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  1. DasHHat

    Late 2021 onwards MIC Model 3s Have poor/faulty air conditioning from factory

    After 4 Months of sending my Model 3 (December 2021, china factory) back to the service center for blowing on my knees and being told that "nothing was wrong" and everything being correct in the dash, it turns out that I was just the first of people noticing that the Model 3 with the new Heat...
  2. S

    Repeatedly frozen Model Y screen linked to lumber support?

    I'm new to Tesla having only owned my Model Y for two weeks now, but it has a fault that I want to see if anyone else is experiencing. Every time I get in to the car after having been away from it long enough for it go to sleep, the screen becomes unresponsive and you can't interact with it...
  3. R

    Brand new Model Y problems

    I got my model Y delivered three weeks ago and from day three it has been sitting in service I don’t know what to do and what are my options I was told that the 12 V battery needs to be replaced I was also told that the Body control module and power control system needs to be replaced. I got the...
  4. L

    Loss of Rear Speakers and Subwoofer?

    Hi all! I have a 2019 M3, just updated to software 2021.24.11, which until today has not given me any issues beyond a few flat tires. However, as I was leaving work today I heard an annoying clicking sound from my backseat, and realized my sound system seemed to only be operating from the front...
  5. M

    New Model 3 - Delivered with faulty sim card

    Hi all. I picked up my new Model 3 SR+ MY21 today. The delivery experience was really quite terrible. The LTE connection in the car did not work at all. Possibly faulty sim card or worse. I was unable to use maps, radio, phone key and just about half of the cars features. I was told I would...
  6. CertLive

    Model 3 Customer cannon fodder & the right to full refund Dekra Report

    Its been a rather frustrating time owning a model 3. It was meant to be part of an enjoyable YouTube series which ended in me personally not wanting to poster something of bad quality. Yes I held back. I have documented here the cluster of a pickup experience with pictures and video in another...