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forward collision warning

  1. S

    Forward collision warnings

    Did anyone recently observed the forward collision warning showing up in the score although there was no collision warning? I regularly check my score, when i check yesterday, last 3 days there were no forward collision warnings. When I checked few mins back, suddenly I am seeing two. Is anyone...
  2. J

    Autopilot worked for me today and saved an accident

    I wanted to post my experience this morning while using autopilot. I am a long time user of the system and know very well its capabilities and its limitations, but I never thought that the use of autopilot would actually save me from a crash as it did today. I am a physician in Florida where I...
  3. SomeJoe7777

    Forward Collision Warning Just Saved My Bacon

    I was driving southbound on Highway 6 in west Houston, looking for a restaurant that I had never been to. While looking to the sides of the road for the building and it's address, a car slowed to a stop in front of me that I did not see, and I nearly rear-ended him. In fact, I'm nearly...