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  1. UncaNed

    Model X OEM Tire Troubles

    Only 9,000 miles and already I had to replace 2 Continental Cross Contact LX 20" tires, (OEM) left front and right rear, on my Model X75D. Not an acceptable tire failure rate; I have a few gravel driveway potholes, and only once towed a lightly loaded trailer. Am I the only one having trouble...
  2. heytae

    My experience with Tesla's new Mobile Service (documented with pictures)

    After a 5 hour road trip (S. Tahoe to home in South Bay Area) in our MX yesterday, we got a low tire pressure warning during the last 15 mins before reaching our home. Thank gawd it happened then and not during our trip in Tahoe or worse, during the drive to or from. We tried out the new Tesla...
  3. V

    How often and how many times have you had flat tire?

    Reading this thread What do you do when you have a flat tire on a MX made me wonder how often and how many times MX owners have had flats? Seems like many have experienced at least one in the first few months of owning a MX? Some statistics will be good... I had my first flat yesterday in just...
  4. S

    Future 7 seater with fold down?

    The one thing that bugged me the most about the X is how Tesla forces you to choose between a fold flat configuration (5 seater) or 6-7 seats. How come the very logical combination of both is not available? My colleague just had a 5 seater delivered and there is clearly space for the 3rd bench...
  5. palmer_md

    Flat Tow

    I've seen several threads about a request to flat tow both the Model S and the Model X, all of which come back from Tesla as not recommended. I'd like to see the Model 3 designed with the ability to be flat towed behind an RV. There are lots of reasons that flat tow is better than a dolly (not...