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front end noise

  1. J

    Left front metal on metal noise...

    Brand new to this forum. Never had any issues with my 2016 Model S except the browning around the screen which was warranty resolved. Today I heard a metal on metal sound coming from the front left tire area. It almost sounded like a brake pad on a rotor or perhaps a bearing in the front...
  2. 5_+JqckQttqck

    Model 3 LR Front Axle Clicking - Warranty

    3 LR w/ 18" Wheels (still on stock Aeros, 1 winter with separate rims/Nokians) VIN 29xxx (April or May 2018 Build) Odometer: 41500kms Issue started as rear wheel click (~38000kms) - that was looked at and still clicks but front right wheel clicks when going over bumps/drive ways. Time in SC...
  3. V

    2018 MS 75D front end clunking hard acceleration

    Any idea what this noise is? At the SC now... Happens at 7 seconds. https://photos.app.goo.gl/fQpHCkyh49iRRDdW6
  4. V

    2018 MS 75D front end clunking hard a acceleration