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  1. L

    HVAC Auto mode- who came up with that garbage?

    So I got to experience my 2022 MXP in cold weather for couple months now... It is obvious to me that whoever came up with the climate control and windshield algos lives in a warm, dry place and thinks the rest of the planet is just like that. The climate control in cold/ damp weather is a...
  2. G

    Delivery process has left an extremely sour taste in my mouth

    Sorry in advance for the long post! Basically just looking for advice or seeing if anyone has any similar experiences cause I'm at a loss for what to do next. Here's the story (to skip the backstory go to the ******): I put an order in early this year for a blue M3 SR+ and got an estimated...
  3. D

    Extended Warranty not available in the UK

    Just coming to the last few days of my Tesla 4 year warranty and looking to extend. Only a few months ago there was an option on the Tesla website to buy a further 4 year warranty/ 50k miles, this influenced my decision to purchase the car after my lease had ended. I called the Tesla service...
  4. mhcrowder

    Delivery Experience with Tesla has been Terrible! (Raleigh, NC)

    I'm not sure what others are experiencing, but my experience with getting pre-delivery information has been terrible. I've got a delivery in Raleigh, NC scheduled for this Sunday (9/20). When I placed my order, I got a call from a SA and even got a nice overnight test drive. That got me all...
  5. mhcrowder

    Thinking about giving up

    I'm thinking about getting my $2500 back and waiting awhile to see what happens. I'm tired of not getting any information. I originally ordered in January 2020 while there was still a $2500 refundable deposit being taken. I ordered a RWD / Red / WhiteInt / 19"Gemini. When the price dropped...
  6. DEMitchel

    Seeing 14 cars at Fremont. I don't even have a VIN yet.

    I ordered 25 November for home delivery. I'm seeing 14 cars available at the Fremont facilty. They are all white AWD long range. Exactly what I ordered. Why can't I fly to Bay Area and take delivery? I don't even have a VIN yet.
  7. Marius A

    Trading my TM3 for a TM3

    Just to get it out of the way: I love the TM3 so much I'm getting a new one. This is not a troll post, just telling my story and venting a bit. I got my TM3 LR AWD FSD on the 28th of March, I had never seen one before, much less driven one. The delivery was only 2-3 minutes and we didn't even...
  8. M

    Ventilation without the heater in cooler weather?

    Model 3 has a button to turn off the AC but unlike most other cars, it has nothing to prevent the heater from activating. Here on the Central Coast of California, it is quite cool in the mornings and evenings and unless I manually set the temperature way down until I hear the fan and heat go...
  9. surfrasch

    HVAC auto setting can a/c be off?

    is it possible to leave the temp setting on auto, but turn off the a/c? I can do this in our past Audi's and Volvo's.....have a long trip later today, was thinking I could save some energy by keeping the compressor off.
  10. T

    HVAC Heating or Cooling

    Is there an easy way to tell if the HVAC system is heating or cooling? You can tell from the app by the color of the airflow arrows (red vs. blue), but I cannot see any way to tell from the screen inside the car. This may seem like an obvious thing but at moderate temperatures, it is not...
  11. _TK_

    Solar Referral Credit: Experience, Frustrations, & Specifics

    My experience thus far is with 3 Tesla Energy referrals. Things you may not know about Tesla Energy referral process: "Redeem your Tesla Credits or Check" e-mail s the first indication you will have that your referral was used. You click the link in the e-mail and you choose the $750 credit...
  12. D

    turn off heater?

    so is there any way to turn of the heater? i can’t find one. if the temperature selected is just a little bit warmer than the cabin, i see the red tinted air graphic, which i assume means the heater is powered up. The ac can be switched off in manual mode, but i can find no such option to...
  13. SageBrush

    Fan Only: Peculiarities of the Model 3

    I'd like to spell out a couple different uses of fan only and implementation details. I'll need help on most of it and will try to update this OP with a moderator's help when it is well flushed out. 1. The easy one is fan only while driving. This just requires that Auto and AC be greyed out in...
  14. ratsbew

    How to stop the car from heating the cabin?

    I'm still new to my Model 3. Sometimes I notice that the car is heating (red user interface for the HVAC) when I really just want low AC. If I set the temp to 74 and it's already 73 then it seems to want to turn on the heater to change that 1 degree. There should really be a software toggle for...
  15. S

    Delivery Location Changed Last-Minute

    Has anyone else here had the Tesla store call them the day of their scheduled delivery and try to change the appointment to a different location? Here's what the rep said on the phone and I'm quite irritated: Hi Mr [name], I'm calling to tell you that we have a great opportunity for you! We're...
  16. E

    Disappointment with Tesla service HK

    I'm writing a post here to express my disappointment and frustration about my recent unpleasant experience with Tesla Service HK. My car, which is a 2016 Model S, was towed to the Tesla service center as advised after warning messages "power reduced" and "low vehicle coolant" showed up in the...
  17. Nev&Co

    Disappointed Experience and Priority Production Messed Me Up

    Frustrated Future Owner and here's why: I ordered my X 60D back in August and pushed delivery to December in the hope of AP 2.0 which is the main reason for getting my X. To start off, here's the spec of my order: X 60D 7 seat AP 2.0 Full autonomy MC Red Accessory Hitch Free Black Interior...
  18. R

    Interior Temperature Gauge?

    I know I can get the cabin temperature on the iphone app, but I can't seem to find it on any of the screens in the car itself. Can someone point me in the right direction?

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