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  1. E

    Purchase Agreement / Bill of Sale signature??

    Hey all, Quick question, I'm financing my Model 3 through a credit union and I've submitted all the required documents. I just got off the phone with the Credit Union they stated that the purchase agreement that I downloaded from my tesla account did not have a signature. I informed her that the...
  2. J

    Enter Payment Information

    We have a MY RWD reservation and it is allowing us to put our payment information in now. Since there are now RWD produced I'm assuming this doesn't mean too much. But, as this is our first Tesla, I'm a little unsure on the process. We have decided yet if we will trade our current car in to...
  3. W

    Financing - First Loan

    I'm looking to finance a Model X. This will be my first time ever getting a loan as I usually pay in full for my other vehicles. Is it an easy process? My score is around 750 right now, so I'm not sure how likely I am to even get approved since it will also be my first loan. I'm planning on...
  4. V

    Financing a Model 3

    Hi! I'm a 21 year old from Sydney and have been wanting to buy a Model 3 for a while now- I had the idea a few months ago to purchase one via financing through Tesla, and rent it out via websites such as evee.com to cover the costs of financing it. I was mainly looking for advice from people who...
  5. N

    How does Tesla handle getting payment from a third party lender?

    Hi there! Long time Tesla fan, first time buyer and poster here. I am supposed to pick up my Model Y Performance in SF tomorrow and have the down payment in my bank account, ready to pull the trigger. I've been approved for a loan from a credit union (they offered a great rate) and they said...
  6. M

    When to apply for financing?

    Ordered model Y AWD on 7/16. Delivery estimate was 4-8 weeks at the time. When should I apply for the financing through Tesla website? I don’t want to have to reapply if delivery gets delayed and take a second hit in my credit report... Also, anybody in Texas who can share some tips for...
  7. Sebat4

    Financing agreement disappeared

    Have this happened to anyone before? Yesterday I was checking my account and everything was fine, my financing agreement was there and I could see the down payment. Today when I checked my account the info disappeared and it says that I have to pay the full price and my agreement info was...
  8. friday80s

    Financing limitations on a solar glass roof for new construction

    I'm in the early planning stages of a house rebuild and we're considering a solar glass roof right from the get go. Our objective is to cover the cost of construction through a construction-to-permanent loan, where when the construction is done, this loan rolls over into a traditional mortgage...
  9. A

    Low VIN and financing question

    I have a MSM, PUP, no FSD or hitch on order for delivery in Richmond, VA and VIN showed up with my MVPA this AM and it's 14**. I know Tesla doesn't do sequential VINs but I didn't realize they were THAT non-sequential. I'll be curious to see build date. Ordered 6/21. Also, has anyone switched...
  10. alphapenguin

    Reapply for financing with rate cut?

    I just got my financing approved through Tesla /Wamu 2 weeks ago for like 3.24% or something. Now the fed cut the interests rates, how long do you think it will take for the auto rates to deck, and I wonder is it worth it to reapply again (I’d take another credit score hit).
  11. Spacep0d

    What happens after $100 deposit?

    Hello there Tesla owners and fans! I want to reserve a Tesla Model 3 Long Range (white). I know there's a $100 non-refundable deposit and a 7-10 week lead time as Tesla focuses on international orders. Here are some questions you may be able to answer; 1. What happens after I make my deposit...
  12. M

    How to pay Tesla’s loan?

    I got my new car last month but am confused about how to do the monthly payments to Tesla/loan bank? No information to me so far. Anyone here got experience? Thanks.
  13. T

    Basic Financing question

    So I just got my pre-approval from my credit union. They are asking for a copy of the signed sales contract and window sticker. Now how do I go about getting that prior to delivery? Does Tesla need both checks on delivery day or just my personal check to cover the remainder followed by the...
  14. I

    Noob financing question

    First, thank you all for the information I've read in this forum. It's helped me make the decision to order a Midnight Gray SR+ a few days ago. I have a financing question. Is the Tesla loan rate variable? The order screen is showing 3.99%, but I've seen some talking about rates closer 3.25%...
  15. M

    trouble with Tesla finance

    Hey guys, My finance has been approved for about a month (never got any notification or anything until I asked my sales adviser). I had no trouble for any of the process next to that i'm basically begging them to sell me the car since it seem like no one even cared to update any information for...
  16. bewilderman

    2019 Model X Raven: Lease or Finance?!

    Hey guys. Trying to decide between leasing vs. financing for the Raven X I have on order. I am leaning towards financing for the following reason. 2019 Model X Raven, Long Range, Midnight Silver, black Interior, 7 seater, FSD. MSRP: 96,690 (inclusive of Destination and Documentation) LEASE...
  17. D

    Financing with Wells Fargo

    Why in the world would Tesla choose a bank that has been indicted for fraud and stealing from their customers. I have already run into issues where I request larger chunks of payment be paid towards my principal and spoken directly to customer service only to find that they lie to me and apply...
  18. P

    Tesla financing at the first day at the job.

    Hi, I'm getting Software Developer job, this is my first week, first job in US. Can I get financing for Tesla Model X, 3? Thanks
  19. A

    When does the "Amount Due" in "Pricing Details" become final?

    Hi all, Placed my order for a SR+ a few days ago and filled out / uploaded all the info in the "Prepare for Delivery" section. Got approved for a loan and can see my estimated monthly payments as well as the "Amount Due" at the bottom of the pricing details. My question is: is that "Amount...
  20. Spacep0d

    Questions; Financing, Trade-ins, etc.

    Hi there Teslarati! I'm the owner of a 2018 LEAF S, but the Tesla Model 3 is what made me fall in love with EVs. I test drove a long-rage AWD model from Turo and was blown away by how spaceship quiet and fast it is, and I love its minimalist design and great looks (whilst still being...
  21. J

    Ordering and Negative Equity

    Hello! I’m seriously considering ordering a M3P. I currently own a Golf R but have some negative equity. Does Tesla do trade in’s and do they allow you to roll over negative equity? Also, I live in a condo with no charge ports anywhere. Is it ok to use solely Supercharger network, atleast...
  22. J3ThePainless

    Trying to by can't find financing

    Hello everyone, I have placed my order for the new stander range plus earlier today but am having issues finding a financial institution who will finance a Tesla. I am a resident of Connecticut so the nearest delivery center is in NY and Tesla does not offer to finance in this state. I have...
  23. hmmm

    CPO financing questions

    I've reached out to Tesla with the questions below over a week ago. I'm still waiting for an answer however, so I'm hoping someone can help: 1- Does Tesla care about a co-signer when making a financing decision, ie does a co-signer help? 2- Has anyone qualified on assets rather than Income...
  24. Mata Hari

    Trade In?

    I see Tesla offers to take trade ins. Has anyone done this? What was your experience? Did they give a fair market value?
  25. Zorak03

    Is Tesla Financing more difficult than most?

    It seems I have been seeing a lot of threads about people being denied financing, even with good credit and offering to put down a 20K+ down payment. Has anyone had any problems? My situation may be a little unique. I have been living abroad for the last 12 years so my US credit report is rather...
  26. D

    Financing through Tesla?

    Is it worth it? I can get the following terms through my credit union. Do they offer better terms through financing arranged by Tesla? 2.49% 36 mos $500 - $100,000 $721.42 3.24% 48 mos $7,500 - $100,000 $556.01 3.49% 60 mos $10,000 - $100,000 $454.68 3.74% 72 mos $15,000 - $100,000 $388.17...
  27. S

    Financial problem still not resolved

    So as much as I didn’t want to have to write this, I just don’t know what else to do. I took delivery of my car on 11/2 and when I took delivery I had a pre- approval loan check I had to fill out with all the information as far as how much I pay. Well when Tesla delivery at Mount Kisco, NY did...
  28. T

    Tesla loan comparison spreadsheet - auto updates hourly

    Hi everyone, This community has helped me tremendously on my Model 3 ownership journey and I thought I'd give back with this spreadsheet. This spreadsheet pulls rates directly from the credit union's website hourly, so you're always getting the latest rates, because as you know, they change...
  29. Remonster

    Money Question - Purchase Day Gut Punch

    Fortunately I'm not looking for a good place to get a loan, but I do have some questions about financing provided through Tesla. My Model 3 order is coming up faster than I expected and I'm trying to figure out how much money I'll need to extract from my hours of saved paid slave labor time (/s)...
  30. J

    Credit unions in central Ohio?

    Hello, new member and near-future Tesla owner here. Does anyone have any recommendations for credit unions in the Columbus OH area? I know about Alliant, but having trouble finding anything local. thanks!
  31. D

    New Jersey TM3 Owners, where did you finance?

    I'm currently trying to see all the options, so far i called Alliant and they gave me a 3.74% APR for 48k which i found to be a bit to much. Anyone in NJ had better luck?
  32. galbrecht7

    Delivery Fee

    I received my VIN earlier this week (before the policy change removing the VINs). While going through the process of getting loan terms through Tesla Finance, I noticed something in the final price of the car. On my Tesla account page, it lists my price as $55,000 which is accurate. Base price...
  33. B


    I want to thank Manuel De La Torre for my loan at FPCU. I would definitely suggest anyone who is looking for a good interest rate to call FPCU. Although there is no rate lock until the final contract from Tesla, it worked out great in my instance as I still was able to get 2.24% after I sent the...
  34. mwu

    Changing down payment

    Down payment in the loan application is selected as a percentage, but I was bone-headed and forgot that I had already put down when reserving and ordering the car, so the down payment is calculated as the amount of the car minus $3,500 times the percentage selected. As a result, the down payment...
  35. S

    Legal owner as Credit Union on Loan?

    FPCU sent loan documents to sign where registered owner is me but the legal owner is FPCU. however, nowhere through the doc (that i can find) does it say they're going to remove themselves as legal owner once loan balance is satisfied. has anyone dealt with this? i cant imagine this not being a...
  36. B

    Detailed question on Tesla Financing - early payments

    I understand the tax credit doesn't come until next year's taxes, so when I finance the car, I have to calculate payments without factoring that "discount" in. I'm going to use 100% fake number to make the question more clear. Here's my question: Say I buy the car now, but get the credit in a...
  37. aslam

    Wiki Historical Tesla Financing Rates in Canada

    As part of my research prior to purchasing my first Tesla (a Model S), I've been looking for some historical information on Tesla's Financing Rates in Canada. In order to ensure that I'm getting the best financing rate, I wanted to understand the historical patterns which might help me predict...
  38. C

    Question for those who are financing thru Tesla

    Hi all - this is my first post. I just picked up a White MX and loving it so far. I bought the MX at the end of Sept (during the quarter push) and took advantage of their 0.99% financing. That said, I'm 18 days into ownership, but have not received any word on next steps for it. I've tried...
  39. A

    Financing Tesla - A Digital Dowry of Sorts

    I am still in hustle mode on a narrow path to get in that Tesla wait queue. Meanwhile continue learning everything possible about what makes her, go, and that most efficiently. A girl prone to classic remakes and models it wasn't until a friend introduced me to Tesla Model S this summer that got...
  40. DriveMe

    Tesla loan application and the trade-in uncertainty

    As my production date approaches, I am about to apply for financing. Hoping to take advantage of the current low-rate financing offered by Tesla. However, I haven't decided yet what to do about the trade-in. I have an initial trade-in offer from Tesla, but I think I can do way better by selling...
  41. WierdMobile

    APR for Financing Model 3

    The Model S configurator currently uses 1.99% to estimate monthly payments. While the screenshots posted in this thread show that the Model 3 configurator uses 2.74%. I was expecting to be able to get the same financing rate on the Model 3 as the Model S, but it looks like the offer for the...
  42. manitou820

    Colorado Tax Credit and Financing

    Two questions: 1. Does anyone know if Tesla is applying the $5000 Colorado tax credit during the purchase? I know Colorado made this an option starting in 2017, so I'm wondering if Tesla is taking advantage of that. 2. My reservation is under my name, but I'll probably do the financing under...
  43. bugZPDX

    Live in Oregon and considering financing a Tesla?

    Logged in to make my monthly payment and noticed that Rivermark Credit Union is offering 2.49% interest again. They were incredibly easy to work with and had us approved very quickly. Banking That's Always On | Rivermark Community Credit Union
  44. Tatsumaru

    Financing Issues

    I'm a Model 3 reservation holder (stood in line at the local gallery on reveal day morning, in central time zone) and while browsing some inventory on Tesla.com, I found one that struck my fancy and decided I'd really rather go in for an S. My minimum requirements for purchase are AP2, Premium...
  45. A

    Financing option for Model X in Houston Texas

    Hello members I am new joinee to the forum and to the Tesla world. I have just confirmed my Model X in Houston (Richmond exactly). I was not aware that the published 1.50% rate from Tesla Financing was not available in Texas. So the next question is where else should I shop around for financing...
  46. R

    Tesla Financing for M3

    I was surprised to find out Tesla offers financing (no way I could afford a MS or MX so there was no reason for me to even look). From the website it looks like the APR is very low compared to other rates I see (1.49% from Tesla, vs ~2.25% or higher from various banks and credit unions). Is...
  47. jmcclureXPA

    Business lease vs Business finance?

    My X is in transit and Tesla is ready to schedule delivery. I'd like to register the vehicle in my business name and finance it. I haven't had great success getting good options through the delivery specialist who seems more like an order taker... The lease program does not seem like a good...
  48. G10zz

    Financial Question for Louisiana

    Hello Everyone, I have been wondering about a few things, so I wanted to post this to see if anyone has had any experience with this. I live in Lake Charles, Louisiana and will be picking up the car in Houston on Friday since we do not have any Tesla centers in Louisiana. 1) First off, I...
  49. 8XATL

    Tesla Financing Issues

    A couple of weeks ago, I spotted a thread pertaining to having to refresh your application if Tesla doesn't deliver your vehicle within 30-60 days. Well now, I can't find it but I'm having the same issue this other person was having. My approval was seamless when I first applied initially and...
  50. C

    Tesla Direct Leases - NEW

    I'm not sure what the details are on this so far or what is out there. But I'll share my experience, which will hopefully help some people. I ordered on 11/8/16, and was told I was approved for a lease the next day. I received a letter on 11/22 from US Bank saying I was denied for a lease. I'm...

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