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fog light

  1. K

    Expired WTS: Foglight Placeholders w/amber LED [Expired]

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing WTS: Foglight Placeholders w/amber LED. Please add to the discussion here.
  2. R

    Turn on rear fog lights only?

    Hello everyone, So I've owned my Model 3 P for about 3 months now, and one of the features I miss from my previous (ICE) vehicle is the ability to turn on front and rear fog lights independently. I never used my front fog lights in the past, since the headlights these days are so good at...
  3. W

    3LR: DRL in FOGs like US. I Want!!

    I have a M3 Long Range Dual Motor, imported from Germany (china build). It has the fog lights and the thin, led- accent stripe, that comes on with the fog lights. I see some US models have that accent stripe, light up with the eyebrows. (And the headlights). It looks awesome and somehow adds...
  4. KyleM3

    FS: Factory Model 3 Fog Lights w/ PPF

    Selling factory fogs, plug-n-play. I believe these fit both the 3 and Y, but I’d confirm first. They were on the car for 12K miles, 3M PPF from the beginning. Great visual condition (one small PPF nick pictured), fully functioning, just swapped out for sequential fogs. Asking $250 OBO shipped...
  5. W

    Fog Lights Models and compatibility/interchangability

    Hi Guys, I have a 2016, pre-facelift Model S and I love it. However, I've also been unfortunate enough to have some road debris damage my baby. I need to replace the Active Louvre, chrome trims over the louvre, plastic grille and the N/S Fog light (this was smashed by the road debris). I've...
  6. m4rtin

    Reversing and rear fog lights on the Model 3

    In Australia the Model 3 has: One reversing light, on the passenger side. It's white. One rear fog light, on the driver side. It's red. Here's a pic I made with some ugly arrows: The "one on each side" thing is apparently the same for the Model S, but not the Model X. The Model X...