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  1. M

    Looking for damage assessment/repairability thoughts [is this totaled?]

    Hi all, Looking to get some advice/validation on a collision in my 2022 Model Y. Couple weeks ago, I got Tboned from someone running a stop sign. No air bags deployed, everyone's safe and healthy. So the auto shop got back to me today, estimating $20k in repairs and that it's most likely not...
  2. M

    Looking for frame Model 3 driver side

    Hey there. Looking for Mode 3 frame left(driver side) Something like on pic And will include my damage pics
  3. T

    WTB: Refresh Model X License Plate Frame

    Hi all, I'm looking to buy a black 'Model X' license plate frame that come with the new 2022 Model X refreshes. None of the service centres nearby seem to ever have for purchase. I'm located in Vancouver, BC and will pay for shipping (domestic or international). Thanks for looking!
  4. Q

    Threaded holes in rear casting of model y

    Does anyone know what these threaded holes in the rear casting of the model Y are used for?
  5. BryanC63

    Broken hitch bolt

    I (stupidly) broke One of the eight bolts holding on the hitch at the rear of the car. I found a replacement part but I can’t figure out how to access the rear frame rail where the bolts are connected. Would I be able to remove some of the carpeting and inner paneling near the trunk to access...
  6. T

    Tesla model S 2013 shell, frame for sale

    I have part out a model S 2013. I am now ready to sell the body shell. This listing is for the body shell with the hood, two doors, wiring, windshield and the rear hatch. That is it. I have others parts but there are dismantle from the car and I sell them apart. NO BATTERY, NO DRIVE UNIT...
  7. AlMason

    New Y Frame Process & Wiring Harness Plans: Great Stuff or Wall of Worry

    Recent comments and patent filings indicate Model Y production will use a new frame maufacturing technique to create a good part of the frame in one peice and also use a new wirng harness having much less wiring in the wire harnesses (100 meters vs 1,500 meters as in the Model 3). All great...
  8. Y

    My Entire 2019 Model 3 Buying/Delivery Experience

    Hi Fellow Tesla Owners, I figure I'd share my buying experience from start to finish for my Model 3 since we ran into a few hiccups. We ordered a 2019 Model 3 with the white interior but there were some issues with Tesla having white interior available so they ended up giving us a 2018...
  9. EvolutionTeʂla

    Weird front license plate frame/bracket. Replacements?

    After only 5 months, my plastic Tesla license plate frames are already degrading so I bought a couple of nice chrome metal license plate frames for my Model S the other day. The rear one fits fine but I didn't notice that the OEM front frame is quite different with only two top holes and three...