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fsd ap full self driving

  1. R

    Guided tours

    I am curious as to the interest in FSD guided tours
  2. KurtSanders

    FSD 2022.20.17 Coasts forever from a posted 55mph Speed Zone to a posted 35 MPH Speed Zone

    When I activate FSD Beta 2022.20.17 in a posted 55 mph speed zone and it accelerates to that posted speed and then when I encounter a posted 35 mph posted speed zone, the MY does not use regenerative breaking to slow down. The MY recognizes the posted 35 mph speed limit sign and automatically...
  3. N

    Selling 2016 Black Model S 75D

    Hi, I have a 2016 Model S 75D dual motor awd: 1. Black exterior with premium black 21” wheels 2. Super charging for life 3. Hardware 3 upgrade 4. Mcu v1. If you want mcu2 add $1500 5. Fsd + autopilot options 6. Smart Suspension option 7. Cold weather package 8. White interior 9. 38,896 miles...
  4. E

    FSD Question - Other cars drifting into your lane

    I run FSD 100% daily on freeways. I drive 15 miles on the freeway each way to and from work, and I typically intervene the FSD at least 2 times daily. One of my the most common interventions is when an 18 wheeler, van, or another car unintentionally drift onto the lane markers toward my...
  5. U

    Reduced Enhanced Autopilot to Full Self-Driving Capability

    Got this email today: Reduced Enhanced Autopilot to Full Self-Driving Capability Upgrade price until July 1st Our records indicate that you haven’t upgraded your Model 3 VIN ending in 168611 to Full Self-Driving Capability. You can upgrade now at a reduced price of $3,000. Is anyone using...
  6. SeanM

    Final FSD Update - Change of HD 2.5 to HD 3.0.

    For those who have purchased the FSD package and got HD 3.0 in their Model3, So, I had purchased the FSD package some times last year and got an email that my Model-3 is next in line to get the new HD 3.0. (it currently has HD 2.5). My question is how long does the actual installation process...
  7. O

    FSD NAV dangerous after recent update

    FSD navigate on autopilot has dangerous breaking. 1. I enable the beta feature to stop at red lights and stop signs. I was on an elevated freeway that had lights and stop signs on the street below. The car decided to stop for red lights in the middle of the freeway where the speed limit is...
  8. Formerly3Saabs

    Selling: 2018 Model 3 LR HW3 Full Self Drive

    Asking $45,900 LOVE this car, well taken care of.. Most efficient car that Tesla makes. Why am I selling? Well, I’m the lucky recipient of an all-expense paid trip to the Far East for a year, courtesy of your Armed Forces. Cars like to be driven. Especially this one. Please let me know if you...
  9. Jomak

    Looking to buy used, cost upgrading?

    I am looking for a Tesla and I know that AP1 is MobileEye while AP2/2.5/3 are Tesla based. My question is if I end up buying a car with AP2 or AP2.5 and want FSD what is the cost? I am not an expert but if I see AP2 AP2.5 I would think you need to buy new/more hardware to update to AP3 as well...
  10. A

    What happens to the reclaimed AP2.5 computers?

    I'm curious about what Tesla does with the AP2.5 computers they get from doing the HW3 upgrade? Do they throw them away? Use them for alternate computing tasks? Keep them as spares for repairing non-FSD cars? Install them in new non-FSD vehicles? Collect them in a warehouse somewhere? As the...
  11. M

    2018 - X 75D - Blue + Cream + carbon fiber - 75K OBO

    The X has been good to my wife and I for 19,000 miles, but the Cybertruck is coming which means at least one car must go and it shan't be the S. Plenty of pictures here where I've got it cross listed but happy to send more if you've a particular request. PM me or do the autotrader link. I'll...
  12. Asterix777

    Model X P100D Raven with AP 2.5 HW?

    Hi, I'm confused, I ordered a Model X P100D Raven in July took delivery last week. I made the Codec test and it seems like there is AP 2.5 HW. :( I thought that all Raven Models already have AP 3.0 HW. Difficult to add FSD later without the appropriate hardware. VIN 11889xx
  13. R

    HW 2.5 or HW 3

    I received and installed the update today to 2019.32.1 53f03e4.. I got my M3 AWD FSD 2 weeks ago today (I know almost 1k already I just can‘t stop driving) I was checking the dash cam mode when I came across a YouTube video saying that if your dash am records in H.264 you have HW 2.5 and if...
  14. C

    Do I have FSD?

    Hi Tesla Owners UK community. Need your help. I’ve been told my Model S has Full Self Driving (added as a bit of a deal) but can’t see any way of enabling auto-lane change or summon. Here’s my Autopilot section of the menu. Do I actually have FSD?
  15. justinchu77

    How often did you use the upgraded AP functions

    I’m debating if it’s useful and effective for the $7,900CAD upgrade Navigate on Autopilot Auto Lane Change Autopark Summon FSD computer Coming later this year: Recognize traffic lights and stop signs Automatic driving on city streets How often are these functions being used?? I know there...
  16. J

    Fsd Lane Change Balking - Faulty Sensor?

    Hi all, first post. I've had my M3 AWD LR w/ FSD (that's a mouthful) for about 2 months. I regularly make drives of 200-300 miles. Curious about the phenomenon that happens in the video below when FSD decides to changes lanes. Looks like the car thinks something is off my left front bumper...
  17. B

    Is Enhanced Summon available in Canada?

    Hello TMC! Just ordered my Tesla 3 and have already benefited quite a bit from these forums in making my choices. So thanks. For those curious: 3D vs P3D - went with 3D since I'm coming from a Rogue and I'd probably be impressed with even a RWD. So I'll build up to the P3D :). Plus P3D scared...
  18. M

    Adding FSD after delivery (does it show on online?)

    If you have purchased the FSD package after delivery, does that option show up somewhere in your vehicle's online profile (tesla.com)? When I click on Manage, then View Details. Under Options, I see Autopilot listed but FSD is not there, even though I can use the FSD features when I drive the car.
  19. A

    NoA passed Chinese regulation, now pushing to EAP members in China

    After 7 months of waiting, it's finally here! (latest official version in the Greater China area is 2018.8.4) PS: poor EU guys. Source: 微博
  20. C141medic

    New FSD computer revealed-FSD retrofits in a “few months”

    Here’s the information from today’s announcement: Tesla unveils its new Full Self-Driving computer in detail: ‘objectively the best chip in the world’ “Musk said that Tesla will start offering retrofits to current Tesla owners who bought the ‘Full Self-Driving package’ in the next few months.”
  21. C

    Anyone get a receipt of order/purchase for AP or FSD upgrade from last month's sale?

    Im just curious if anyone received an email to confirm purchase for AP or FSD from last month's sale yet? I ordered both AP and FSD but have yet to receive any proof of purchase yet. Seems kind of odd not getting a receipt of some kind for a $5k purchase. The options are still not listed on...
  22. P

    FSD, Cost, Availability

    I have a Model S P100D LS Aug 2018. EA included. What is necessary to have FSD? Cost? Is there any discount plan? Is it necessary any hardware installation in a Service Center? Availability: Is it available, now? If not, when it will be? What should be my procedure to install FSD in my car? Thanks.
  23. Zamp

    FSD Upgrade

    My friend just notified me at about 9:15PM PT on 2/28 that he was able to purchase the FSD upgrade for his Model 3 (which he purchased in March '18) for $3,000 from his Tesla page. He sent me a screenshot and his car description on his page already shows "Full Self-Driving Capability" under...
  24. Matias

    Can new orders still get FSD?

    As we know, Tesla has pulled FSD from their website. But Elon Musk has given contradictory information whether you can still order it. In twitter he wrote 19th of October “ Also available off menu for a week. Was causing too much confusion” source Elon Musk on Twitter But on conference call...
  25. C

    Engadget: Tesla shelves the full self-driving option you couldn't use

    Please say it isn’t so Elon ! Tesla shelves the full self-driving option you couldn't use