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front license plate

  1. M

    My own Model Y Front License Plate Mod

    The stick on front plate is so ugly and seem very flimsy for such a nice car. I can go spend $100 buy one of those removable grill mount holder, but then people can easily steal them. If I drive without it, which in California, is illegal, I was told I can get fine up to $500. Looks like...
  2. FalconFuel

    California Plates

    BEFORE YOU INSTALL YOUR FRONT PLATE IN CALIFORNIA You have to check out LicensePlateWrap.com, I’m so glad I did! They say they’re working on additional states but right now it’s California only: https://licenseplatewrap.com/shop/ols/products/legacy-license-plate-wrap
  3. L

    Model 3 Front License Plate Mount

    Hey everyone, I live in California and up until recently I had been ignoring the state law that requires drivers to display their front license plate. I recently received a ticket for not having a front plate and I do not want that to happen again, so I did some research. I did not want to use...
  4. B

    Front License Plate Frame

    Debated with myself a long time whether or not to place a front license plate. Kind of bland looking front end without yet the Model 3’s I have seen with unembellished front plate did not look right either. I came to the conclusion that an appropriated license plate frame was needed. There a a...
  5. O

    Front License plate mount on TM3

    Hi guys, Happy Thanksgiving! hope everyone is having a great day. I installed front license plate mount yesterday, DIY way. Do you think this will have an effect on battery cooling? Any impact on airflow? I drove it yesterday just fine without any issues or sensors acting up. IMHO It does look...
  6. EVS Motors

    Vendor FS: Tesla Model S (PRE-FACE LIFT) Front License Plate Bracket - No Drilling! *NEW*

    Hi everyone, I have for sale a brand new front license plate bracket for the pre-face lift Model S (2012 - Oct. 2016 aka. nose cone). Neat thing about this is that there's no drilling required, so you can do this pretty easily in your garage and not make any holes in your bumper. I was going to...
  7. M

    another front license plate idea for model X. folding or retracting

    hi guys having gone through all the iterations of front plate mounts for my MS four years ago (settled on J hooks and suction cups), I recently researched what's being done on the model X's for my new tesla. the concern that I had with another J hook or toggle bolt installation is that over...
  8. plasmo

    Photo of front license plate installed by Tesla

    Can someone who has used the Stock front license plate holder, and installed at a Tesla center post a photo of how it looks and where they place it? I would like to see how they install it prior to looking for other 'non-drilling' methods. thanks
  9. chadcristi

    A BETTER NO-drilling, NO-adhesives Front License Plate Mounting Solution

    As the owners of a Model X and Model S, we dreaded the thought of drilling holes through our bumper or applying strong adhesives to the finish just to mount a license plate in an effort to avoid the cost and hassle of being ticketed. Previously, we had taken the chance of running "naked" for...
  10. Torklift Central

    Vendor Got a ticket violation and now you need a front license plate holder? Don’t drill!

    Oh no! Drilling into the nose cone (front bumper) of your Tesla Model S is not something that anyone wants to do. It effects the look of your car – and not in a good way! There are 31 states in the U.S. that require a front license plate to be displayed on your vehicle which you can see a report...
  11. GasKilla

    Front license plate and range

    Has anyone tested how actual range is impacted by having a front license plate vs. not having a front plate?
  12. Larry93428

    Legacy Plates

    The California Legacy Plate is here! I waited a year and a half for it. The visual impact is less; black plate on black nose. It is good. ~Larry