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front camera

  1. M

    front camera

    hello every one i just have a simple question: sometimes while I'm driving my 2016 tesla model s75 i get an error message which is the front camera is blocked or blinded, there is no specific time over the day that it's happening sometimes at night and some times at morning. any suggestions...
  2. Jomak

    Where are the camera views?

    So I am in a 20 LR M3 only AP and I look for the 360 view, don't see one...huh. I look for the front camera view, nope! My wife is very disappointed this car doesn't have either of those...her VW has them, a VW! This is a Tesla, with cameras everywhere and I don't have a front camera view or...
  3. Jomak

    Used LR MS 17 or LR M3 21?

    Looking at prob a 17 used MS from Tesla with FSD. If I go new 21 M3 prob wouldn't get FSD unless I got a used M3. My question is what would the 17 MS be missing? If it had HW 2/2.5 it would be on the list to get upgraded right? The MCU? I still get 335 miles range vs 322/353...I mean the MS...
  4. Maxpilot

    Video issue from front camera on new LR+

    Here is a little clip of video from the front camera on my 10 day old car. There is an area at the bottom of the video that is unfocused. I sent the clip to Tesla mobile service and they went out and compared to other new cars on the lot and told me they all did this. To me, it appears that the...
  5. M

    FOR SALE: Front view camera and switcher kit w/Panda and cables

    I have an unused Camera Switcher kit + camera + Panda/Giraffe kit available for sale with both the SuperBat and newer cable set included. I have also downloaded all the installation instructions and tips provided in the Model S forum for this unit. Please PM me if interested.
  6. L

    Front camera

    Would love to enable front camera when pulling into vertical/diagonal parking place to avoid curbs etc Have this feature in 2018 Nissan Rogue. Camera is there - just a software adjustment
  7. A

    Does a front/rear camera switch mod exist for model 3?

    I was wondering, does this kit for the model X/S work for the model 3? If not, is there any alternative method to see the front view when parking? Why is the kit only advertised for use with the model X and S? Is the model 3's camera different in a way that breaks the system? I'm getting very...
  8. F

    TeslaCam vertical lines

    There's a static dark blue line that is present in all my videos not quite halfway from the left. Does anyone else have vertical lines running thru their videos? Is this a problem with the camera?
  9. plasmo

    Model S doesn't see the concrete Parking Lot stop blocks, but Model X does

    One of the things about our Model X that I like is how it is able to consistently detect the distance from a concrete front bumper stop block (4 7/8" h) when approaching it in a parking lot. My Model S rarely seems to be able to detect this. Is this what other Model S owners have experienced...
  10. radrick

    Front Camera - 2014 Model S

    I have read numerous pages on front camera threads. I asked my DS about front camera installers. He didn't know of any, but was worried about voiding the warranty related to the 17" screen. Is this an issue? Is there a consensus solution for a front camera either through the 17" screen or...