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frunk; model 3

  1. Briar_Reed

    Model 3 Frunk Condensation/Moisture

    Something strange occurred yesterday. Arrived home, after visiting family, opened the “frunk” to retrieve my charging cable for my normal Sunday night “top off”. It and the storage bag was damp with moisture, with visible droplets. Did a bit of checking, and found that the condensation was...
  2. C

    Frunk stuck

    When I open the frunk on my Model 3 it comes up a couple of inches and get caught on something. It is like a hood latch. I sent an email to service, but no response. Any ideas here?
  3. TD_alseT

    Closing the frunk

    I feel like I've mastered closing the frunk and figured I would share, in case it helps anyone. Initially I was closing the frunk similar to a traditional ICE hood (trying a forceful close), then changed and started closing as if I was giving the frunk CPR... o_O What I do now is MUCH...