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  1. n.one.one

    Favorite voice commands - What's yours?

    I just found a new (to me) voice command which led me to wonder what others use as their favorites...what's yours? Press the microphone button and say: "Search Google for (...)" Access information quickly and easily by saying, "Search Google for X," where X represents the keywords or query you...
  2. S

    Audio Favorites--missing icons

    A couple of days ago my 2018 M3 favorites and other audio tiles has about half the tile's icons missing and instead I see a greyed out musical note. I switched screens a few times and tried other things to get them to re-populate, but no change. I waited a day or two. No change. I did a soft 2...
  3. C

    Is the Favorites radio station working well for anyone?

    Curious to hear how the Favorites streaming radio station is working for others. My understanding was that the station works by looking at all the songs you have thumbed up, and building out a playlist that contains those songs as well as others it thinks are related. Within a week or two of...