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free supercharging

  1. incrediwoah

    Not Available 2014 Model S P85+ | Autopilot

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing 2014 Model S P85+ | AP1 | FREE Supercharging. Please add to the discussion here.
  2. Johnson Lee

    Available Blue 2016.5 Model S 70 with SC01 FUSC and Free Connectivity, 40k miles $39k

    I am selling my Tesla Model S 70 with Sunroof & Tow hitch installed. Has free unlimited supercharging and free unlimited premium data connectivity! Autopilot which includes Summon, Auto park, and Lane change assist. Basically has Enhanced Autopilot without highway exiting. Original owner with...
  3. 0


    Price: $33,500 Location: Cleveland, TN Up for sale is a 2016 Tesla Model S 75 RWD in excellent condition with FREE Supercharging and Connectivity for Life (SC01). The car also has CCS enabled charging available. The car has the Ultra High Fidelity Sound System, Auto Pilot with Convenience...
  4. S

    Model S 85 2015 – FREE SUPERCHARGING - $34,950 - PRICED TO SELL

    Model S 85 2015 for sale: $34,950 VERY CLEAN FREE Unlimited Supercharging FREE Premium Connectivity VIN: 5YJSA4H11FFP78408 Mileage: 79K Pearl White Multi-Coat Tan leather interior Executive seating in the back (2 individual bucket seats) Rear Wheel Drive 19" tires Autopilot with convenience...
  5. Electric700

    Free Supercharging and Discounts

    I understand that Tesla is now giving you 10,000 miles of free Supercharging if you take delivery before 2023 of a new or inventory Tesla! It may not be applicable for all models in all areas, but it is in addition to the $3,750 discount. I recommend you contact Tesla Sales at your closest...
  6. R

    7 Seat Model S with Free Supercharging + More for Sale

    Model S P90+ (see photos) was rebadged by Tesla after getting a battery upgrade because the 85 went out while under warranty. The rear facing seats fold flat if needed. Includes transferable, free supercharging for life which also includes exclusion from idle-time fees at superchargers. Also...
  7. B

    Free supercharging Transfer on 2020 Model X?

    A seller of a 2020 Model X Long Range plus states the free supercharging transfers to new owner. It says free supercharging in the app as well. I thought after early 2017, free supercharging came is SC05 codes that allows free supercharging for the 1st owner only. Can someone help confirm...
  8. tonyj01

    Moving on to another brand

    Good morning friends, I'm coming to the end of my Model S journey, soon to take delivery of another EV. We are lucky to have an M3 too, so I will stay in the group. I have enjoyed all my time with my 2016 Koala 90D, I've enjoyed all the things I learnt and shared, all the Tesla groups full...
  9. D

    2016 Model X 90D for sale, Sacramento/ Roseville

    VIN 6458 original owner, took delivery in June 2016 has AP 1.0 free supercharging (fully transferable) Red Carbon Fiber trim white perforated seats (heated and cooled) 7 seater tow package (never used, but I was checking all the other boxes and thought I MIGHT….) 128,500 miles 20 inch tires...
  10. Supratrboo

    FS: Tesla Model S 85 kw - FUSC - AP1 - MCU2 -97k Miles - Blk/Blk/Blk

    Recently changed to a model x for the family. 2014 Model S 85kw MCU2 AP1 Black / Black Panoramic Sunroof Premium interior package Alcantara headliner and dash 21” black powder coated turbines Ceramic coating July 2022 New tires New 12v battery HV battery and drive motor still under warranty...
  11. R

    2019 Model X Long Range / 100D 6-Seater FREE SUPERCHARGING

    - just under 40K miles - white exterior / black interior - purchased the black scorpion tires - 6 seat captain’s seats setup - FREE SUPERCHARGING (will transfer account) Please DM offers. Bay Area buyers preferred.
  12. M

    FS 2014/15 Model S 85 RWD $37,000

    Posted on here before, finally decided to sell December 2014 Model S 85 RWD for sale, black on black. 101,040 miles new 85kw battery replaced at ~97,000 miles - 3/21 under warranty - warranty good through dec 2023 (added year for replacement from my understanding) Drivetrain replaced at...
  13. E

    2013 P85+ 35k miles, FUSC/Data, 7k+ upgrades, $50,495.

    Rare Dolphin Gray RWD 2013 P85+ (sport suspension) with low miles in PERFECT condition. FREE Supercharging/energy for life. FREE unlimited LTE data for life. Dual twin chargers allow charging at home up to 80A. Recent registration renewal good through 3/23! New Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires...
  14. S

    🏎💨2015 Model S 70D for sale w/ FREE SUPERCHARGING!🔋🔋

    Shines just as beautifully as it did on delivery day! I am the original owner with title in hand. Garage kept. Coming from a non-smoking / no-pet household. Well maintained, no accidents. Free Unlimited Supercharging, with Autopilot & Convienence features and unlimited Premium Connectivity...
  15. B

    Transfer of Ownership Process - Supercharging

    I just bought a 2015 MS 85 from a small independent non-Tesla dealer. They knew very little about EVs because they normally sell trucks, but the dealer was selling the Tesla on behalf of his neighbor. The previous owner didn’t know what free supercharging even was, but I have every indication...
  16. M

    Black 2014 Model S P90DL with + Suspension

    I'm looking to sell as I work from home now and don't need to drive much anymore. However, if I can't get requested sale price, I'll just keep it since I really do love the car. I legitimately, at minimum, perform a double-take every time I park the car. It was originally a 2014 P85D but the...
  17. J

    2013 Tesla Model S P85 - Fully Loaded w/Lifetime Supercharging, Premium Connectivity, and Rear Jump Seats

    2013 Tesla Model S P85 · Driven 156,000 miles 234mi when charged to 100% Infotainment MCU2 upgrade Free lifetime unlimited supercharging Free lifetime unlimited premium connectivity Has every single upgrade possible at the time Tech Package Ultra High Fidelity Sound package Has the...
  18. A

    Lost Supercharging on car bought from 3rd party dealer

    I just bought a 2014 Tesla Model S P85+ with all the bells and whistles for X amount with the promise of free supercharging. However, pay per use was displayed. I called and they said “the car made it back to them somehow so we removed supercharging from the vehicle” got money out of the...
  19. VERDNT_P85

    For Sale: 2013 Model S P85, Green/Tan

    2013 Tesla Model S P85. Springfield, Missouri Rare Metallic Green and Vertical Obeche Wood Gloss 106,000 gently driven and gently charged miles FREE UNLIMITED SUPERCHARGING FOR LIFE FREE PREMIUM CONNECTIVITY AND INTERNET ALL GLASS PANORAMIC RETRACTABLE ROOF HIGH FIDELITY SOUND UPGRADE...
  20. Sunshine State

    2016.5 Model S90D, 22,400 miles, Loaded, Unbelievably Clean

    2016.5 Model S90D ONLY 22,400 MILES, Still Under Original 4/50 Warranty Extended warranty is still available. It also has the 8 year Unlimited Battery and Drive Warranty We ordered a new Performance Model S and delivery is at the end of this month. I’m planning to trade this car in unless it...
  21. B

    For Sale: 2014 Model S 60 with free Supercharging for life

    Hello Tesla community, I am looking to sell my 2014 Tesla Model S 60 Miles: 60,258 Battery charge at 100%: 175 miles Maintenance: Four year standard service was completed in 2018 Clean title, second owner, no accidents 245/45R-19 MICHELIN X-ICE XI3 XL (only used for one season) included in...
  22. H

    '16 Model S 90D Rear Facing Seats 32K miles Blue $51K

    I'm looking to sell my 2016 Model S 90D for $51K * 32,429 miles (as of 12/2/19) * Rear-facing seats * Deep Blue Exterior / Grey next gen seats * Free, Lifetime, Transferable Supercharging * Smart Air Suspension * Subzero weather package * All Glass Panoramic roof with Sunroof * Ultra High...
  23. D

    2016 Model S for sale self-driving and free super charging 17k miles $65K

    I just purchased my certified Model S direct from Tesla but am now being given a company car. This car is in absolute perfect condition. It is a unicorn in terms of its rarity as a used Tesla. This vehicle has the upgraded self driving capable software ($6,000) as well as free supercharging...
  24. D

    2016 Model S for sale self-driving and free super charging 17k miles $65K

    I just purchased my certified Model S direct from Tesla but am now being given a company car. This car is in absolute perfect condition. It is a unicorn in terms of its rarity as a used Tesla. This vehicle has the upgraded self driving capable software ($6,000) as well as free supercharging...
  25. Marrus

    2016 X 90D, White, 12,497 miles! Pristine, AP1, 7 Pass, Free SC, $66,900 Florida

    2016 Tesla X90D only 12,497 one owner miles! Delivered New in February 2017, 2.5 years old We are the original owners, full bumper to bumper warranty till Feb 2021 Battery and Drivetrain 8 year Unlimited mile warranty through Feb 2025 Not a scratch, scuff, ding, dent, curb mark...absolutely...
  26. J

    Anyone buy a preowned S or X and have Free Supercharging limited to 400kWh?

    I just bought a 2017 Model S that had free supercharging installed as an option. I even called Tesla to run the VIN and verify it had free lifetime supercharging. Then, when the car got transferred to my account, it showed on my Tesla account that I was only allowed 400 kWh per year, or about...
  27. D

    Model 3 free supercharging

    I would like your opinion on if I should pursue this issue further. I ordered my M3LR online using my brother in law's code for free supercharging. The order form appeared to accept the code fine. When my order came though it did not say anything about supercharging (free or otherwise) so when...
  28. djp

    Tesla Referral Program

    One of Elon's "secret weapons" to boost sales has been announced. Who's getting the first free Model X? Musk Offers Model S Referral Program as Tesla’s First Incentive - Bloomberg Business
  29. Marrus

    2016 S75 refresh, 21" Grey turbines, Midnight Silver, CF Spoiler, $44,500, Texas

    2016 TESLA S75 refresh (Tesla upgraded from S60), $44,500, 21" Grey turbines w/new tires, Midnight Silver Grey paint, CF Spoiler, AutoPilot 1 w/summon and auto-park, Free lifetime LTE data, Transferable Unlimited Free Supercharging, Red Brembo Brake Calipers, Performance Aluminum Pedals, Carbon...
  30. S

    New M3P vs.Used P85D+

    Hello, Currently a Model X owner. Wanted to see what you guys thought if you had an option to get the new M3 Performance or a used P85D+ as follows: M3 P Performance drive with Enhanced Autopilot Ordered before performance upgrade was included (hence may be able to get a $5,000 break there)...
  31. 1

    Free Supercharging Model 3 Performance Issue (Q3)

    Hi So I got the Performance model 3 And Ordered it on August 5th I had the reservation from earlier. Anyhow I did call them I believe in Aug 6th or 7th in order to attach the referral code to my order so I can get the free supercharging. So Tesla customer service said they will attach the code...
  32. 1

    Supercharging Model 3 Performance

    Hi I have a performance edition and I am suppose to have the free supercharging for life, I was not being charged before even though I have only got supercharging couple of times only since its been only about 4 weeks that I got my car. I had them attach a referral and made sure I got the...
  33. Oyster Bait

    P3D Free Supercharging SNAFU Good News

    I am in the group of end of Q3 buyers that ordered a P3D with a referral code before 9/16 and got delivery by 9/30 but still have "Pay per use" for my Supercharger status. I have good news. A couple weeks ago, I asked the obvious question on my account page and on 10/14 got an answer from...
  34. MelaniainLA

    Tesla finally announced what happens to referral supercharging after 9/16/18

    It has long been a mystery what happens to the free lifetime supercharging that comes with the use of an existing owner's referral link/code to order a Model S, X or Performance Model 3. Tonight, Tesla quietly updated their referral info page to explicitly state that "Owners can give five...
  35. F

    2013 P85 with Rear Facing Seats and Full Warranty

    Private message or call/text me if seriously interested only. Feel free to call/text me anytime. Asking for $48,900 obo which is about Kelly Blue Book value (see screenshot). Go to this link below to see 40+ PICTURES that I just took of the Tesla MS P85: iCloud Photo Sharing If this ad...
  36. J

    2015 Tesla Model S 70D For Sale - $51,995

    Looking to sell my 2015 70D to make way for an upgrade. I have babied this car for 3 years and it is in pristine condition as a result. I live in the city where it is relatively easy to get around for daily needs so I did not use this as an everyday car, ~21k miles on it. Kept in a private...
  37. M

    2016 Model S 90D 3rd row seats, 8 year Service Plan,Lifetime Supercharging,Smart Air Suspension

    Amazing Midnight Silver All Wheel Drive Model S with all options (Range Upgrade, Pano Roof, 21” Wheels with Grey Turbine Rims, Autopilot, Smart Air Suspension, Premium Interior with Ultra High Fidelity Sound and Rear Facing Seats). After delivery covered the car in both Suntek PPF and CQuartz...
  38. barjohn

    December 2016 Silver S 75D For Sale

    I am offering for sale my December 2016 Model S 75D. It is Metallic Silver with black interior and has just less than 16,000 miles on the odometer as of 4/2/18. The car is in excellent condition. It’s 12 month service was done in February at the Tesla SC in Costa Mesa, CA. A set of 4 new...