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  1. K

    Fix the Fold [auto folding mirrors]

    I want my mirrors to fold at home but soon as I arrive the Mirrors fold and then I have to back into my driveway to to connect charger. Mirrors should not fold until car is put into PARK and unfold when taken out of PARK.
  2. J

    How the heck do you fold the Model X rear sunscreen?

    I got it open, and installed it. It just cuts off too much visibility out the back - I'd rather put up with the bright light and heat, and be able to see. So I want to put the screen back into its carrier bag - what's the secret?
  3. S

    Best mattresses for Model S

    I measured the back of my Model S, and it is around 38.5" x 72-75" (depending on where you measure, and how far forward the front seats are). This is about the size of a twin bed. So, I was wondering: has anyone tried to put a mattress (air mattress or otherwise) in the Model S? How does it work...