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  1. Kevrick

    Tesla Neo Gateway (GWY20) and 'DC Stage Fault' related?

    Thread title is deliberate for future internet knowledge-seekers. I just had an additional Powerwall 2 added to my existing system. This new Powerwall is throwing a DC Stage Fault error and is otherwise not doing anything. That's probably best left for another thread unless someone knows what...
  2. G

    HPWC not working

    Hello everyone. I could use some help. So I've had the HPWC that came with my Model S for over 5 years now. It has been working flawlessly since day one. Suddenly it just stopped charging my car. Here are some info: 1. Green light at the front 2. I've switched the circuit breaker of the HPWC...
  3. andyro

    2012 Sig Motor Fault 3 months out of Warranty

    My 2012 Sig (S2108) blew its motor yesterday 3 months out of the 8yr drivetrain warranty. It's Spring here in Canada - car has been in freezing temps since October, parked outside, but always under a carport. Here's the thing, when Tesla service opened up the motor after faulting to the point of...
  4. T

    Enough is Enough

    After 2.5 days of ownership had to get Tesla to come and collect my 2021 M3P. Quite unsafe to drive and very disappointed they can let a car be delivered in this condition. The most expensive car I have ever purchased and by far the worst defects of all combined.
  5. J

    Sentry mode has slowly died on me, now won't work at all......

    So I have had some huge issues with Sentry mode. At first i thought it was down to the USB i had so i swapped it for the recommended one. But then it stopped recording at my home address even though there were no exclusions and bluetooth was off on my phone. I have tried everything...
  6. CertLive

    My ongoing Model 3 troubles since day one!

    After one hell of a terrible experience with an Eniro 64kw new car failing me on a trip to france I dodged a bullet and rejected it. Long and agonising story short the car can go into a mode where it will not charge anywhere without alerting the user there is a problem and you can imagine...
  7. C

    HELP - fans running constantly overnight

    I unplugged my car around 11 p.m. yesterday and it was making a humming or whirring noise. Looking online it sounds like this is the car sucking in air to cool the battery. Seemed odd to me given that it’s only ~14 Celsius in the evening here but if it stopped soon then whatever. I checked the...

    Pano roof brackets broken! Tesla won't repair due to salvage vehicle

    Moderator note (bmah/efusco): 3 related threads now merged Hey guys my first post here , be gentle :) bought my first Tesla Model S 2017 and opened the roof only to realise the brackets on the roof are cracked!!!! is this something im missing or a common occurrence on the model S :'( I am so...
  9. S

    Autopilot, Crash and Insurance - Who at Fault?

    Has anyone on here dealt with a crash while on autopilot and how competing insurance companies decided fault? In my situation, I was in autopilot in the left lane going about 30 miles an hour in heavy traffic. In the lane on my right, an SUV pulling a long trailer attempted a lane change...
  10. B

    All fault light flashing on dashboard !

    Hello, I have a problem with my tesla model s p85 2013. all the fault indicators turn on and the car does what it wants watch on video. Does anyone know where the problem is? Thanks. *Unrelated video removed by moderator
  11. sjokomelk

    Front parkings sensors sees ghost object and door sensors don't see anything

    I got my Model X 100D three weeks ago, and the last week and a half the two center front parking sensors see something close to the car. So when I put the car in drive or reverse, the picture of the car and parking sensors show up with the STOP symbol and red line close to the front. And of...
  12. D.E.

    Charging troubles

    I have a new S75D At home, I charge with 110v, no problems. Now I've taken a trip to Florida. I charged at several superchargers on the way down without problems. A friend in Florida has a Tesla wall charger. He plugs his P85D in without any problems. When I plug my S75D into that same...

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