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first trip

  1. T

    My first real trip “review”

    So we just took our first mini trip with our Model Y and overall the experience was great. It honestly makes it so I never want a different vehicle again. The FSD Beta was worth it on the highway but we did get a warning which honestly was BS. I noticed at nighttime it is way more sensitive to...
  2. I

    First Desert Road Trip

    I am taking my first out-of-town trip since getting my 2021 Standard Range Plus in April, so of course I have range anxiety! It’s a just a short 140 mile trip from Phoenix to Flagstaff, Arizona and according to ABRP, I should be able to do it without stopping to charge at all. However, I’m...
  3. ApertureLabs

    Driving from Chicago to St. Louis for the first time this weekend. Advice please?

    I am going to pick up my Tesla this weekend. I am driving my up to Chicago in a gas vehicle & coming back in my new (to me, it is a 2014 CPO) Tesla. I am really excited but wondering about charging on the way back. My car is a 60. I know there will be a couple superchargers on the way back to...
  4. T

    My first two weeks with Model S

    Ok, so here is my story. There will be thousands of these soon, but for those of you still waiting, let me whet your appetite. Bottom line, OMFG, what an amazing car!! What makes this car great is that it is the first electric car that is outstanding in its own right, without being a...
  5. roblab

    A Little Drive Over to Reno.

    Hi, folks. We picked up our brown Sig Model S last Friday. Already have given at least two dozen test drives, participated in an Auto Show, and went over to Nevada to see my Mom and brother. We live in Napa Valley, and I have concerns about driving over Donner Pass on the way to Reno. We...