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free supercharging on model 3

  1. M

    Model 3 - Free Supercharging

    During the time frame I purchased my M3 I was given free Supercharging for xYears. Does anyone else still receive the free supercharging after the expiration date ?? Also what latest software are you on ?? I have not updated my software on the car as of yet to hopefully keep the free...
  2. Maximilien

    Free Supercharging for 1 year even for RWD

    With Tesla, you can never predict! Tesla brings back free Supercharging to inventory cars and Model 3 to help sell cars in end of quarter rush Who is triggering today?
  3. M

    MVPA does not show free premium connectivity + free charging

    My Moter Vehicle Purchase Agreement just showed up in my account today, about 1 week prior to my scheduled delivery date. It doesn't say anything about free premium connectivity, which I should be eligible for because I configured on 6/30, and it also doesn't say anything about free...
  4. M

    Wishful thinking from a Model X owner

    @elonmusk would Tesla consider giving original Tesla X and S owners free supercharging on their Model 3 or free charging on 2nd Tesla?