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floor mats

  1. 3DMatsUSA

    Vendor We're the makers of 3D MAXpider KAGU Floor Mats.

    HI Everyone. We're 3D Mats USA, the makers of the 3D MAXpider custom fit floor mats. We've been making floor mats since early 2010 and are the original designers of carbon fiber patterned Floor Mats and Cargo Liner. We're also super excited to show you guys our brand new floor mat design...
  2. KDeanCville

    Tesla floor mats vs third party

    I've seen several threads on third party floor mats for the MY. I've not seen any comments on the Tesla floor mats or a comparison to third party. Is there much of a difference in appearance, function and/or cost? Thanks!
  3. S

    FS: Model S. Tesla All Weather Mats (Interior complete plus Full Trunk Set)

    Selling a near full set for $250 (only missing is frunk mat). Tesla All Weather Mats (Interior complete plus Full Trunk Set). This retails $445 new from Tesla (before tax/shipping). I am in Los Angeles area. Freshly scrubbed and hosed down. Used but in good condition (water/shadows looks a...
  4. tshields

    Vendor Right Hand Drive Floor Mats

    Introducing our new Tesla Model 3 right hand drive mats. Designed specifically for right hand drive Model 3 with our 3D scan technology to fit every contour of your interior like a glove. Using durable, odorless, non-toxic and easy to clean triple-layer TPE rubber with a no slip grip bottom...
  5. G

    Tesla Model Y 3D MAXpider Floor Mats - FRONT ROW ONLY - $120

    Selling front row-only Tesla Model Y 3D MAXpider Floor Mats. Only used a few days. Near-mint condition. Asking $120 and $20 shipping. Unless within 30 miles of Princeton, NJ, then willing to meet up.
  6. tshields

    Vendor Floor Mats

    Model Y Lovers, We Want Your Opinions! Introducing T Shields 3D Tesla Model Y Floor Mats Year/Model: 2020-2021 Model Y Trim: Standard, Performance and Long Range Warranty: Lifetime Guaranteed Our team at T Shields has created a product with a custom fit to provide 25% more coverage than...
  7. H

    2017 Model X 7 Seat All Weather Floor Mats

    Hi Everyone- New owner of a 2017 Model X 7 seater that current has standard carpet floor mats. Any suggestions for all weather floor mats? Life ok Indianapolis so would like something that can handle winter and summer messes with 2 kids! Thansk!
  8. J

    FS: Model 3 All Weather Floor Liners

    BRAND NEW IN BOX, NEVER USED I received these as a gift last week but already had them in my Model 3 - they were purchased directly from my local SC. Best floor liners I've had - made by Weathertech with Tesla logo on all. Prefer a local sale but willing to ship for the additional cost -...
  9. ldcrsmode

    Vendor Introducing LDCRS Premium (LOGO FREE) Tesla Model Y All Weather Floor Mats!

    We are excited to bring to the Tesla Community our Logo Free 3D Tesla Model Y All Weather Floor Mats! If you have any questions feel free to send us a DM or email at [email protected] Current Offers: LIMITED TIME 10% off during our launch period! AMAZON LINK...
  10. D

    Advice on all-weather floor mats

    Looking to add all-weather mats for my Model Y. Tesla’s look good but there are other 3rd party alternatives at various prices. Any comparisons, suggestions?
  11. LM-5

    Model Y Carpet Interior Mats

    Brand new OEM mats. Shoot me an offer. If you’re local to Denver and want to pick them up I’ll knock a little off to make it worth your while.
  12. B

    WTS: M3 and MS Tesla all weather interior and cargo mat full sets

    Hi, I've sold my M3 and MS and need to sell my Tesla all weather interior and cargo mats. I live in Arkansas 72631 and would prefer to sell without shipping but willing to ship if buyer pays shipping costs. Below is a list of items included with pricing: M3 - note, I have two sets of the...
  13. iamec

    FS: Tesla Model 3 All-Weather Floor Mats

    Selling these floor mats as I no longer have my Model 3. All mats are in great condition and wiped down. I am located in the Seattle area for pickup. Willing to ship for free. $150: Official Tesla Rear and Frunk Mats $140: 3D MAXpider All-Weather Floor Mats (1st & 2nd Row Black)
  14. 2chands

    Tesmanian Floor Mats

    Hi! I purchased floor mats from Tesmanian.com. 2020 Tesla Model Y Floor Mats Interior Liners 2020 Tesla Model Y Rear Trunk Mat Cargo Liner
  15. dmj080

    TESMANIAN Model Y All Weather Floor Mats For Sale

    $250 Lightly used full set of TESMANIAN all weather floor mats for the Tesla Mosel Y available for sale. 6 pieces total including the frunk and sub trunk mats, as well. Retail for $400....this price is a steal!
  16. P

    MY Floor Mats from AUTAILORS

    Hello gang - A newbie and first post. Got MY about a month ago. Love the car despite all the body panel issues (Tesla SC fixed many of them). There is one thing that is driving me crazy - black carpet and floor mats. Every little specs of dust are visible. So I am in the market for floor, trunk...
  17. F

    Selling all my M3 accessories

    Hi everybody, Selling all the accessories I bought last year for my M3 that I recently had to get rid of :( Everything is Sep. 2019 or newer. Pickup in Boston strongly preferred, and I'd like to sell everything together (except the tires, I will sell the tires separately). Don't have photos of...
  18. klandersnitrox

    What Floor Mats do you prefer?

    For y'all that have own or previously owned Model 3's. Can we get some insight on which brand Floor Mats you bought and loved? Also any brands you would stay away from? I am sure none of them are available for the Y yet but I would like to laser down on which one's to keep an eye on Thanks...
  19. S

    All-Weather Floor Mats

    These seem like a good deal on Amazon $16(Reg$40), appear to affordable to grab one. Code TOOCA41945 with L-ink Thoughts?
  20. melbrayporkpie

    Which floor mats?

    I presume this one if for fellow SR+ chaps. What floor mats are you guys buying for your 3? Any recommendations would be fantastic!
  21. C

    Wanted: Model 3 OEM floor mats (Bay area)

    I ordered M3 SR and am waiting for the delivery. Just found out that SR or SR+ doesn't come with floor mats. If you have OEM floor mats come with your M3 LR and don't need them and don't want to see them staying in the garage, more kindly, want to throw away to someone needs them, please let me...
  22. A

    Model X Front Row + Frunk Mat for sale

    Model X front row mats and Frunk mats for sale - $130 + shipping. https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/attachments/img_20180716_153852-jpg.432990/ https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/attachments/img_20180716_153636-jpg.432989/
  23. OEDRO

    Vendor OEDRO New Led Light Bars, Up to 70% Off With Code

    OEDRO has recently gotten a lot of new specifications of LED light bars. From 3 inch to 55 inch, from quad rows to tri-rows. 20% OFF ☆ PROMO CODE:OEDRO20BAR Shop Now! These lights have a very wide application. They can be used on Farm Equipment, Pick Up, Ladder Truck, Cargo Van, Suburban...
  24. AlternateFlux

    Vendor Luxury RHD Floor Mats - Second batch now being produced!

    Hi All, You may know me by my previous username of @PistonsDead. In my previous life a quest for a premium set of right-hand-drive floor mats for my SR+ resulted in me producing my own and then a few sets for members of this forum. That foray into floor mat manufacturing has now turned into...
  25. B

    All Weather Floor Mats 3dMAXspider or ToughPro?

    Hello everyone! So I am currently browsing all weather mats for my 2016 MX 6 seater. I've narrowed it down to either the 3d MAXspider or ToughPro. What I like about the ToughPro is the rugged look and option for frunk/trunk mats, including 3rd row down along with up option. ToughPRO...
  26. S

    For sale - Taptes Gen2 wireless charger and original M3 carpeted floor mats

    I have a taptes gen2 wireless charger for sale $50. It’s pretty much brand new in the box, they took forever to ship it so I bought the nomad and I like it. Also have the original floor mats and frunk mat that I would like to sell for $60 or reasonable offer. Both items are for local pickup...
  27. T

    Minor Upgrades to New M3

    Hi All, I'm new to the forum and new to Tesla ownership. I've had my Blue/White Standard Plus M3 for almost a month. I thought I would share my initial upgrades with other new owners. Of course, being the SP model, I needed floor mats. (Quick tip: A passenger wearing high heels can chew up...
  28. Road Comforts

    Vendor COMING SOON: Road Comforts Frunk Trunk and Storage Mats - Late September

    Hi all Tesla Model 3 owners. Thank you for all the people giving us 5 star reviews. We have a 5.0 out of 5 score which is an unbelievable validation by our customers about our quality and value for money. Tesla Model 3 Custom Fit Mats for $79.99 on Amazon...
  29. OEDRO

    Vendor New Vendor, OEDRO All Weather Floor Mats, Big Sale!!!

    New vendor here, let's introduce OEDRO briefly: OEDRO is one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of premium aftermarket auto parts mainly for Tesla, Jeep Wranglers, Ford F-series trucks, Dodge Rams and Chevy Silverado. We specialize in floor mats, tonneau covers, and running boards among...
  30. Tes*la*rosa

    Model S floor mats, 2 sets, both new. $65 & $85. Location: SoCal/IE

    I have 2 sets of OEM front/rear carpeted Model S floor mats. One set is still sealed in plastic, never opened for $85. The other set is also new in perfect condition but not in plastic for $65. Local pick up/meet up in the Inland Empire area, Southern California. Any questions, just ask! :)
  31. Triumphz28

    New Toughpro Tesla Model X Premium All Weather Custom Laser Cut Fronts - $50 (torrance, Ca)

    New ToughPRO Tesla Model X Premium All Weather Custom Laser Cut Fronts - $50 (Torrance, CA) New ToughPRO Tesla Model X Premium All Weather Custom Laser Cut Fronts ToughPRO Tesla Model X (All Years) Premium All Weather Custom Laser Cut - Front Row Floor Mats ToughPRO provides the highest...
  32. partcatalog

    Vendor New: Carpet Version Of 3d Maxpider Floor Mats

    You asked, we listened! Many of you already have our 3D MAXpider rubber floor mats, which are now the top selling Model 3 floor mat out there. We have over 450 reviews on these from verified Model 3 owners... with an average rating of 4.9 out of 5! But a lot of people asked us if we could...
  33. B

    Roadcomforts Mats

    I was fortunate enough to receive these laser cut floor mats for the Tesla Model 3 from Roadcomforts. I’m not advertised or paid by them in any way whatsoever. Thought I share with the Tesla community who good these mats are for $90. These floor mats are the real deal. For the price point, it...
  34. P

    BMW i3 Owners: i3 mats fit in Model 3

    Car didn’t come with mats so using my i3 mats. Surprisingly they fit in model 3. Rear mats fit fine too. God I miss my i3. Such a great car (except for the range)
  35. P

    MASTER THREAD: Floor Mats

    What is the recommend brand for floor mats for m3. Please let me know
  36. T

    My floor mats saved the day (caught on... fendercam??)

    This happened at Killington in an unofficial passenger unloading area. I parked my RWD Long-Range Tesla Model 3 as close as I could to the side not knowing I was inches from an invisible drop-off under the snow. Probably only a few inches, but it would still be really bad. When I realized I...
  37. S

    2018 Model X Floor mats

    Hello, I recently purchased my first Tesla and this is my first post, so please be gentle if this has been discussed in detail. I did a lot of research trying to decide on an all weather floor mat and I couldn’t find a lot of new information on the X bc all the new info was for the Model 3. At...
  38. SomeJoe7777

    FS: Model S OEM Floor Mats - $50 + Shipping

    For sale, one set of Model S OEM floor mats, black. Asking $50 + shipping. Please post here or send PM if interested.
  39. M

    Found 10% off code for oedro modele S all weather mats

    I found this mats from a thread in the forum. The url is : Oedro Model S All weather mats for $65? I ordered one for my car severdays ago. I found a 10% off promo code accidently, it saved me 10%, so I share this code to you guys. The code: SCOUPAMB Floor mats url:OEDRO® Tesla Model S...
  40. _TK_

    Model S All-Weather Interior Floor Mat Set (driver, passenger, and rear seat)

    Selling a set (driver, passenger, and rear) of used all-weather mats for Model S. The mats are in great shape. I live in Arizona, and don't find I need them. Also comes with the 2 floor anchors for the driver side mat. $125 + shipping from Tucson, AZ selling as complete set only PM if...
  41. P

    Model 3 all-weather floor mats for sale in Austin area

    I have an extra pair of all-weather floor mats for the Model 3 for sale. These are the ones for sale on the Tesla website. Brand new, still in packaging. For local pickup. $120 obo.
  42. H

    2015 Yacht Floor & Floor Mats

    2015 Model S Yacht Floor and Arm rest assembly. Best Offer Front floor mats - Good condition, however the Velcro tabs are missing or not in good condition. Best Offer Buyer to pay shipping
  43. CullinKin

    The Poor Mans All-Weather Floor Mats

    Heylo, So I have had my Model 3 for a week now and I had been saving for years in order to afford the car in the first place. So if you’re like me, you surely weren’t ready to spend another $85 for the simple mats on Amazon, $145 for Tesla Mats, or $200+ for the MaxPider mats or similar. Also...
  44. K

    Tesla-branded floor mats are made by WeatherTech

    Just got my Tesla-branded mats! If anyone is wondering - looks like these are in fact made by WeatherTech (imprinted on back of mats). Super clean look but definitely does not provide the same level of coverage as the Tuxmat or 3D Maxpiders (not a big deal here in SoCal but definitely...
  45. dj905

    Model S All-Weather Interior Mats

    I am selling front and second row weathertech floor mats, purchased directly from Tesla. In good used condition. Asking $150 plus shipping. If you are in Toronto area, we can arrange pickup either downtown or Halton area.
  46. rmartin88

    All-Weather Mats Interior and Rear Trunk - Model S

    I'm selling the all-weather Tesla floor mats for a Model S for $350 The mats included are: 1 x driver side floor liner mat 1 x passenger side floor liner mat 1 x 2nd row floor liner mat 1 x rear trunk cargo liner mat 1 x 3rd row footwell cargo liner mat I'm located in the Chicagoland area...
  47. UberEV1

    Original Model S Floor Mats, 2013 & 2015

    I have two full sets of original Model S floor mats in good condition, one from my original 2013 and one from my recently acquired 2015. Each set is free to anyone who would like to pick up in San Jose, or for $50 if shipment is required. I'll give the local pick-ups priority for the next 48...
  48. chibi_kurochan

    Model S All-Weather Mats

    Model S All-Weather Interior Set floor mats for sale. In great shape, even has original box and packaging. Asking for $190 + shipping from San Jose, CA.
  49. S

    Parts & swag! Mobile charging kit, parcel shelf, carpet floor mats, jacket, hoodie, hats, etc!!

    I just sold my 2016 Model S 90D (unfortunately) because of a house fire (total loss) and the resulting financial distress. So sad - it was my dream car! :( I will hopefully own another Tesla in the future, but until then I have no need for these extras. Please keep in mind that I'm selling...
  50. G

    Model 3 Floor Mats

    Hi All, Trying to decide which floor mat to buy. Seems like there are several options available now but many vendors are not posting good pictures with the floor mats installed. If you have something installed, can you share the following details: Floor Mat Vendor: Floor Mat Cost: And...

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