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floor mat

  1. tmatsusa

    Vendor Hi! Nice to meet you! We're TeslaMatsUSA!

    Hello, My name is Fii and we are TeslaMatsUSA! A little bit about me, I'm originally from Washington, DC but have relocated down south. I work in healthcare and love all things Tesla! We just launched a few weeks ago and are excited to be a helpful resource for all your Model 3 and Model Y...
  2. 4

    Best place to buy 3D MAXPIDER for a Model 3?

    I have been looking at different places to buy these floor mats. I was wondering if anyone knew the best place to get them at the lowest price. So far Teslerati is the cheapest I’ve found. But I wanted to make sure I was getting the genuine product too. I’ve never order from Teslerati before. So...
  3. grayguy

    Floor mat liner for Model X 6-seater (2020)

    Looking for recommendations for the cargo liner for the legacy Model X 6-seater. Ideally, the same mat would work for the 3rd row up or down. If that doesn't exist, that's okay.
  4. CS@Tshields

    Vendor TeslaShields update #23: Inventory still on its way

    Hi Everyone, I hope everyone is enjoying their summer and not frying to death. Now since we are in the dog days of summer, and most of the country is swealtering (including us in Papa Elon’s basement) we think it’s time to start a limited sizzling hot sale to cool everyone off. Until our...
  5. CS@Tshields

    Vendor Bring On The Dirt Busters!

    Tesla Shields is a small company started by Jason and Sebastien with the idea of manufacturing door sill protectors and morphed into manufacturing car mats only for Tesla’s. It is surprising how Tesla has not paid attention to their floor mats which is an important detail to most Tesla owners...
  6. ldcrsmode

    Vendor LDCRS BLACK FRIDAY/CYBER MONDAY DEAL - LDCRS 2021 Tesla Model Y 3D Floor Mats

    Tesla Motors Club Community! We've been grateful for the overwhelmingly positive feedback we've received on our LDCRS Tesla Model Y Floor Mats and are offering a limited time Black Friday sale to all TMC Members. 15% off valid now thru CYBER MONDAY Black Friday (11/26 11:59 PM PST) The link...
  7. V

    MY Floor Mat

    Is no one else having a problem with the floor mat tongue on the left side of the driver’s side floor mat? Mine will not stay up. I’ve tried multiple Velcro products. None will stick to the back of the floor mat. This is really annoying and I would love a suggestion.
  8. ECCtechguy

    OEM Cargo Mat

    Selling my TESLA OEM FLOOR MAT 2017 2018 2019 2020 Tesla Model 3 Rear Trunk Weather Rubber Mat Oem | eBay
  9. B

    WTS: M3 and MS Tesla all weather interior and cargo mat full sets

    Hi, I've sold my M3 and MS and need to sell my Tesla all weather interior and cargo mats. I live in Arkansas 72631 and would prefer to sell without shipping but willing to ship if buyer pays shipping costs. Below is a list of items included with pricing: M3 - note, I have two sets of the...
  10. M

    Tesla Model 3 Interior Mats for Sale

    I am selling my interior carpet mats (50 Model 3 Carpet Interior Mats) and interior all weather floor liners from Tesla by weather tech (130 Model 3 All Weather Floor Liners) I am selling this in the NYC area as shipping these will be expensive. I never used the interior carpet mats. I used...
  11. Mtbuonocore

    3D brand Winter Floor Mats for Model 3

    For sale is barely used 3D brand winter floor mats in black for a Model 3. I purchased a used model 3 last week and these mats came with the car, unbeknownst to me. My wife had already purchased mats for me so now these are for sale. price new on amazon: $200.27. 3D MAXpider Complete Set Custom...
  12. C

    19" RIAL Lugano + Sottozero3 also all weather mats - model S

    Hello - My Model S lease has ended and the car has been returned so I am left with a few parts that need to be moved along as I am not getting another Model S. Wheels and Tires: These are 19" Rial Lugano in the graphite color with TPMS and lug nuts. They are fitted with Pirellli Winter...
  13. P

    3D Maxpider floor mat fitness on 2019 MX

    Hi all- The 3D Maxpider floor mat seems only fit to 2016-2017 model years, I have read some owners said the 2018 model year also fits well, but I found no words or reviews on its fitness on 2019 model year. Does anyone have this mat (link below) on their 2019 MX and can share your experience...
  14. IslandRoadster

    New Model X 6-Seater All Weather Floor Mat

    Since I cannot find a way to delete the incorrect post I just made, I am listing the floor mat as a separate thread. This is a floor mat for a six-seat configuration Model X. Have a new, all-weather floor mat that I never used before I sold my Model X. New from Tesla this will cost you $160...
  15. IslandRoadster

    New Model X 5-Seater All Weather Floor Mat

    Have a new, all-weather floor mat that I never used before I sold my Model X. New from Tesla this will cost you $160 plus shipping. Here's Tesla's link: Model X All Weather Interior Mats You'll need to choose the mat you want from the drop-down. Yours for $80 + $25 ground shipping. Payment...
  16. C

    Favorite Floor Mats?

    Does anyone have a favorite floor mat besides the ones on Tesla's Website? So far I've seen recommended, but did not like: - Toughpro all weather heavy duty (I do not like that beehive design) - 3D Maxpider (I actually hate that giant "3d" logo) Anybody else have some to recommend?
  17. plasmo

    Photo of Heel wear on 1.5 month stock floor mats

    This is a photo of the heel wear down on 1.5 month old driver side stock floor mats....and this is with only light use (approx 1000 miles driven)!
  18. S

    3D Maxpider Kagu mat for Refresh MS - need volunteer for scanning

    A number of owners on TMC have bought and love their 3D Maxpider Kagu mats for their car, we're among that group. Great lightweight mats with a kind of carbon fiber texture to them and waterproof. As you may know the mat for the second row of a Model S on the Refreshed car isn't a perfect fit...
  19. Xiao ma ge

    Floor mat.

    Still love my floor mat for Model X .
  20. Roadster

    All-Weather Floor Mats

    Looks like there was a brief discussion here about the Sector111 Roadster/Elise mats... ...as well as these Lloyd mats for sale on Amazon: Personally, I'm not diggin' the circular motif and there's some spirited discussions over on the MX forum here about that very topic. Regardless, they're...