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  1. S

    My sentry didn't pick up someone vandalising the frunk.

    Hi. Our car was parked in a local carpark, and when we returned to it, it had words etched into the frunk and 5 horizontal long scratches along the front. There were no sentry events recorded. We were confused as to why, so have run a few experiements. It seems if my 10 year old daughter...
  2. G

    Dead 12V Battery Issue - Frunk doesn’t open

    I was away for 6 weeks and when I came back I found my 2021 Tesla is dead, after researching I realized that my 12V battery is dead. I tried opening the doors and frunk using the app and the card. Nothing worked. I did exactly what it said in the manual by connecting 9V and 12V batteries to...
  3. tom @ eas

    Vendor eas | Vorsteiner VRS Aero Carbon Fiber Program released for Tesla Model Y

    Vorsteiner is a globally recognized luxury manufacturer for carbon fiber body kits, wheels, exhaust & accessories for High end Performance vehicles such as: BMW, Porsche, Mercedes Benz, Audi, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley, Mclaren, Ranger Rover, Rolls Royce, Jaguar, Aston Martin, Tesla and more...
  4. E

    Cybertruck Frunk

    The original CT frunk opened like a regular hood. Recently, it's been proposed that the hood would include the front part as well like the Ford lightning, but then some remarked that at least some of the headlights need to remain forward facing like the FL to be legal. I haven't seen anyone...
  5. F

    Continuous high pitched noise from the frunk

    Hey everyone, I'm a Model 3 (2021 version) owner since last week, I got it used from Tesla inventory. It's a really fun car to drive and I'm happy about it. Anyway, I noticed that when the car is parked and in deep sleep, there's a continuous high pitched noise coming from the frunk. It's very...
  6. N

    Is there anyway to replace the bolt that the frunk strut brackets are secured to?

    Is there anyway to replace the bolt that the frunk strut brackets are secured to? Please see the attached picture and the circled part for the part I’m referencing. Again, I am looking for a replacement for the BOLT, not the nut. Thank you!
  7. S

    2014 S - Water in the Frunk

    Have other owners of this era Model S had issues with water collecting in the frunk? Seems related to driving in the rain, but there’s no reasonable way to let the water drain out, it seems. The seal around the top of the tub looks complete and pliable (eg not old and rotten) and there’s not...
  8. VagabondBuilds

    Hansshow Power Frunk for 2019 Tesla Model 3

    We did a Hansshow Power Frunk installation for a Model 3 (2019) and we would like to share the Step by Step installation process in case anyone is interested to do this. Attached is a picture with the kit we installed and everything included. Check our Youtube channel for the video.
  9. SourJellybeans

    Accidental frunk openings with iPhone iOS16 widget

    I'm curious if others are running into this - I updated to iOS16 about a week ago and added the Tesla widget to my homescreen (the one attached). Since then, I've had 3 occurrences of the frunk opening accidentally, presumably from me hitting the frunk button somehow. One time, I was using the...
  10. C

    Replacement retaining clips for frunk cowling?

    Does anyone know a part number, link to purchase, or 3D print file for the retaining clips that hold the model y frunk apron / cowling to the siding shown here? I’ve got a broken one, and I anticipate needing to replace these more than once. Thanks!
  11. C

    How to add a 12v cigarette socket in frunk (Model Y 2022)?

    I have a 2022 Model Y (which has the 12v Li-Ion battery). I would like to add a 12v accessory (cigarette) socket in the frunk so I can use it to charge my OneWheel [an electric skateboard] which I store in my frunk. Can I simply connect a 12v accessory socket directly to the 12v battery...
  12. K

    2022 Model Y frunk water puddle

    Recently accepted delivery of a 2022 Model Y (LR). It was a sunny day. Next day after vehicle got wet (from a manual car wash), I noticed water puddles on both sides of the interior frunk. The vehicle was dried properly before the frunk was opened. Has anyone else have this issue. Is this...
  13. Mr. Jetson

    Model S Frunk and App

    Is it correct that it is not possible to open the frunk with the phone app on the 2022 Model S? The manual seems to say otherwise. Any other way to open the frunk without using the interior monitor screen or Fob?
  14. tom @ eas

    Vendor eas | Hansshow Power Frunk/Trunk Sales & installation - Tesla Model Y

    We are a direct supplier of Hansshow products, one of the more popular products is their Power Frunk Kits. I've been running one of they kits for a bit over a year and can say this is one of the best convenience mods available - operates like if it was offered by factory. Optional kick sensor...
  15. Rdr4evr69

    F/S SMARTESLA Power Frunk 2016.5-2020

    This is the revised, newer, version. Never out of box, opened to check it out. I bought it for my 2016.5(refresh front) P90D and never got it installed. $275 plus ship. Would consider trades. Thanks
  16. E

    Tesla name badge / frunk badge

    Just wondering where I may order some good quality ( preferably some type of metal ) Tesla name badge for the rear of the car and the Tesla logo for the frunk! I've checked Amazon and used the search tool here but I'm a noob and may not know how to use the search correctly because it's the same...
  17. SteelClouds

    Frunk Thoughts or Engineering Disaster

    So who thinks about a Frunk? Most of us assume there is one.. I mean, we used to put engines there right? Now the engine is gone and at worst, there is a small electric motor and some supporting electronics. Being curious, I poked around some.. this is what I have found so far and it's been...
  18. R

    I’m an idiot. Please help. Closed frunk with disconnected battery.

    The instrument cluster on my S died and I’m in the middle of replacing it with a ReelDeal replacement screen. I had to leave for a while in the middle of the project and, in a moment of sheer idiocy, I completely closed the frunk with the 12v battery and the HV battery disconnected. Is it...
  19. O

    power frunk

    HI I would like the power frunk, but is it possible to just install the power latch part? I don't care about open and close as it seems quite slow. Just would like not to have to two handed closed the hood https://tesloz.com.au/products/model-x-frunk-power-lift
  20. T

    2015 85D Frunk/Front Trunk Sensor - Diagnostic Assistance?

    Recently, I've had an issue where my 2015 85D repeatedly believes the front tunk/frunk is open, but then closed, and open again. This, I believe, is the root cause of the app sending me alerts that the alarm has been triggered. I only had that happen once over the summer, but in the last few...
  21. T

    New never opened from Tesla referral Luggage Suitcase (rare find) $300 including shipping

    Hello everyone, I have a never opened box from a Tesla Referral Program that is discontinued and extremely rare for sale. Selling for $300 shipping included. Paypal or Venmo preferred. Here are some pictures of the luggage but yours will be sealed.
  22. Carspotter Daily

    Question about water ingress surrounding frunk

    Hi all, Today I power washed my 2021 Model 3 SR+ at a local auto wash and when I lifted the frunk lid after finishing I was shocked to see water and soap on the plastic surrounding the frunk. The frunk was dry however - the hefty seal around it definitely prevented any ingress. I removed the...
  23. M

    12v battery failure, Unable to access frunk

    So it looks like my 12v battery is in its death throws today on my April 2018 M3 (50,340 miles :mad:). I received no warning messages (apparently like many other owners). I drove home from work this afternoon and went to leave with my wife 2 hours later. The drivers side door opened, however...
  24. C

    Frunk flaps

    Noticed that my 2021 M3LR does not have the rubber flaps at the top of the frunk lid. From the photo you can see where they wold be connected. Have these been omitted?
  25. PecuniaNonOlet

    Frunk lid seal not attached all the way around?

    Talking about the big upper seal held on with clips, not the lower rim weather stripping. See pics. Is it supposed to be flush all the way around? Mine is attached in the front (by the headlights) with some kind of adhesive. So it's flush with the lid and I can't get my fingers in there. I think...
  26. M

    M3 Frunk Clip Reinforcement Fix

    Hi all, just got my M3 LR AWD today, soooo excited and happy. Little things here and there that needs to be address but not a deal breaker. I was lucky with my delivery. Anywho, I started inspecting everything, opening, closing, taking this off, taking that off, etc. I removed and tried to...
  27. tshields

    Vendor Floor Mats

    Model Y Lovers, We Want Your Opinions! Introducing T Shields 3D Tesla Model Y Floor Mats Year/Model: 2020-2021 Model Y Trim: Standard, Performance and Long Range Warranty: Lifetime Guaranteed Our team at T Shields has created a product with a custom fit to provide 25% more coverage than...
  28. D

    Solutions for Auto Frunk 12V Battery Drain

    Hi everyone - long post but hoping for some guidance on troubleshooting "12v battery needs service" issues I'm experiencing with my auto frunk system. I'm using the Hansshow kit, I believe it's version 2, in a 2018 Model 3D. I've done a ton of research both through Google and this forum but...
  29. K

    Does Tesla have an accessible log of events eg frunk open

    So this afternoon as I was getting into my my m3 in my driveway I noticed my driver wing mirror pushed all the way outwards which was odd...when i entered the vehicle I saw the message 'frunk open' (have not used my frunk in months). I checked and indeed the frunk was not latched down. All else...
  30. Cruz84

    M3 frunk all weather mat

    New. Was a gift but it’s for the smooth frunk and won’t work in our m3 $50obo
  31. F

    So-Cal Power Frunk / Trunk Group Buy Interest?

    So....I have a '19 M3 Stealth Performance...and I'm feeling a little "osbornish" about some of the new features. While living in SoCal...I don't think the heat pump will make a huge difference for me, specifically - but I do like the power trunk option. So I got to researching and there is a...
  32. M

    Anyone know where I can get help installing a Frunk lift in Austin?

    Hi Yall, I just joined the TMC and its my first time posting. I never knew such a great Tesla community existed. I am trying to install a Frunk on my Model Y but I am not that good with tools. Does anyone know where I can get help installing a Frunk lift in Austin? Thanks in Advance!;)
  33. R

    Hansshow Model Y power frunk instructions / photos

    I just received Hansshow's Model Y power frunk kit. I hadn't seen anyone post about the install instructions or any photos of the product, so I thought I would share! Model Y Power Frunk & Trunk Kick Sensor | Hansshow tesla accessories I placed my order on November 8th, and received the kit on...
  34. C

    Frunk Unlock Button in phone app

    I would suggest that the phone app for my Model Y be changed so that the frunk unlock button on the main page is changed to open the rear hatch instead of the frunk. Hatch is used by everyone way more often than the frunk. Basic user interface design to put the most used buttons where the least...
  35. MichaelP90DL

    The "Raven" Model S: Cool sticker.

    Found this on Amazon. Musk named the Raven Performance S and X for the X-Men character Mystique, aka Raven Darkholme. Comes in various sizes. :) The second image I shot at a local car club gathering today. My idea of funny.
  36. KyleM3

    WTB: OEM Tesla Trunk/Frunk Mat

    Title as explained. Shipping to 19130. DM me to discuss pricing!
  37. Catung

    Install automatic front & truck - customization.

    Hi everyone! Anyone located in Indiana know a place where they will install automatic fronk & trunk? Or I'm assuming this is something that we need to buy the kit and DIY it? I've been looking online for a shop that does this, but unfortunately I have not ran into luck besides PPF...
  38. Ctein

    Erroneous "Frunk Unlatched" warning!

    Dear Folks, My Tesla claims the frunk is unlatched when the front end of the car gets really hot (from air temperature/sun on the hood). The warning goes away once I've driven a few minutes. Discovered this on a road trip to Lake Tahoe -- not amused! I've got a service appointment for...
  39. B

    How picky should I be?

    I just picked up my MY and due to some horror stories I read/watched I decided to download one of the checklists and go over it with a fine tooth comb. I have never done this (at this level) on any other new car as I just assumed they would work/be good to go on delivery. Luckily they seem to be...
  40. G

    Did my Hansshow frunk kit come with the wrong part?

    I have the Hansshow frunk kit v3. The Soft Close cable has only one grey plug on one end. The install video that Hansshow provides is for v1, and it shows two grey plugs, as does the printed instructions that came in the kit and appears to be for v3. Also, there are two receptacles for grey...
  41. A

    Front Trunk warning

    Several times a week, I get an on-screen alert that my front trunk is open. I can see the edge of the trunk and confirm that it isn’t open. The warning appears for about a minute and then disappears. I’m worried about the “boy who cries wolf” problem and the possibility that at some point the...
  42. PNWTMan

    Carbon fiber hood on M3?

    Anyone here installed a carbon fiber hood on their M3? Did you use hood pins to secure? And if so, where did you secure the hood pins to the body at? Thanks in advance
  43. M

    Need help opening frunk in 2016 with dead 12V

    OK - long story short, pulled MCU to get eMMC repaired. In the process, 12V died. Frunk is closed. What I've tried 1) Pulled nose cone to connect 12V charger. Oh, there's no positive terminal there anymore. 2) tried searching for every possible hidden frunk opening cable -- behind wheel...
  44. R

    Frunk Backpack Coolers

    These cooler backpacks from LifeProof were groomsmen gifts, just did a trip to the beach and learned that 3 of them fit perfectly inside the Model Y frunk! Found the cooler on amazon...
  45. Rodztintshop

    Vendor 2020 Tesla Model X || Satin Black

  46. Z

    Any recommendations for e-scooter for frunk?

    Hi Folks, I found a free charger (6kwh) around where I live but the issue is that its 4 miles away. I was thinking of dropping the car off to charge for 6+ hours and then coming back to pick it up when I am done. Since I will likely need to do this quick to get back to work and dont want to ask...
  47. Seth2020

    Here’s a view of your model 3 you don’t see everyday

    Frunkless:) snapped this during HomeLink install 20200324_191143276_iOS by Seth2020 posted Apr 3, 2020 at 9:17 AM
  48. xspace

    Power Frunk DIY Installation.

    Hey Everybody! For all of you who are interested, I just did a DIY installation of the Hansshow Power Frunk Module. For me, the ability to control the Frunk remotely is a game-changer. Please have a look, “Like”, and subscribe to the channel if you want to see more videos like it. :) Thank you!
  49. TjckTock

    3d Printed Frunk Leveler

    My Tesla is now the perfect pizza acquisition tool. Toppings stay where they are supposed to be. No grease getting onto seats. No sliding around in the spacious trunk. Tesla Model3 Frunk Leveler by TickTock
  50. R

    Is the emergency release button in the Frunk disabled when the car is in motion?

    My wife won't put anything in the front trunk because she's afraid it might bump against the emergency release button while driving and the trunk lid would fly up, blocking the windshield.

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