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  1. EtherMN

    Browser locking up

    Why is my web browser always locking up when I’m parked and trying to view a chart on TradingView.com. It works for 30 seconds and locks up. The only fix is to reboot the whole system. Happens every time…
  2. A

    Model 3 + Snow Exposure = Frustration

    Let me preface this by saying the Model 3 is a great car and I love it...on most days. That being said, I was quite frustrated last night after I had a day of snow during the morning, followed by melting temperatures, followed by a very cold evening. I had to move the car off the street and into...

    A/C, cold feet - idea.

    If the hardware allows, it would be nice to blend the Dash - Face - Feet vents as a slider top to bottom (instead of 3 buttons) or slider for each better. Maybe not too common, but wearing sandals here - feet freeze and afraid they'll crack if I hit a Fire Truck (kidding of course). But I can't...
  4. fasteddie7

    Single digit temperature washing

    Just pulled in my (not heated) garage and looked at my salt covered Tesla. Forcast shows single digit temperatures for the next 10 days, just wondering what everyone is doing to keep their Teslas clean during this mess. I've used the touchless in the past around 32 degrees and other than the...
  5. travwill

    Touchscreen Unresponsive?

    My touchscreen is unresponsive, gives the warning, about 90% of the time over the last couple months. Has made ownership extremely frustrating at times. I can't operate doors from it, can't do garage door, can't choose media easily, can' change AC to defrost windows at times, turn on...
  6. Matias

    Vampire drain in freezing temperature

    I have one question, which is not very actual at the moment :wink: If you leave Model S unplugged in sleep mode and temperature is below freezing, will car let the battery get as cold as outside temperature, or will it try to keep battery's temperature above some limit? At least this video...