitse of oostenrijkse snelweg of fast chargers staan bij tankstations net zoals in nederland fastned ? Hoe herken je die zo snel ? Bestaat er een apart icoontje voor, net...
  12. reddy

    Texas Electrify America fast charging locations

    AMARILLO Just found a surprise at the local Sam's Club at Westgate Parkway in west Amarillo. Behind a fenced off area (with dark plastic, to prevent peeking inside) were 4 Electrify American units with CCS and Chademo plugs on them. They appear to be a couple weeks from completion, and they...
  13. FVO

    Ionity Charging netwerk

    Ik denk dat er op dit forum een grote onderschatting bestaat omtrent de impact die het Ionity-netwerk zal hebben op het verre-afstands-reizen door niet-tesla-rijders. Ok het zal betalend worden net zoals in de model3 en dus voorlopig nog met pasjes op de I-pace bijvoorbeeld en de integratie in...
  14. Chuq

    In-ground supercharger infrastructure

    Any ideas what this might be - spotted at an under-construction supercharger site in Tordesillas, Spain? Goncalo Morais on Twitter (apologies for the poorly formatted images - this guy on twitter screenshotted them from elsewhere, I'm trying to find the original source) First thought is the...
  15. JoRey

    Chargepoint Express Plus: First true Tesla Supercharger competitor 400KW

    ChargePoint just released the First charger on the market that blows the Tesla Supercharger out of the water. With the ability to charge at 400KW, using technology already found in Tesla Superchargers. The CEO of the company has also said that he would install a Tesla plug if Tesla worked with...
  16. igotzzoom

    Tesla's ambitions apparent from Supercharger network -- No comparison

    I'm still kicking around the idea of an EV. As of now, it's between the Chevy Bolt and the Model 3. Poking around on the PlugShare site, the preponderance and strategic positioning of Tesla's supercharger network is simply overwhelming. The J1772 CCS and CHAdeMO chargers seem to be clustered...
  17. m0rph

    Tesla Roadster: CHAdeMO 50kW DC fast charging!

    Elon zag het niet zitten om de Roadster eigenaars te voorzien van Supercharging, maar gelukkig was er nog QuickChargePower die hun CHAdeMO lader hebben aangepast voor de Roadster. Gisteren was het dan zo ver: de eerste succesvolle test! Laden ging vlot aan 400V+ 125A = 50kW. Dit moet toelaten...
  18. Robert.Boston

    CA spends $3M on 6 EV Taxis

    $3 million for 6 taxis? At $500k each, they should be Bentleys.
  19. doug

    TEPCO/CHAdeMO Level III "quick" charging station/connector

    A little more on that connector and the charging station: Slide #21: http://www.arb.ca.gov/msprog/zevprog/2009symposium/presentations/patterson.pdf Slide #15: Aker Wade and EV Fast Charging