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firmware suggestions

  1. apples

    All Performance Model 3 Currently Being Held on 2020.8.3?

    Has anyone with a Performance Model 3 received an update beyond 2020.8.3 since Wednesday April 29th? I was previously on 2020.12.5 but had my computer replaced April 29th due to an LTE issue. Immediately was upgraded to 8.3 but it currently says software is up to date and have received no...
  2. X

    Safety feature --- Can I just unlock the driver's door with the key-fob?

    We recently picked up our Model S at the Fremont Factory... Simply an amazing experience... Now that we're getting more familiar with the inner workings of the car, we noticed that the Model S lacks the ability to modify the protocol for opening the doors... Are we missing something? From a...
  3. lx3h

    Suggestions For Tesla Model S Firmware Improvement

    Got this idea from watching Bjørn's Norway Model S driving video yesterday and the new Parking In HK thread. (from 18:41) I think the guidelines can be easily added to the Model S firmware. For parking and for entering carparks. You see, I mostly drive my sister's BMW 520iA to carparks and...
  4. Vger

    Ferries, nighttime, winter, and the Model S lighting controls: not a good mix

    Hi Fellow Canadians, I wanted to alert you to an issue I have discovered with the way the exterior lighting controls function on the Model S in Canada, especially their handling of the daytime running light (DRL) requirement. I expect this will also affect Model S owners in Atlantic Canada...