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fremont factory

  1. G

    2023 MYLR Inventory Vehicle Delivery Time

    We ordered a Model Y (LR) last Sunday (11/05/23). We were immediately assigned a VIN number since a vehicle matching our preferences is in the inventory. The original delivery date range was 11/19 - 11/28. Later, it changed to 11/15 - 11/24. We went to the showroom and an advisor there was able...
  2. V

    Access to US Tesla plants for (outside) visits in May 2022

    Hi guys, I hope this is not too off-topic here. I know we still can't visit factories yet, but I will be in Spark (Reno), Fremont and Boulder (Townsite Solar) for work in a couple of weeks. I was wondering if the Tesla sites were easily accessible to drive to for a quick look around (NO drone...
  3. R

    Model Y Fremont - Any updates expected

    Please share if you know any updates that will happen from Fremont.
  4. J

    Rear Giga Cast frame in US production, really?

    A foreign news source indicated the Giga Press was active at Fremont, but is actually it in production? I just ordered for delivery in Atlanta (Nov/Dec timeframe). But I see some advantages to the new cast frame (lighter, possibly some range improvement due to weight reduction, fewer places...
  5. O

    Model Y Factory Shutdown for Upgrades

    Lots of articles popping up about a potential Fremont factory shutdown at the end of July. Curious how you all think this will affect orders already placed? I’m in Arkansas. Just ordered 07/15/20. White/White/19”/LRAWD. Wouldn’t mind waiting a little longer if the factory upgrades improve...
  6. kpinthebay

    myMY Fremont Delivery Experience

    After an exhausting wait of 9 days (sarcasm) from order to delivery, I got the email and text to say that the MY we ordered was ready. I selected a factory direct pickup hoping to squeeze a bit more experience from the whole pomp and circumstance of ordering a Tesla. More on this later. The...
  7. MichaelP90DL

    EMusk, his mom, the local club, the food trucks, the factory...just wow.

    At the Tesla factory in Fremont, EMusk and his mom help take care of hundreds of customers on the last day of 2019. AND mom handed out $10 vouchers for the food trucks. AND the East Bay Area's Tesla club was on hand to help with orientation of new owners. AND a Twitter user named Caroline G...
  8. F

    Fremont Factory Tour

    Hi I'll be visiting the US this summer and I would love to go on a factory tour in Fremont. Since I'm just a reservation holder and not an owner they won't let me book a tour. If you or anyone you know booked or will book a tour between August 10th and August 14th I and my girlfriend would love...
  9. D

    Factory tours? VIP?

    Are there different levels of tours? Just pruchased My model 3 and want to tour the facotry how do I go about setting that up and is there really a VIP tour available?
  10. A

    Service Center Statistics TV

    When I was in to the Service Center in Dedham, MA I noticed a Statistics TV that was “live” streaming statistics from around the world. It included a few things like the most used supercharger station today, how much CO2 saved total, and how many cars produced. I can’t seem to find a website...
  11. A

    +1 for factory tour August 9th - 18th?

    Hi, I live in the Bay, my dad is in town and we'd love to go on a tour of the Tesla factory. Is there any owner who's touring the factory in any of those days and wouldn't mind having us two as their guests? It would be the highlight of my dad's trip to the US... Thanks, Ale
  12. Enginerd

    +1 for factory tour 8/22-25?

    I'll be in the Bay Area Tuesday August 22 - Friday the 25th. Is there anyone willing to share their factory tour with an extra passenger or two? Perhaps you're picking up a car around that time? Or maybe you live nearby, and you've been waiting for a better chance to see production Model 3's on...
  13. P

    Tesla Factory Tour

    Just called Tesla and it turns out you have to be an owner or an employee to schedule a tour of the factory in Fremont. I've been obsessed with Tesla and Elon for years and it would mean the world to see where it all comes together. The customer support lady hinted that if a friend was an...
  14. A

    Fremont tour - looking for willing owner

    My husband and I will be in the SF area 5/3 and hoping to schedule a factory tour. Unfortunately, a Model 3 reservation isn't sufficient. Below is the response I received regarding the tour. "...our tour program is only available for Roadster, Model S and Model X owners. It is not open to...
  15. Ambidexter

    The tent is back up! Local Dec. deliveries starting?

    This is a shameless crosspost from Reddit, but yesterday someone posted this picture of the Fremont factory parking lot with the big showroom tent back up. If the comments there are to be believed, they only do this when there are going to be a lot of factory pickups as the delivery showroom...
  16. B

    Now for something completely different

    Does anyone know if there is a commissary or a restaurant at the Fremont factory? Thanks in advance.
  17. slyastro

    Exclusive pics and videos of the model during various stages of assembly!!

    Hi! I got pretty impressive pictures and videos from my friend who got a media tour of the factory and was permitted to take some pictures (we was forbidden in a lot of parts of the factory). We almost get the VIN from one of the pictures ... a P90D Ludicrous ... probably a Founders (I'm...
  18. Gabzqc

    Sumo Wrestling at Fremont Factory

    Saw this picture on Instagram from the factory: Security for the Gigafactory in training? *i joke https://www.instagram.com/p/_F8j2CuoQI/
  19. igotzzoom

    Will the Model 3 Be Built in Fremont, or Somewhere Else?

    Just wondering what everyone's thoughts were about where the Model 3 would be built. Since as a NUMMI plant, Fremont had the capacity for about 500,000 units a year, they're only using a small fraction of that currently. Model X will bring it up to around 100,000 give or take. So at least...
  20. D

    Factory Tour Wiki

    I searched around a bit but couldn't find anything. Does anyone find it helpful to start a wiki about the Tesla Factory Tour in Fremont, CA? I'll be visiting the factory next week and it would be neat to know about the tour prior to our arrival. Wiki Content Tours are generally offered to...