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  1. A

    TuneIn Radio stations flickering between Play and Pause

    Hey guys, The TuneIn Radio stations on my 2021 Model 3 LR has been flickering for the past 2 updates (few months already). It randomly happened one day and I have tried to reset the car by pressing both buttons on the steering wheel down until the Tesla logo re-appears on the screen. It fixed...
  2. S

    Headlamps flickering?

    Hi folks, Model Y 2022. On cold start, the driver side headlamp flickers repeatedly . Happens all the times. Has anyone else experienced this? It’s been happening consistently regardless of software version (now updated to 44.40.1) I have opened a service case with Tesla but still waiting on...
  3. J

    Screen Flickering in New MY

    I notice that there are some posts on the site about Screens Flickering, but I have not seen any that directly indicate my problem. I just took delivery of my new MY on March 2, 2021. From the first day of driving, I noticed that when I first start out in the morning or whenever I first drive...
  4. fasteddie7

    Power flickered now odd behavior

    I got home from work and plugged in to my HPWC. I normally get 47/48 A 37 mph charge at 12kw an hour. In the middle of the night the wind was owing hard and the lights flickered on and off for about 10 seconds. I went out to the garage to check, and the car had some errors thrown up about...