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  1. Tom Crocker

    Suggestions for Enhanced Verbal Feedback in FSD

    I wanted to share some ideas that I believe could further enhance the FSD experience, particularly relating to verbal feedback. I worked this out with the ChatGPT AI so the following is its summary of my ideas that it compiled for me. **1. Enhanced Verbal Cues** - Implement real-time verbal...
  2. M

    Transmitting feedback

    Hello I got the new update 2022.36.20 However I am missing screen capture, that I used to report issues on FSD Has any one noticed the same ? Looks like “Bug report “ seems to be the only way we transmit our issues Any comments ?
  3. G

    FSD Error Reporting/Feedback Best Practices

    Does anyone know how to best send feedback to Tesla via the video button on FSD drives? I know they've said it's helpful to them if you note the time, the circumstances, write a bit about what happened, etc., but I believe this is impractical for most people, so assume you can only hit the video...
  4. FalconFour

    Broken feedback loop: Has anyone ever received ANY reply/response from fsdbeta email?

    Typically, in a beta, the goal is to get feedback and work with testers - tell them what ought to be tested more than others, what known issues they're working on, and generally be communicative with testers to know they're actually paying attention. So far, my ~month of experience with FSD Beta...
  5. Mulprs

    How to Review deliverygb team member

    Hi, We called the deliverygb team to get an update on our delivery status and the person on the phone was super nice. He found us a similar car that was in stock and arranged everything for us very quickly. This was 2 months ago. We emailed him back with some questions this week and he didn't...
  6. M

    Feedback geven

    Vroeger was er in de account-page ergens een support-vakje waar je feedback kon geven. Ik vind dat nu echter nergens meer terug? De support-site bestaat uit een hoop links met FAQs, en de "Neem contact met ons op"-knop geeft een formulier met enkele keuzes als "Een Tesla-voertuig bestellen"...
  7. J

    Decisions, Which Car to Pick

    I have an option between 2 cars. I am a new member to the forum and have been scouring furiously and reading up but asking for advice on my on personal situation. Please assist in choice and rational. BTW I live in Texas so, no snow, but heavy rain several times in year...and btw switching from...
  8. Minecon_CA

    Holding down the Controls button makes "Thanks for your feedback" on the instrument cluster.

    Holding down the Controls button on the screen makes "Thanks for your feedback" on the instrument cluster. What does this do?
  9. Minecon_CA

    Holding down the Controls button makes "Thanks for your feedback" on the instrument cluster.

    Holding down the Controls button on the screen makes "Thanks for your feedback" on the instrument cluster. What does this do?
  10. Big4Blue

    New S Owner: My First Tesla Buying Experience, Growing Pains

    Not sure where to post this, but saw the article stating this forum is where to post feedback to escalations. I have been sitting on this for a few weeks. Updates to my story below: I finally decided to join the EV World. After doing the most exhaustive research I have ever done for my next...
  11. C

    Chances of getting LR, RW, Black, 18", EA, and FSD...

    Hi all, First time post long time lurker. I've studied/looked at all the spreadsheets that have been posted about different, make, models, tires, colors, etc. coming in. Just wanted an opinion on if I were to order right now what are the chances of getting my car in my possession before Dec...
  12. S

    Help! Newbie WTB 2015 P85D

    Hey guys, I've been considering a Tesla for quite some time. My Lexus lease is up this month and I believe I'm about ready to pull the trigger. After searching all the available years and models, it seems to me one of the best values for the money is a 2015 P85D. I'm looking at a couple...
  13. Trev Page

    MTO Discussion Paper on Electric Vehicle Incentive Initiatives under the Climate Change Action Plan

    This just popped up. Ken and I were discussion it during our show recording today but Ontarians should consult this and send in their feedback ASAP before it expires November 14 2016!!! Let's keep the rebates going and keep them fair...
  14. T

    New Forum Design

    Hi everyone. We appreciate and welcome constructive criticism on the new design, interface and functionality. We've worked hard on this and know that there is a lot more still to do. What we have now is a work in progress and we are well aware of, and are working on filling, many of the...
  15. D

    New Forum Design

    Trying to organize a thread for people to share their feedback on the new forum design.
  16. K

    Looking for feedback from Australian owners, particularly in Perth

    Hi everyone, To avoid being envious and impatient with getting my hands on a Tesla I've been off the forum for a while but I see things with Tesla in Australia have really moved along over the past year. Now that things appear to be full throttle and cars are being delivered to Perth and...