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  1. R

    Changing airfilter, footwell cover different

    Tried to follow teslas diy guide for changing cabinefilter. But my footwell cover seems different, than the ones in the guide or any of the youtube guides ive found. Ive bought my tesla model y(2021 version) used, so might not be oem part. its held by one screw and 2 clips visible from the...
  2. N

    Footwell Lights - Non ultra-bright

    All - I just installed the ultra-bright footwell lights (in white) from Abstract Ocean in my 2022 MYLR; both front and back. While I like the functionality, I am not a big fan of the color temperature.....a bit too stark-white IMO. The mods over at TeslaTap have written up an article on how to...
  3. S

    2022 RWD Footwell door pocket light mod?

    Hello, Has anyone tapped into dome light circuit to add footwell and door pocket lighting to m3 Rwd ? I would like to add footwell and door pocket lights, and for them to turn on/off with the dome lights The easiest way I can think of adding footwell & door pocket lighting would be to tap into...
  4. 8

    Footwell lights daytime?

    My M3 is coming soon and I’m already planning to replace the footwell lights. Q: Are they on in the daytime or just at night? Can they be set for daytime?
  5. ejfirestar

    passenger footwell lights removal

    Is there an easier way to remove the footwell lights from the passenger footwell? They won't pop out from the front easily with a spudger, and I removed the entire panel they are in and still can't get the clips to pop out.
  6. P

    Passenger footwell issues after service

    After a recent service center visit where the footwell interior paneling was removed, the passenger footwell light isn't working anymore (and is instead really faint red) and the round rubber bit at the end of the foot well seems scratched and rotated. (See images below of my M3 DM LR Aug 2020...
  7. T

    Tesla Model 3 2020 SR+ - Footwell Lights turning on when car wakes from sleep

    Hi all, I’ve seen discussions on this a bit regarding the footwell lights in the SR+ Model 3 and I just happened to catch this while going for my half n hour walk to check for the latest update (2020.12.11.1). It seems that when the car wakes from sleep the footwell lights come on then turn...
  8. _abridged

    Hardwire a cigarette plug accessory into the car?

    Hey folks, I've been using this LED footwell light system for a few months now that plugs into the cigarette lighter; I've noticed that whenever I leave the car, the lights stay on, witch obviously leads to bad battery drainage. I'm wondering if anyone has found a wire they can tap into like a...
  9. M

    Model 3, pedal space to rest left foot?

    On the Model S, there is no space behind the pedals to rest your left foot on long drive. The Model X has enough to rest yours between the brake pedal and the dead pedal. Can someone tell me if the 3 is closer to the S or X in this regard?
  10. tornado

    Fuse Box on 2016 S

    Hello, I have a late-2016 Model S (and a 2013 S which is not pertinent to the current question) that I'm trying to tap into a 12v switched feed. There are no diagrams at all for the fuse boxes in the new Tesla. Don't ask me to check the manual as they haven't included the word fuse at all in the...