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  1. Edgewood Dome

    New 512GB USB causing music to skip on 2019.5.15

    I used to use a Patriot Rage2 128GB thumb drive formatted into 2 Fat32 partitions, one for my FLAC music and the other for the TeslaCam. With the new software 2019.5.15 adding the Sentry Mode I noticed the drive for the TeslaCam filled up and stopped recording so I went out and purchased a...
  2. Demetraki

    FLAC's out of order

    I just bought a 128GB flash drive, formatted with FAT32. I've noticed that the media player displays my FLAC tracks out of order. The media player seems to sort by file name versus the track number. I have verified that my FLAC's have correct tag information (I'm using MP3TAG). Any ideas on how...
  3. Edgewood Dome

    FLAC music playback is skipping now, anyone have a problem?

    Solved - it was my OE! FLAC music playback is skipping now, anyone have a problem? Prior to the last big firmware update (v4.5 to 5.8 for me) my music played fine using FLAC, now after the update to v5.8 it has little gaps or skips. The music doesn't skip forward, just a fraction of a second...
  4. A

    Playing FLAC files?

    I had understood that FLAC files were supported. I used Audacity to convert a set of .WAV files to .FLAC. When I put my USB drive in place Sound Studio does not recognize any playable content. Is there anything I need to know about: - file extension? - format options?
  5. Andrew

    Bug: FLAC metadata not showing up in Folder view

    I've started ripping my CDs to FLAC, thanks to the great conversations at TMC about FLAC and better audio quality (thanks, all!). However, I had been tearing my hair out trying to figure out why the metadata (artist, album, track number) wasn't showing up on either screen. Both Foobar2000 and...