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  1. 6

    Model 3 FOBs

    If I buy a fob in a box marked Model 3 will it work with a model Y? Were there more than one version of Model 3 FOBs? Are all Model 3 FOBs blue tooth? Was there an earlier version that was not Bluetooth? (Sorry for multiple ways to ask this question I wasn’t sure how to ask it.)
  2. Y

    Generic non Tesla Key fob options???

    So I'm not the only one that uses the car and often phone as key lags or doesn't seem to work until I pull out my phone and open the app and manually open it. I know there is a wallet credit card one but I'd rather put something on my key ring that isn't the shape of a car with a rubber band...
  3. L

    2018 Model X Let me leave home without FOB

    Hello all, I recently got locked out of my 2018 MX. I didn't realize it when I left home but I did not have my FOB on me and I had left my phone in the car. When I got out of the car at my destination it automatically locked the doors and I had no way to get in. I eventually was able to use...
  4. J

    MX Switches to wrong profile after turning car on.

    2017 MX @ 2023.7.10 We have two fobs for our MX, and each is connected to a different profile. When I am carrying my fob and approach the car, Easy Entry causes the door to open, set move back, and the display to turn on. If I look at the display, I can see that my profile has been invoked...
  5. z_yury

    2021 – 2023 Tesla Model S Smart Key Remote Fob. $125. Or 2 fobs for $200.

    Brand new key fobs, never been used, never been paired to a Tesla.
  6. S

    Genuine Tesla Leather Fob Case

    Genuine Tesla Leather Fob Cases Pair For Sale These are Genuine/Original Tesla Leather Fob Cases They are in excellent condition. They have been used on my Model S and may fit other models as well. I am selling these since I have sold my Model S. Asking $50 w/free shipping
  7. K

    Adding and removing FOBs in a 2015 Model S

    I see instructions on the Tesla website on how to disable and add keys to the Model 3 and newer Model S, but in my 2015 Model S there does not appear to be a 'Controls' panel where one can add or remove FOB's. I have a bag that was stolen with the FOB in it and I'd like to fully disable the key...
  8. AquaY

    Can U program 1 keycard for 2 vehicles?

    Curious if you have 2 Tesla's, if you can program one keycard for both vehicles. This would be nice if you use the key card as a back up and keep in your wallet. or if you have the ring as a backup. Seems to me it should work. Only have 1 Tesla ( at the moment) so I can't test it out. Has anyone...
  9. Ostrichsak

    Quick PSA About Changing the Key Fob Battery & "Key Fob Battery Low" Error Message

    If/when you get the "key fob low battery" I would recommend the following as best practices: 1) Change not one but BOTH (or all three if you got a 3rd) batteries at the same time. They should last about a year and (if you buy them right) they're not super expensive. I found that you can get 4...
  10. UncaNed

    Changing the Key FOB Battery??

    I'd really appreciate if somebody please post the keyfob battery changing instructions here. Changed the key fob battery the first time long ago by basically smashing it into place with pliers. Now I'm getting this useless notification suggesting I manually search the manual which has no search...
  11. B

    Improvements on my new ‘used’ P85D

    Hey everyone. I finally pulled the trigger on my ‘new’ used Model S and it is a beauty! It’s a 2015 P85D, loaded to the gills. I actually think it has every option Tesla offered at the time, including rear facing jump seats, panorama roof, alcantara dashboard and carbon fiber trim. I’m thrilled...
  12. cvonken

    Sentry Mode activeert Bluetooth carkit?

    Sentry Mode: sinds de introductie ervan, bemerk ik dat mijn telefoon regelmatig via Bluetooth connect met de carkit vd Tesla, ondanks ik binnen ben, dat de auto op slot is en de keyfob ver uit de buurt. Zojuist weer: ik ben binnen aan het bellen en plop, Bluetooth neemt het - als headset - over...
  13. rafacq

    How many FOBs for a CPO Model S

    I have been reading some stories in the Forum and see that some people are only getting one FOB for their CPO purchases. Does anyone know if that is OK? Shouldn't every car, new or used be delivered with 2 FOB's?
  14. dhrivnak

    Key FOB packaging fail

    C'mon Tesla you can do better. I assume most people getting a key FOB are doing so because of problem with their phone or they prefer "older" technology. The FOB came in a great box, very high class and even had two batteries. But no way to attach to a key chain and no instructions!!! So you...
  15. nikhil726

    FS: Model 3 Key Fob

    I have 4 Model 3 Key Fobs for sale. Looking for $235 shipped. Will ship immediately. Feel free to text me at 609-819-6492 if you have any questions.
  16. RedModel3

    Key card didn't work

    Well, this is a new twist to the phone/card/fob debate. Went out to my car this morning- just to get something so my phone wasn't necessary- and my key card refused to work. Nada, zip, zilch. Anyone else ever had this happen? I got my phone and I was able to get in, and later today the card...
  17. Reeler

    How much would you pay for new fobs so your car cannot be easily stolen?

    Your Model S can be stolen with a few hundred dollars of off-the-shelf equipment if you didn't buy in the last few months. Cars sold before June 2018 have this vulnerability, but not any Model X so Tesla has had the solution available for a few years without bothering to update things on the...
  18. fasteddie7

    PIN to drive is here!

    Here it is:
  19. ModelNforNerd

    Spotted on Reddit: FCC paperwork for a new Tesla BLE Fob.....

    (New FCC ID) 2AEIM-1133148 Car Key Fob with BLE by Tesla Motors, Inc • r/teslamotors Not saying it IS Model 3, but I don't think they'd be updating the fobs for S or X any time soon....
  20. HabitualUser

    Protection against relay signal theft

    I've seen "Faraday Bags" that you can buy to put the key fob into while not in use, but has anyone found a smaller solution? A key fob cover that blocks the signal would be best, but a small pouch would also work.
  21. Electric Machete

    Model S and X unlock using phone

    The Model 3 is shipping with no fob. They are providing an RFID card instead. Most people will just use their phone, which when paired with the app, unlocks the vehicle as you approach. Does anyone know if this will be possible with existing S and X models? I obviously can unlock the car using...
  22. H

    Memory Seat Recall w/ Fob Not Working

    Anyone know what's up with this? This worked a while back with an earlier update but hasn't worked in a while for me. The screen identifies the key that's in the car but doesn't change the seat position to the proper user account without active input.
  23. B

    Fob-profile link forgotten

    My car forgot (twice) the link between Fob #2 and my profile. It continues to remember the link between Fob #1 and my wife's profile. I reboot the UI and it remembers. Anyone else have this problem?
  24. B

    Dead battery in Key fob locked out of Model X

    I tried to lock my Model X and it failed to lock with the key fob. I assumed the fob battery might be dead so I tried the other fob and determined it was a dead battery. I then followed the instructions in the O&M manual to hold the fob with the dead battery near to bottom of the door post on...
  25. SharonB

    Lost Key Fob

    We received 2 key fobs last week but they said they didn't have anymore keychains for them and would be sending them to us after delivery. I knew this would be a problem. Sure enough...we lost one of the key fobs somewhere after opening the doors at the mall last night. I like to have two...
  26. fallen888

    Fob issues after Blackvue installation

    I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced something similar. I had the Blackvue 2-channel dash cam installed yesterday by a shop in my area. And it seems ever since then the key fob doesn't communicate well with my MS. I press it to lock and unlock, and it works 1/5 times. I get in the car...
  27. Mknac

    Auto-open doesn't work after 1 week

    Ok so the auto open stopped working after 1 week. I have to either use the fob or touch the door handles. What gives? Can the 12 volt batter really be that depleted after 1 week with a new car? I've tried using both fobs - holding them by the the key ring next to the door handle, door and...
  28. dhelmly

    FWD and key FOB triggering. Truly need an option to turn off FOB Control

    **Note** This was also posted in the Tesla Model X forum thread as well. So far the Model X has been a reliable car and no real issues. It does what it's supposed to do and as we all know, a joy to drive. My only real concern so far is the coming back to the parking garage and seeing my FWD...
  29. Mknac

    Tesla FOB

    Delivery day is in two weeks. Can you attach your keys to the Model S FOB? If not do I need a FOB cover and if so any recommendations?
  30. C

    Model S Key Fob (2) Brand New

    Hi, new member here, long time lurker. I have 2 brand new never used/programmed Model S key fobs for sale. Both are still sealed in the factory plastic bag. They will work on any Model S, can be used to add a 3rd key to your set or replace a missing fob. They will require a service center...
  31. FarmerDave

    Replace Key Fob Battery Message Won't Go Away

    When I got in my X today, the instrument panel displayed this message: I have: 1. Replaced the batteries in both key fobs with new ones. 2. Brought both fobs into the car. 3. Reset the instrument panel. 4. Reset the touch screen console. 5. Powered the car off and on. 6. Called Tesla Tech...
  32. T

    Model S Fob Dissection

    I want to slim down my Model S key fob to attach to my KeySmart. Before I venture in to do it I wanted to see some pictures of the internals but can't seem to find any. Does anyone have a link or some pictures?
  33. H

    Possible New Feature for a Future Versions of the Key Fob

    Hello everyone, First time poster here. I've recently been running into an issue and I had an idea of a cool way of fixing it. So I thought that if I post it here, maybe it will catch on and become a real thing in the future. The Issue I share my car with my partner, each of us have our...
  34. pete8314

    Vendor Protect your Key - Leather FobPockets now in Stock!

    I'm happy to announce that our range of leather FobPockets are now in stock. You can choose from brown or black leather, with or without an emboss on the back of a stylized Model S side profile. DIRECT LINK We've really tried to focus on the design of these, and they've been months in...
  35. JoshG

    Key Fob solutions

    I've seen a few posts about ways to put the key fob on a ring with other keys. Soflauthor had a good post here: 24 Hours with My New Model S (Soflauthor)) but I thought I'd start a dedicated thread to assemble other ideas or tips rather than searching for them scattered in many other threads...