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  1. M

    How do EV's do in floods?

    Hi fellow Tesla owners. With all the flooding in California, I'm curious to know how well EV's fare during flooding, in comparison to ICE cars. Do you have any experiences to share?
  2. D

    Model 3 and Rough Dirt Roads

    I'm considering replacing an old Mini Cooper with a Model 3 AWD, but I have some concerns. Every few weeks I need to travel to remote location in west Texas. This involves about 5 miles of county dirt roads, and a a quarter mile of rough private driveway. These roads are very dusty and...
  3. efusco

    2012 Model S undrivable due to parking brack won't release

    Tried to drive my daughter to school and myself to work this morning in my 2012 Model S with 80,000+ miles and the parking brake would not release. I think it's just the right rear brake, but may have been more than that initially, but the other(s) broke free. I made multiple attempts to back...
  4. brianman

    Warranty (esp. driving through floods!)

    Another Rod and Barbara post, this time a warranty PDF ... Punch list, Page 3 (Warranty link) | Tesla Motors Attaching it here in case it disappears at the original location. Edit: The original PDF link looks better than when I tried to save it locally (and attached here). Hrm. Looks like...