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fm radio

  1. A

    FM radio Band expander

    Hi good day. I purchased a Tesla model 3 from Japan and I’m Located in the Caribbean. The radio frequency range in Japan is 70-90MHz. I would like to get it similar to the North American 88-108mHz. Do you know how this can be done. Is the range decided in the FM radio module located in the...
  2. Jklunk

    Constant cracking sound in speakers; sporadic loss of audio

    2015 Model S, upgraded to MCU2 with SXM/AM/FM receiver. Since the upgrade, my SXM/AM/FM crackles anytime I turn volume up or down, and also at random/sporadically when listening to music. Now it also started cutting out for 1-2 seconds randomly when using Bluetooth for music or phone call, as...
  3. M

    Radio FM Tuner Reset

    I recently bought my first Tesla, a 2019 Model 3. Unfortunately, during my test drives with it, I never realized that the radio seems to not function (wouldn't be a turn off anyhow as I rarely use it, but would like it to work). Every other source works just fine, but selecting "Radio" just pops...
  4. M

    Model S audio (radio) - is it a bit rubbish or is it me?

    Folks, is it just me or is the audio system on the current Model S Long Range in UK just not very good? The DAB / FM radio on my outgoing car, a 2013 BMW 520, seems to be way better... Specifically my issue is the radio, which just seems to be poor - not easy to use (but I'll get over that) but...
  5. S

    No radio after 2020.4.2

    Having picked up my M3 a week ago, I set my favourite AM and DAB radio stations. Then I upgraded to 2020.4.2 and now I can only use TuneIn stations and Spotify. Although my AM and DAB favourites remain in the favourites list, touching on them only brings up the spinning wheel of death. The DAB...
  6. Beta V

    FM Radio to be removed? Seriously?

    Good news: I got the email that said I'm eligible to get the Infotainment and Full Self Driving computer upgrade on my Model X. Yaaaa! And then I read the fine print. They're no longer going to support FM radio. Wait. What? I listen to the local FM stations every morning and whenever I drive...
  7. DrMrEd

    FM radio not great

    I know most of you folks have moved onto streaming/usb music, but I still like to listen to NPR commuting to work. I've found the FM radio a bit disappointing - some fuzziness on open highways, digital noises when I get in town, overall lower volume than other inputs. Never noticed this in my...
  8. M

    FM Receiver Strength Low

    Anyone notice low FM receiver signal strength? I live in a remote area and my other cars have much better FM reception.
  9. shanelord

    FM Radio Interference while charging

    Hey everyone, Wondering if anyone else experiences interference when they plug into a charger. As per the video here I’m connecting to a HPWC (tried numerous at different locations same outcome) and the moment the charge starts the FM Radio gets smashed with interference. Is this normal...