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feature request

  1. MrNik

    Add 'Glovebox' to the Quick Access

    Hi, There is a very common complaint across the community about Glovebox not being very accessible. So as one of the solutions, I was requesting if we could add the 'Glovebox' icon to the 'Quick Access' tray (screenshot attached). We already have car features like Steering heating, Wipers etc...
  2. A

    Light Show improvement request

    I recently purchased my MYLR, and performed the Light Show. It starts with all windows closed but when it ends all the windows were open, some half open some almost full. As a user, I expect that after light show the car should return to the same state as it was before the show. Any comments...
  3. Briar_Reed

    FSD updates, but not a priority

    There have to be new hires art Tesla that can be challenged by improving the following Improve better/current speed limits Lane overshoot when entering limited access roads from surface roads GPS takes too long to acquire signal when exiting covered parking. Turn signal for entry and exit from...
  4. 2

    Passenger Restricted Access

    Is there anyway to program a key card to allow entry and aux functions without allowing the vehicle to be put in drive? I would like to be able to let my guest in the car without my presence, but without letting them drive it.
  5. B

    Tesla Feature Recommendation

    in some cities, like Los Angeles, a real issue for high net worth individuals is being followed home or followed and later robbed as you’re getting out of your car. it would be very neat if Tesla’s camera could alert you if it noticed a car or cars following you for a long distance when you’ve...
  6. M

    Are electric window tint and a rear video screen advisable/achievable?

    TLDR: I'd like electric tinting on all glass and a rear monitor that mirrors the touchscreen display but I don't know if it's even possible let alone advisable. Any relevant input would be appreciated. I camp in my M3 a LOT. Couple things I have noticed is that playing games or watching movies...
  7. N

    Regenerative break - please bring the control feature back

    We have been driving model S since 2013, and just received our 2022 model S, which is our 4th model S. Very loyal 😇. We find that driving the newest model is choppy, because Tesla secretly removed the ability to control regenerative breaking. Come on, Tesla!!! Let me decide for myself whether...
  8. E

    Where to request or suggest features or superchargers?

    I apologize in advance if this has been asked and answered but I tried to do a search and never found anything. What is the preferred method for suggesting features and new supercharger locations? tweeting Elon, opening a chat line on Tesla support page? Or is there a link Tesla offers?
  9. A

    Feature Request - add "Vent Windows" button in Quick Controls

    I like the vent window button on mobile APP, but don't ever remember to do it. It would be great to have a one-touch vent option from inside the car as well, maybe in Quick Controls beside the Window Lock Button? Would really help, getting in the 3 on a hot summer day is utterly brutal & this...
  10. S

    Camera Thumbnail, Swipe Typing, AP Odometer, Auto Volume Feature Requests Animated

    Shared on Reddit earlier. I started to animate features that I've jotted down during the last year that I'd benefit from.
  11. theganjaguru

    Feature Enhancement Request Portal

    Dear Tesla Overlords, May I please request a logical and useful mechanism in which Tesla owners may submit feature enhancement requests? Currently, there is no standardized process for capturing user input. Only our output is captured and used with purpose. Here’s the solution: Submission...
  12. I

    Tesla features: S&X vs 3&Y

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to list features that are exclusive to the premium S & X models or the newer 3 & Y models (besides the obvious ones like performance, speed, price etc). I'd appreciate your help to think about more features like the ones I've listed so far. Also, I'm probably wrong about...
  13. DeBear

    Panoramic View

    I use a Galaxy Tab2 9.7". Would be nice to have the app rotate to panoramic view, only does page view. Most do on my Tab but not Tesla. Just a thought.
  14. I

    Feature Request - "Ring" style sentry mode - Push notifications with motion, video stream...

    I wonder if we can get this to Elon's twitter feed! A great enhancement to sentry mode would to enable the car to push notifications to your phone when motion is detected similar to a ring doorbell. When you click the notification it then streams the video feed to your phone. Along with the new...
  15. N

    Easy to understand consumption number is my wish

    I realized what I really want on the interface. Since the range is highly variable based upon driving situation / variables, I choose to display battery in % which I feel is easier to think about. Now I have come to the realization of what I need to go along with it. If instead of ###Wh/mi the...
  16. D

    Feature Request - Use Tesla App to Detect Key Card on Center Console

    Never seen talk of this and couldn't find it in a search, so here goes... I've run into the situation a few times where my phone wasn't able to connect to my Model 3, so I used my key card instead. No problem--enter the vehicle, lay my wallet on the center console, tap in my PIN and drive off...
  17. KAnder04

    Most requested features/options/improvements for the Model 3?

    Are there any features, options, or improvements you wish the Model 3 had? Maybe things that are pretty common in most other ICE vehicles? Like air ventilated seats, blind-spot assistance, air suspension, sportier/more aggressive look for the Performance version, etc? I’m probably going to...
  18. T

    Bluetooth vs Many Tesla Window Smashing?

    Nowadays there are so many window smashing break-ins with Teslas, especially in the Bay Area. Thieves use Bluetooth scanner to look for laptops and phones. They smash windows and open the trunk to grab the bluetooth devices. Since Tesla has bluetooth enabled even when parked, Tesla is especially...
  19. fredsa

    Help improve Tesla interface - ideas, feature requests, bug reports

    Dear Tesla owners who love their cars (yes, I know that you!), You probably have a few ideas on what would make our car even better... If only Tesla did this or that in the next software update. Wouldn't that be great? To help all of us get organized, I've created a website to do just that...
  20. S

    New Feature Request: full regenerative breaking when pressing the break slightly

    I was surprised today when I played with my drive settings to find that switching regenerative breaking from low to standard actually affected more than just the pedals. I would have expected low to mean that if coasts better and standard to be more of a one pedal driving experience. I...
  21. Daniellane

    Slacker Radio “Settings” Feature Request

    It would be great if there was a settings page on the Model 3 (+S&X as well) for Slacker Radio options similar to to the settings page in the iOS app. (See screenshot) We have both a Model 3 & a Model S. When I turned on ABC News Updates in the app using my Model S credentials, the updates...
  22. lairdb

    Feature Request: Mobile Connector LED state should be different between unplugged and fully charged.

    Mobile Connector LED state should be different between unplugged and fully charged. Currently, both states are indicated by solid logotype lights, while actively charging is indicated by chase lights running down the logotype. Either "disconnected" or "finished" should change so they can be...
  23. T

    Feature Request: Link Vent Positions to Driver Profiles

    I like the air as cold as possible and right at me, my wife likes it a littler warmer and not directly blowing on her. It would be great to link the vent positions and possible the climate control to the driver profile so that my wife doesn't get blasted when she gets in and I don't think man...
  24. T

    Supercharger Auto Park

    Anyone else on board with this needs to be a special feature? Currently perpendicular park only works between two cars. I think most of the code is done already. The GPS should tell the car they are at a supercharger. Recognizing the two superchargers and backing between them would be a nice...
  25. weradln

    Feature Requests For Tesla

    Am posting here on the TSC Forum in the hopes Tesla monitors our posts. My first request is that in the event of an accident that causes any airbags to be deployed, the video from the front and rear cameras for a minute before the accident and a minute after be automatically sent by email to...
  26. N

    gunpowder sensor enables authorities to track car?

    would it be feasable to have a feature that senses when a gunshot is placed from inside the car that it alerts the authorities? imagime when autonomous level4 comes in and a car of thugs or gangsters take a car and do drive by or if someone gets wounded. At first i thought that it should disable...
  27. C

    What are your deal-breakers when buying any car?

    A car purchase is often a very personal thing as the car can be an extension of your personality. Consequently a simple problem can be a deal-breaker. With 2 years to go, I thought it would be useful for Tesla to have a thread of all the things that are deal-breakers when buying any car, not...
  28. H

    Possible New Feature for a Future Versions of the Key Fob

    Hello everyone, First time poster here. I've recently been running into an issue and I had an idea of a cool way of fixing it. So I thought that if I post it here, maybe it will catch on and become a real thing in the future. The Issue I share my car with my partner, each of us have our...
  29. jhs_7645

    Feature request: Leave AC on for (n) minutes when I leave the car

    Reading this thread:How do I leave the AC running upon exiting the car? reminded me of a feature that would be awesome. When I put the car in park, and am getting out of my car, it would be awesome to have a button come up on the screen that says: "Hold temp for 30 minutes?"...
  30. Nixter

    Second row seat feature, will they be forward/backwards adjustable?

    I don't think I will be getting the third row seats, (no children – no pets), so I was wondering, will we be able to slide the second row seats back further and get more leg room or will they be permanently mounted with no forward/backwards adjustments? It would be nice if the mounting rails...