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floor mats

  1. OEDRO

    Vendor Beyond the Drive: Unveiling Tesla's Finest Floor Mats for Elevated Comfort and Style

    In the realm of automotive accessories, few components offer the perfect blend of style, durability, and functionality quite like floor mats. As drivers, we understand the importance of protecting our vehicle's interior while also adding a touch of personal flair. Among the myriad options...
  2. F

    2023 Model X accessories

    Creating this thread to help each other by posting details of the accessories they found online for their model X.
  3. Bacalao

    Expired Model X 3D Maxpider Kagu Floor Mats Fits 2016-2021 [Expired]

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing Model X 3D Maxpider Kagu Floor Mats Fits 2016-2021. Please add to the discussion here.
  4. tmatsusa

    Vendor Floor mats

    Model Y Enthusiasts, Share Your Thoughts! Introducing TeslaMatsUSA 3D Floor Mats for Tesla Model Y Year/Model: 2020-Present Model Y Trim: Standard, Performance, and Long Range Warranty: Lifetime Guarantee We at TeslaMatsUSA have developed a product meticulously designed for your Tesla Model...
  5. Jersey50

    Sold Full Set of OEM 2021-2024 Tesla Model S All-Weather (manufactured by WeatherTech) Liners Floor...

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing Full Set of OEM 2021-2024 Tesla Model S All-Weather (manufactured by WeatherTech) Liners Floor Mats for both Plaid and Long Range. Please add to the discussion here.
  6. Full Set of OEM 2021-2024 Tesla Model S All-Weather (manufactured by WeatherTech) Liners Floor Mats for both Plaid and Long Range

    For sale Full Set of OEM 2021-2024 Tesla Model S All-Weather (manufactured by WeatherTech) Liners Floor Mats for both Plaid and Long Range

    Title pretty much says it all! Happy to package and ship if buyer emails me a prepaid UPS or FedEx label. Both PayPal and Venmo accepted for full buyer protection.

    Vendor Enhancing Tesla Comfort: LASFIT LINERS Exclusive TPE Floor Mats Promotion Amidst Cybertruck Buzz

    Special Campaign Dedicated to Tesla Model Y and Model 3 Owners Amidst the fervour surrounding Tesla's Cybertruck, a phenomenon capturing the attention of Tesla enthusiasts, we are thrilled to announce an exclusive promotion as a token of appreciation for Tesla Motors Club. This special offer is...

    Vendor Elevate Your Tesla with Lasfit All-Weather Floor Mats

    This is an authentic review of Lasfit Tesla model Y all-weather floor mats, originally created by Tesla of the Day and, Lasfit is authorized to use. We extend our sincere appreciation to the YouTube blogger Tesla of the Day for sharing his honest review! As a Tesla owner, I know how important...

    Vendor Elevate Your Tesla Experience: LASFIT LINERS' TPE Floor Mats Address Real Tesla Model Y and Model 3 Owner Needs

    Special Announcement: LASFIT LINERS' Dedication to Tesla Model Y and Model 3 Owners While LASFIT had previously launched Tesla floor mat products on our official website, our commitment to offering better and more professional services led us to establish a subsidiary solely dedicated to TPE...
  10. OtriFowd

    Vendor Crazy Deal Alert! 40% OFF Tesla Floor Mats, Protect Your Ride, Limited Time Offer!

    Dear Tesla Owners, We have some exciting news for you! The Tesla User Forum is hosting an unprecedented carnival of savings, with a massive 40% OFF on our premium Tesla floor mats! This is an opportunity you simply cannot miss. So join us now! 🚗 Old Version Floor Mats - XPE Material No more...
  11. S

    Expired Like New Carpet Floor mats [Expired]

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing Like New Carpet Floor mats. Please add to the discussion here.
  12. A

    3D MAXpider Custom Fit Floor Liners for Tesla Model X 5-Seat 2016-2021 Elitect Series

    For Sale: 3D MAXpider Floor Mats for 5-Seat Model X (2016-2021). These are the Elitect Series (upgrade from Kagu series) - here is the link to the product description with images (attaching an image from my driveway as well)...
  13. davidc18

    F/S: Model S Tesla/WeatherTech all weather floor mats - full set

    Sold the car, kept the Tesla all weather mats. Local South Florida sale. Not sure how these would ship. PM with offer. I am near Ft. Lauderdale airport. Will meet for delivery.
  14. AJLanger5

    Sold For sale: Model 3 3D MaxPider Floor mats. Complete set. Local pickup Toledo, OH

    Complete Set of 3D MaxPider floor mats for 2021+ Tesla Model 3: Frunk, Driver, Passenger, Rear floor, Trunk, and Sub trunk. Great condition and great deal. Brand new is ~$500. Recently cleaned. Local pick up and cash only. Asking $200 - OBO.
  15. 6t8stang

    FS: Model S OEM All-Weather Interior Liners / Floor Mats - 2012 - 2020 - Philly Suburbs - $125

    I believe these are made by WeatherTech and sold by Tesla as OEM with the Tesla logos. Both front and rear seating mats are included.
  16. M

    Model 3 recommendations for accessories and protection?

    I am picking up my Model 3 next week and want to be proactive in ordering items that will help me prolong the life of the car in general and have necessities that make living with the car even easier. So far my plans are to do the following when I get the car: Screen protector - Any brands to...
  17. V

    2022 Model X refresh 3D MAXpider All weather floor mats set - $350 + Free shipping

    2022 Model X refresh 3D MAXpider All weather floor mats set - $350 + Free shipping This is a set I purchased for my new Model x that I took delivery in August 2022. I sold the car and hence no longer need them. Mats are sparingly used and in excellent condition as I had the car only for a...
  18. D


    As a new member of the Tesla community, I'm excited to see that there's a rich ecosystem of owners here sharing their experiences, so I'd like to share a really educational experience I had buying two different floor mats and ultimately sending one of them back for a refund. When I first...
  19. kingston-ont

    Model 3 Items for Sale

    Sold my 2022 Model 3P, and have the following items left over.: 1. Set of two Weather Tech front mats (these fit beautifully); 2. Fitted Model 3 trunk liner 3. Set of Rally Armour mud flaps (brand new in box) All of these will fit any 2022 Model 3 variant. All three items for $350 CAD total...

    Vendor Tesla all weather floor mats

    Hi Tesla owners, have you ever encountered any situation like this: 1. Naughty children hide sand or various small stones in their trouser pockets; 2. Want to go to the beach, but afraid that the sand full of cars is difficult to clean; 3. Live in a place where it rains or snows a lot; 4...
  21. CS@Tshields

    Vendor Teslashields Update #21

    Fellow TMCers, It’s been nearly four months since our last update and it’s finally time to start resuming our updates on a weekly/bi weekly basis. On a personal note, our co-founder, Jason was recently accepted into the University of Miami to obtain a Masters degree in Business and is excited...
  22. CS@Tshields

    Vendor Teslashields floor mats vs 3D Maxpider floor mats

    Here is a breakdown of the two most popular brands for Tesla model 3 and Y floor mats. WWW.teslashields.com
  23. 7

    Model 3 trunk mat and floor mat

    For sale are 3D maxipider floor mat and ToughPro Frunk & Trunk mats. It came out of my 2019 M3 Dual motors. Cash and local pick up only. DM for more info. 3D Maxpider Floor Mat - $140 obo 3D MAXpider KAGU Black... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07D9GMYG8?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share ToughPro Frunk...
  24. wreighven

    Tesla Model X All Weather Floor Mats For Sale

    Fronts (driver and passenger), Frunk, and Trunk (5 seater config). They're in good shape, but used. Will consider most offers. Basically just want them gone as I've decided to replace my totaled Model X with a Model Y Performance. Ideally Frisco / McKinney, TX area so we don't have to mess...
  25. Steve S

    Brand New Tesmanian 20-22 MY mats North Dallas pick up.

    BNIB Tesmanian a Tesla Model Y second row seat back protector (5 or 7 passenger) $80 BNIB Tesmanian Tesla Model Y 20-22 front and rear trunk/frunk well mats as well as rear cargo mat. $130 Or will do all for $200 cash or Venmo. I cancelled my MYP order and that is why I am selling these...
  26. S

    No floor mats for $149K Plaid? REALLY?!!!?!!

    Once again, I was too overwhelmed by the excitement of getting a new Model S, this time a Plaid, and I missed what probably would have been obvious to most. No floor mats! At all! No trunk organizer, no trunk cover, just this huge gaping hole! Thoroughly disappointed, my $120K 2020 Model S was a...
  27. bwherry

    FS: 3D MAXpider Elegant Series (Black) floor mats for Model S (2012-2020)

    Hi guys, I bought this set of 3D MAXpider Elegant Series floor mats for my MS and switched them out for something else (Lloyd velourtex) after a little while. Includes driver, front passenger, and rear passenger mats, all of which are in great condition (see photos - which for some reason...
  28. tshields

    Vendor TeslaShields Update #14 and 15

    Hello TMC folks, After a two week hiatus from this site we are back! During this time we have sent our an email update two weeks ago that we sent to all of our customers and although most supporters received this, some did not. I would like to update everyone that is ordering, planing, and...
  29. A

    FREE 2018 Model X (7 Seat Configuration) Carpet Floor Matts

    Full set of carpet floor mats for a 2018 Model X (7 seat configuration). Located in Virginia Hampton Roads Area. Local pickup is available or you pay for shipping. These were in my car for less than 1 week before being replaced with WeatherTech all-weather floor mats. Great condition! Let me...
  30. A

    Model Y Winter Floor Mats

    Do the winter floor mats from Model 3 fit the Model Y? I have a Model 3 which I am changing for the Y and want to know if I have to buy new floor mats.
  31. SMK1

    Canada: Near Toronto: Model 3: 3D Maxpider Floor mats (including trunk/frunk) in black

    I have a used set of 3D Maxpider floor mats for a 2019 Model 3 that are no longer needed. They are in perfect condition, just a little dirty at the moment. I'll try and clean them up in case anyone wants a picture. The set includes: Front 2 pcs, Rear 1 pc, Rear cargo liner 1 pc, Front cargo...
  32. ldcrsmode

    Vendor Arizona 2022 Model Y Owners/Deliveries - Test Fitment LDCRS Tesla Model Y Floor Mats

    Arizona Tesla Motors Club Members! We are looking for any members that are taking delivery of their 2022 Model Y in the coming weeks. We would like to test fit our current Model Y mats to ensure proper fitment for the upcoming model year (we don't anticipate any changes, just want to be sure)...
  33. tshields

    Vendor TeslaShields update #7

    To our wonderful TMC community, We have been working extremely hard in Papa Elon's basement and are thrilled to announce that we have received our latest inventory restock🥳🥳! It has been an arduous journey to say the least to bring them in but we finally did it! We have had an unprecedented...
  34. 3DMatsUSA

    Vendor New Site - 3D MAXpider

    Hello Everyone. We've got a new Manufacturer's website up and we've opened it up for retail customers to purchase from. Please take a look 🎆✨🎇🎆 Also, please understand that this is a new site and we're still getting used to the new set up, so please be understanding in any delays...
  35. tshields

    Vendor I almost died because I wasn’t in a Tesla! (TeslaShields update)

    Just yesterday I was involved in a serious accident where I had a head on collision with an SUV going over 70 MPH. Needless to say that my car was absolutely totaled and luckily I was fine except for some bruising and burns caused by the airbag being super close to my feet. I am also extremely...
  36. tshields

    Vendor Important announcement from TeslaShields

    Tesla Freaks, Geeks, and Those in Between, It’s Jason here, co-founder of TeslaShields. I have some extremely exciting news to share with you all. First and most importantly, I am extremely excited to announce that we have started shipment of all of our customers’ orders (including our own...
  37. M

    LDCRS vs Tesla Shields Floor Mats

    Seems like there is a new company that have similar style floor mats to the LDCRS ones by a company named Tesla Shields. They have a May delivery for the 2021 models and I’m thinking about going for these since LDCRS told me directly on Wednesday 5/5/21 that the ‘21 version will be a few more...
  38. 3DMatsUSA

    Vendor We're the makers of 3D MAXpider KAGU Floor Mats.

    HI Everyone. We're 3D Mats USA, the makers of the 3D MAXpider custom fit floor mats. We've been making floor mats since early 2010 and are the original designers of carbon fiber patterned Floor Mats and Cargo Liner. We're also super excited to show you guys our brand new floor mat design...
  39. KDeanCville

    Tesla floor mats vs third party

    I've seen several threads on third party floor mats for the MY. I've not seen any comments on the Tesla floor mats or a comparison to third party. Is there much of a difference in appearance, function and/or cost? Thanks!
  40. S

    FS: Model S. Tesla All Weather Mats (Interior complete plus Full Trunk Set)

    Selling a near full set for $250 (only missing is frunk mat). Tesla All Weather Mats (Interior complete plus Full Trunk Set). This retails $445 new from Tesla (before tax/shipping). I am in Los Angeles area. Freshly scrubbed and hosed down. Used but in good condition (water/shadows looks a...
  41. tshields

    Vendor Right Hand Drive Floor Mats

    Introducing our new Tesla Model 3 right hand drive mats. Designed specifically for right hand drive Model 3 with our 3D scan technology to fit every contour of your interior like a glove. Using durable, odorless, non-toxic and easy to clean triple-layer TPE rubber with a no slip grip bottom...
  42. G

    Tesla Model Y 3D MAXpider Floor Mats - FRONT ROW ONLY - $120

    Selling front row-only Tesla Model Y 3D MAXpider Floor Mats. Only used a few days. Near-mint condition. Asking $120 and $20 shipping. Unless within 30 miles of Princeton, NJ, then willing to meet up.
  43. tshields

    Vendor Floor Mats

    Model Y Lovers, We Want Your Opinions! Introducing T Shields 3D Tesla Model Y Floor Mats Year/Model: 2020-2021 Model Y Trim: Standard, Performance and Long Range Warranty: Lifetime Guaranteed Our team at T Shields has created a product with a custom fit to provide 25% more coverage than...
  44. H

    2017 Model X 7 Seat All Weather Floor Mats

    Hi Everyone- New owner of a 2017 Model X 7 seater that current has standard carpet floor mats. Any suggestions for all weather floor mats? Life ok Indianapolis so would like something that can handle winter and summer messes with 2 kids! Thansk!
  45. J

    FS: Model 3 All Weather Floor Liners

    BRAND NEW IN BOX, NEVER USED I received these as a gift last week but already had them in my Model 3 - they were purchased directly from my local SC. Best floor liners I've had - made by Weathertech with Tesla logo on all. Prefer a local sale but willing to ship for the additional cost -...
  46. ldcrsmode

    Vendor 🚨BACK IN STOCK🚨 LDCRS Premium 3D (LOGO FREE) All Weather Floor Mats for Tesla Model Y 2024/2023/2022/2021

    LDCRS. Tesla Model Y 3D All Weather Floor Mats Premium. Without the logo. Complete Set (6 Piece Set) AMAZON LINK Interior Mats Only (3 Piece Set): AMAZON LINK #ad Compatible with 2024, 2023, 2022, and 2021 5 Seater Model Y's. If you have any questions feel free to send us a DM or email at...
  47. D

    Advice on all-weather floor mats

    Looking to add all-weather mats for my Model Y. Tesla’s look good but there are other 3rd party alternatives at various prices. Any comparisons, suggestions?
  48. LM-5

    Model Y Carpet Interior Mats

    Brand new OEM mats. Shoot me an offer. If you’re local to Denver and want to pick them up I’ll knock a little off to make it worth your while.
  49. B

    WTS: M3 and MS Tesla all weather interior and cargo mat full sets

    Hi, I've sold my M3 and MS and need to sell my Tesla all weather interior and cargo mats. I live in Arkansas 72631 and would prefer to sell without shipping but willing to ship if buyer pays shipping costs. Below is a list of items included with pricing: M3 - note, I have two sets of the...
  50. iamec

    FS: Tesla Model 3 All-Weather Floor Mats

    Selling these floor mats as I no longer have my Model 3. All mats are in great condition and wiped down. I am located in the Seattle area for pickup. Willing to ship for free. $150: Official Tesla Rear and Frunk Mats $140: 3D MAXpider All-Weather Floor Mats (1st & 2nd Row Black)