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free charging

  1. S

    Model S 85 2015 – FREE SUPERCHARGING - $34,950 - PRICED TO SELL

    Model S 85 2015 for sale: $34,950 VERY CLEAN FREE Unlimited Supercharging FREE Premium Connectivity VIN: 5YJSA4H11FFP78408 Mileage: 79K Pearl White Multi-Coat Tan leather interior Executive seating in the back (2 individual bucket seats) Rear Wheel Drive 19" tires Autopilot with convenience...
  2. K

    Salvage free unlimited supercharging account transfer

    I am the owner of a 2013 tesla model s 60 with a salvage title. This car has free unlimited supercharging but I'm not sure if SC01 or not. My problem is when I bought the car the old owner was logged in on the car. I'm afraid that if I log out of the car via factory reset I will lose the free...
  3. S

    My Model S totaled so sad

    On my 10th year anniversary my Model S was flooded and declared a total loss. I really babied this car had upgraded to a 75Kw with a new drive unit. Shame I’m losing the Free Super Charging. USAA is being almost kind and wants me to find out the value for the 75 upgrade and driver unit...
  4. D

    2014 Model S85 97.7K Miles, MCU2 upgrade, Unlimited Supercharging $35K

    I am the second owner of this clean "classic" RWD Model S with unlimited free supercharging and connectivity. Built first half of 2014, it does not have autopilot. Bought from Tesla as a CPO @24k Miles. I think it has the most important options: tech package, panoramic sunroof and interior...
  5. J

    2013 Tesla Model S P85 - Fully Loaded w/Lifetime Supercharging, Premium Connectivity, and Rear Jump Seats

    2013 Tesla Model S P85 · Driven 156,000 miles 234mi when charged to 100% Infotainment MCU2 upgrade Free lifetime unlimited supercharging Free lifetime unlimited premium connectivity Has every single upgrade possible at the time Tech Package Ultra High Fidelity Sound package Has the...
  6. T

    Model S Ownership Transfer Process. Email has not been sent to recipient.

    Hello everyone, I just bought a used Model S 75 from a vendor and the original owner has offered to help transfer the car to my account. The car has had one account associated with it (original owner) and has not been sold or taken ownership of by a dealer through Tesla (no auction, used...
  7. H

    Delay due to ... badging

    Hello everyone - First post here. I was excited to join the elite group of ownership with you all with a home delivery scheduled for tomorrow (3/13/2020) when I just got off the phone with Buena Park (Southern California). My delivery is delayed 7-10 days with a “badging issue”. The rep told me...
  8. N

    Free unlimited supercharging

    Dear Tesla friends, I bought Model X at the end of last year . I was told by sales-rep. that I have free unlimited surpercharging. I got media proof that I should have free unlimited supercharging. Does anyone here who bought Model X or Model S in October-December 2019? Do you have free...
  9. D

    Question about free charging

    I purchased a Model 3 in March, just in time for the country to shut down. Nowhere to go. After 6 months, I still have under 2000 miles. My free 1000 miles of charging will expire at the end of October and it seems to be a waste no to use it. Here's my dilemma. I drive just a few miles a...
  10. drew.c

    L2 J1772 charging - Christiana Mall, Newark, DE

    The Christiana Mall now has ten J1772 L2 charging stations. They are free and have a 2 hr limit. They are end parking spots closest to the stores located from Barnes & Noble down to Nordstrom's. They are Volta charging stations. Volta has an app that tells you how many stations in each...
  11. A

    M3 Audio Quality and Using Referral code to get Free Supercharger miles

    Hi All My first post here.... I took delivery of my M3 LR on 30th June as a home delivery and like so many people, we had the usual issues of panel alignment, paint scratches, missing bits etc which the SC at West Drayton have sorted so far. So the car was ordered via a referral code - but I...
  12. D

    Free Unlimited Supercharging

    Is it just me, or is this a massive benefit that will keep the value of cars which have this fully transferable benefit high? I have a 2016 P90D that I bought second hand from a private party. The car includes free unlimited supercharging. I don’t use supercharging hardly at all (only have 1x...
  13. N

    X free charging , will it return.

    Hi, newbie just joined. I am wondering what people are thinking regarding the possibility of lifetime charging coming back to the Model X? I missed the boat by not getting one before June 30th. Now I’m thinking if I wait until battery day he might throw us a bone, any thoughts?
  14. P

    How should Tesla change the referral program?

    The Tesla referral program seems super stale. I got ~10 referrals back in 2017/2018, but the free supercharging just isn’t super compelling now and I am not actively referring people. Sure I still love Tesla and talk about my car, but back in 2017/2018, I was doing a lot to try and get people to...
  15. J

    How Many People Have Free Supercharging That Should Not

    I've seen stories here and there about people's free supercharging not expiring when it should and am curious how widespread it is. For example, I know a guy ;) who had a year of free supercharging. This year ended several months ago and said guy still has free supercharging. I also have a...
  16. jwmoss

    WTB: Model S + free supercharging + 0-60 < 4.4 for $40-$45k

    Anything out there? The free supercharging would be nice as I'll be driving quite a bit for work long distances, otherwise, I'd use ev-cpo or another website to monitor for Model S with non-free supercharging. The 0-60 requirement limits me to 85D, 90D, P85* models. Thanks!
  17. Jomak

    Is there value in the Tesla 4yr CPO warranty?

    I am looking at used MS on EV-CPO and you can sort by 4yr CPO warranty and I got to thinking after reading stories and watching youtube...is there any value in this? Why would I not buy a car from a dealer or private party as well? Is this 4yr CPO warranty worth anything? Should you buy used...
  18. J

    Tesla took away 400kWh annual charging credits

    TLDR: I was on the 400kWh annual plan for over a year and Tesla decided to remove that from my account at the first January 2020. I suppose they changed their policy but it seems they shouldn't retroactively apply that decision when it goes against previous statements people rely upon to buy...
  19. M

    Hotels with free car charging

    Hi all, I wondered if people knew of what hotels offer free car charging? My wife and I have had our MX for 3 years and I had an MS before that for 2.5 years so we’re very used to making use of free s/chargers, but I collect my M3 on Monday (meaning we’ll officially be a 2 Tesla household)...
  20. G

    Free supercharging for all Tesla Models X and S regardless of time of purchase

    Free supercharging for owners of Model X and S has been on and off, depending on time of purchase and marketing needs defined by Tesla. However, this makes owners of the same models not equal. For example, before January 1, 2019, these models were sold with free supercharging included, then...
  21. djp

    Tesla Referral Program

    One of Elon's "secret weapons" to boost sales has been announced. Who's getting the first free Model X? Musk Offers Model S Referral Program as Tesla’s First Incentive - Bloomberg Business
  22. T

    5,000 free Supercharger miles on new Tesla

    You can use my referral code to get 5,000 free Supercharger miles on a new Tesla ordered before May 28th: Free Supercharger Miles
  23. Marrus

    2016 S75 refresh, 21" Grey turbines, Midnight Silver, CF Spoiler, $44,500, Texas

    2016 TESLA S75 refresh (Tesla upgraded from S60), $44,500, 21" Grey turbines w/new tires, Midnight Silver Grey paint, CF Spoiler, AutoPilot 1 w/summon and auto-park, Free lifetime LTE data, Transferable Unlimited Free Supercharging, Red Brembo Brake Calipers, Performance Aluminum Pedals, Carbon...
  24. Z


    Trying to buy a new model X has been such a horrible experience!!!! Lets start w their customer loyalty dept/manager that hasn’t returned an email or phone calls in almost 4 weeks after they contacted me about getting a new car! original inventory car I wanted was sent to Seattle for some...
  25. W

    2016 Model S 75D For Sale

    Tesla 2016 Model S 75D For Sale I'm only selling because I'm upgrading to the P100D. Garage-kept. Frequently custom detailed. Mint interior. Features are: adaptive cruise, auto drive, factory navigation system, heated leather sport seats, heated steering wheel, full LED lighting package, Ultra...
  26. Enginerd

    Model 3 Supercharger usage

    Today I visited the Tesla Fremont Headquarters Design Center, and was told by an employee about the supercharger arrangement for Model 3 owners. Model 3 owners will be granted 1000 kWh free supercharger use with their purchase, to use at any time. Once that initial allotment is exhausted...
  27. C

    Order placed, still in "free charging" config window. Nope on 100D. Sad. Need Counseling.

    As with many people here, I am having serious Tesla order anxiety. I put my $2500 down on the 14th... Was assured that I have through Saturday Jan. 21 at midnight to commit or bail. Also with others, I was under the impression I could switch to the S (sounds like can't, but thats another story...
  28. houstonian

    Order Before 12/31, Opt for Delivery Before 3/31, TESLA Delay Pushes Delivery After 3/31 - Free SC?

    Greetings All, Title says it all here - placed my order this past Sunday for a S60D, planning on confirming it this coming Saturday, opted for a late January/early February delivery date. Did this in part to take advantage of the Free Supercharging before it goes away. Question for the pros...
  29. A

    Strategic Alliance: Tesla & Costco

    This is for primary research data for a business strategy college course. Your opinion is great appreciated. Two questions: 1. Would you purchase a Costco membership to save on the purchase of your Tesla through a Costco Auto Program for Tesla? 2. Would you purchase a Costco membership if...
  30. T

    Free 22KW charger Kobarid (Slovenia)

    Right beside a supermarked caled Planica, there is a 22KW charger for free! Just connect and charge. To unconnect push 1 several times till you see a menu with 1.Stop. Choose it and you will be able to disconnect. Needs a Mennekes cable.
  31. SW2Fiddler

    Destination CHAdeMO w/Tesla Adapter: New Orleans, LA

    Basically, several concepts came together in a happy confluence. A free, Tesla-friendly CHAdeMO host - A desirable location - both as a Destination in and of itself, but also between two SuperChargers - Tesla's "Referral" promotion making it possible to grab an adapter on Tesla's tab - And my...
  32. GeekLad

    Charging for Victims of Extended Power Outages from Hurricane Erika

    In preparation of the possibility of Erika making landfall and causing extended power outages, I'd like to offer up my home to anyone requiring charging due to an extended power outage. Unfortunately, I don't have a HPWC, but if you are desperate or aren't in need of more than a few hours of...
  33. Forty Creek

    IKEA Charging Stations

    Nice gesture on IKEA's part... two 60 AMP Sun Country chargers at every Canadian location. IKEA Installs Sun Country Chargers
  34. H

    Free 80A HPWC charging at San Diego Service Center

    ​Subject to change at their discretion. Tesla owners can now use the 7 HPWCs in front of the San Diego Tesla Service Center, located at 9250 Trade Place, San Diego CA 92126. There is no cost and the chargers are available 24/7. There are some rules being formulated, but they are very...
  35. H

    Free 80A HPWC charging at San Diego Service Center

    Subject to change at their discretion. Tesla owners can now use the 7 HPWCs in front of the San Diego Tesla Service Center, located at 9250 Trade Place, San Diego CA 92126. There is no cost and the chargers are available 24/7. There are some rules being formulated, but they are very...